Letters for October 1, 2020


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Population control paramount in years to come

One of the unfortunate aspects of human lives is we rarely think or plan for the future.  Some do but it’s usually about their existence when they get too old to work and plan for a comfortable retirement.  

But I’m talking about a long term future, not simply for the short term. Let’s take the year 3020, 1,000 years hence.

By this time, the theoretical world population would have grown to about 100 billion.  We are currently just under 8 billion.

Can we survive with this many humans? Well obviously not.  There wouldn’t be enough space for all of us and there wouldn’t be enough food to feed so many people. The end result would be death for all of us save for a very few. Obviously, this ain’t the way to go and we need to find solutions well ahead of an impending human disaster.

In spite of religions in general telling us God will destroy earth but in the meantime we should just keep having babies and of course religions will have to find some middle ground. Fortunately God isn’t going to destroy the earth and there won’t be a “final judgment.”

Well if it does happen, don’t blame God because we would have brought it on ourselves.  God ain’t going to hit Delete the earth on his computer.

So where the heck are we headed?  Are we going to reduce the population through a world war? I dunno.  I do realize there is some truth to the Green New Deal idea, however, implementing it suddenly would bring disaster to America.  (As some would like to do.)

Honestly, China and Russia would leap for joy because we would be out of their way to take over, perhaps the entire world. The liberty and freedom we have in America would be a distant memory.

By the way, don’t forget most of the world depends on America to defend them.  Without our military China and Russia would be free to dominate the entire world.  So, giving up fossil fuel too soon would all but stop our industries and manufacturing which of course includes military equipment. China could simply go park themselves on the west coast. 

Our electric demand is far too great to depend on windmills and solar panels so it becomes obvious we would have to depend on nuclear power.  Clean  Nuclear power is something we have ignored due to our fears, but would have to wake up and take over from fossil fuels.

Then, population control comes under consideration.

Unlike China, we can’t live with millions of babies killed each year.  But, there is an alternative and this is to allow each family just one child and this would be allowed only if the family has an IQ of for example 120 or better.  And sterilization may be required.  And that won’t come easy.

 Sounds pretty harsh, if not horrible, but it may be the only way to our survival and save our planet.

But how are we to get all the competing religions to agree to cutting back on childbirth?  

Sure brings up a lot of difficult problems and of course no one has even begun to think what we will need in the year 3020 but if we don’t, we will destroy ourselves and we can’t blame God.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

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