Letters for November 8, 2018


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PTSD program offers different perspective

VVA Chapter 994 would like to say thank you for giving our community and veterans a different view in assisting with PTSD. After the “post conference” on Sunday and conferring with VVA Chapter 994 leadership, the feeling is for us to move forward, two things would need to happen:  1). The Veterans Administration would need to adopt this program allowing our Community Based Outpatient Clinic to become involved as professional resources; and  2).  The Community Based Outpatient Clinic would be the referral instrument used  for moving this PTSD program forward.  Thanks to everyone for their input.

Gary Shields – Franklin, N.C.

Whistle Stop Depot alive and well in Cullasaja

In response to a Letter to the Editor I would like to let everyone know that the Whistle Stop Depot Antiques and R.V. Park is alive and well in Franklin. We have relocated to the beautiful old Cullasaja Elementary School at 145 River Rd. We were fortunate to find this location and invite all to come walk the halls where you may have walked as a child. It is sad the loss of other businesses  that we all frequented and enjoyed but The Whistle Stop is not one of them. We appreciate and love our community and plan to be here for many years to come.

 Shawna Garrett – Franklin, N.C.

High price to pay for following false prophet

There are certain individuals who need to stop writing letters to the editor and run, not walk, along with 35 to 40 percent of this country’s population, to the nearest hospital and check in immediately. Apparently, these people and their cult brothers and sisters are as intellectually challenged and delusional as the man currently occupying The Oval Office. At the hospital, in and around checking their stock portfolios, watching Fox News, and reading their Bibles, they can discuss all sorts of things near and dear to their hearts, like, say for example, how much they hate, hate, hate: non-whites, Democrats, Hillary (and Bill) Clinton, that n***** Obama, liberals, homosexuals, educated women, people against automatic assault weapons, the free press, social programs, the homeless, the “cultural elite,” the handicapped, socialists, PETA, people who believe women should have control over their own bodies, the poor, single-parent homes, the sick, non-Anglo cultures, reality, the addicted, welfare recipients, the FBI, teachers, Nancy Pelosi, foreigners, NATO, uppity Europeans and Canadians, peaceful protesters, the Justice Department, Muslims (all terrorists), Jews, Catholics, immigrants, a two-party system, progressives, psychology, truthful history, the NAACP, the ACLU, environmentalists, inner cities, lovers of peace, feminists, non-religious people, sexual assault victims, the mentally ill, non-racists, scientists who study and discuss climate change, all non-Evangelicals, believers in a global economy and community, the present and the future, and, ultimately, normal people who are somehow trying to survive in this nether world we’re currently living in. Yes, I am suffering from an acute case of “Trump Agitation Syndrome” or whatever it is called. I am unable to articulate what it does to my psyche to read and hear people say how brave he is, how honorable he is, how strong he is, how smart he is, how incorruptible he is, how much better off this country is because of him, and that the people who oppose him are “demons.” History has shown that there will be a price paid for this false prophet (and for those who blindly follow him) and, without question, it will be a heavy one.

Rexanna Duvall – Franklin, N.C.

Who should America be obeying?

But, Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14 KJV Do you believe Jesus lived? Do you believe He said these words? What do you believe he meant? If he came back today what do you believe He would say about separating children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border? Where is the political/spiritual dissent from the Moral Majority? How about the Religious Right? How about the false claim that America is a Christian nation? How does Christianity look to other believers as well as non-believers around the world? My Sunday School teachers at Long Branch, Locust Field and Jarrett Memorial Baptist Churches in Jackson County, North Carolina, are surely wondering who America should be obeying today. Would they recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing if they spotted one?

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Writer curious about source of statement

Paul Chew of Otto, N.C., in his 01 November 2018 letter to the editor, The Rising Tide of Fascism in America, said, “Hitler was inspired by the Confederacy.”  I would like to know about that.  Perhaps Paul Chew will furnish to the editor of The Macon County News and Shopping Guide, the citation for his source of that information, so that I can read it too.

George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

‘The Resistance’ is after your children

Last weekend, I had occasion to watch a television series on the Smithsonian channel in which they outlined how both the Nazis and the Japanese Empire came about from beginning to tragic end. It all started with the indoctrination of young people and led by teachers and college professors although in Japan it was brought about by teaching things like Bushido and Samurai. The story sent cold chills down my spine. We have a supply of professors who teach antisemitism to their students, much as they did in Germany under Nazism. These are our sons and daughters being taught to hate at a time when they are most vulnerable. Smacks of Nazism, doesn’t’ it? Socialism didn’t last long in Germany simply because they were busy with conquering the world. But, it was Socialism because the state owned all industries. As a side note, isn’t it funny some Democrats and Antifa have called President Trump a Nazi when it is they who embrace Socialism much as the Nazis actually did? Talk about twisted brains. Japan was a horse of another color but their kids were also taught from an early age to believe they were a superior race destined to rule Asia and it was OK to kill others. Hillary Clinton, in her demand to overthrow our president, has kept on making dark suggestions that the Democrats and Socialists should form a “resistance” and defy our duly elected president. Now, to top it off, she recently suggested Socialist Democrats don’t have to be civil to Republicans which may be a quiet way of suggesting they are ready for a civil war. Isn’t this nice but odd in that they have become the agents of hatred and discord and in this country. She further implied either we become a Socialist country or they will continue to riot and cause anarchy. All this from someone who claims to be a loving mother and a savior of the working class? Of course don’t forget she called us in the working class deplorable. This follows her comments women are stupid and only followed orders from their husbands and sons. Good grief! And now, former Attorney General Eric Holder suggests when they go low, kick ‘em. Frankly, I have seen no evidence the Republicans have gone low and certainly not as low as the Socialist Democrats are going. All this should worry the working class because we don’t have time to go out and riot and raise hell. We have the extremely rich elites such as Hillary Clinton and others in her class who wish to control us. They prey on our young who have no idea of how Italian Fascism, German Nazism and even the Chavez movement began with the young. Can the working class defend itself? It’s tough when you have to provide for your family and keep your job. Love him or hate him, President Trump stands for the freedoms the builders of America worked so hard to construct a society in which we can rise to any level we wish. Thank God we still have a two-party system or we would have become a dictatorship long ago.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Interest wanes with utterance of now trite expressions

In the November 1 edition of this paper, the first two letters were like a tag team of false statements and misdirection. I’ve had enough already with the Nazi and fascism comparisons. It makes me and many others uninterested in anything else one might have to say once these now trite expressions are uttered. I’ve got eyes to see and when I see intimidation, physical assaults and destruction of property this is not dissent but mob action. If the writer never watches any news but the Trump hating alphabet media he could be excused for not knowing. I hope it is a matter of ignorance rather than dishonesty. The same hope is for the writer who intimates that Ann Coulter is in favor of crushing homosexuals by dropping walls on them since she mentioned that this is the penalty in some countries governed by sharia law. This must have been obtained second hand as I doubt the writer has read any of Ann Coulter’s work. I know Ann Coulter; this ain’t Ann Coulter. This was taken completely out of context. What she and others have pointed out repeatedly is the curious phenomenon of Muslims being somehow immune to criticism for things that would bring swift condemnation on others. Homophobia is loudly condemned when a regular citizen makes a supposed misstatement but when Muslims penalize it with extreme measures, all you hear is crickets. This is the only point that Ann was trying to make. There could be no honest reading of her work that would lead to any other conclusion.

David Parker – Sylva, N.C.

Sense of right and wrong resides in us all

Resonantly we’ve heard the cry for justice, which can be that elusive something that some define as “what is right.” Websters Dictionary defines it as, “the quality of being just, impartial or fair.” Being just is the correction of what is wrong, or the undoing of an evil however large or small. Every society and every human has this desire set internally within his or her being. Evolution has no answer for why this is. It implies that this is what humanity collectively has decided. But if this were true, there is no basis for good being just, or evil being unjust. Both have equal footing, for where or why do we feel good is better than evil? What basis do we build upon that one is of better value? Nature has no value of justice. Those that do evil, feel just in doing so. So what standard or value do we place in the balance of justice? Justice can seem to have many directions. It’s like coming to a crossroads with a sign post pointing multiple directions, and trying to determine the destination we should go. A wrong turn that seems easy may not be right or just, it’s a path to take with little thought of where it leads. But the unnoticed post which holds the signs may itself point toward the right direction, if only there were eyes to see. There’s a payment for being unjust and this is one side of justice. Justice serves both the good and bad and places value in humanity and gives answers or serves the standard of right and wrong. This has been with humanity from the beginning, the acknowledgment of wrong to be set right is ingrained within us. Even those who do evil feel they are wronged by those who do evil or justice against them, so getting even sets the course. It seems as no one can escape this need for justice, no matter how we twist the truth within justice. This failing of mankind is a mark on mankind and is obvious to all. A need for justice is within us, but its calling seems to come from something outside of us. Justice seems on the other side of a door, and we never seem to find the key to unlock it. Sadly, we abuse justice in turning truth into a lie and sadder yet, there are those who follow the lies without question. We would enter hell to get what we want, but never heaven? For it’s the Divine who holds the key, and directs our path for justice. Humanity’s cry has been heard and the payment of justice was taken by He who was just. Nothing nor no one else could do this except God/Christ, the perfect final answer for our wrong set right through Him. The thread of justice for the future, present and past follows to the fall of mankind to modern mankind. This freedom is His story of guiding the lostness of humanity to a most fulfilling peace for all mankind. He is the key.

Respectfully, Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com