Letters for October 10, 2019


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Channel three-year obsession into something good

Every single day we see more and more evidence that reveals the magnitude of this president’s corruption. We’ve always seen his indignities – his dismissal of truth and facts, his disregard for the rule of law, his contemptuous treatment of others and his undeniable love of self. Mr. Meadows, you’ve always been a staunch supporter and protector of Donald Trump. You’ve spent enormous amounts of time and energy defending him on TV, on Twitter and on Facebook. Your message is always the same – Donald Trump has done nothing wrong, it’s really Obama, Hillary, the media, the democrats and our own Intelligence agencies who are the criminals. These constant, relentless efforts to convince people to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears is shameful. Imagine if your three-year obsession were channeled into something good – like infrastructure, lowering drug prices, gun legislation, the opioid crisis, and securing our election systems. Instead of focusing on things that actually help Americans and your constituents, you’re focused on the cover-up of crimes.

It’s a fact that Donald Trump asked and encouraged Ukraine (and now China) for help in his 2020 election. He wants manufactured dirt on a political rival. That’s a crime. This president invited Russian officials into the Oval Office and told them he had no problem with their meddling in the 2016 election, a signal that Trump welcomes their help once again. That’s an of abuse of power and potentially a crime. I recently read a quote by former Soviet Union leader, Nakita Khrushchev…. “We don’t need a war to conquer America. We can destroy them from within.” Some people dispute Khrushchev words, but this is actually happening in our country right now. Putin and his Russian henchmen have infiltrated America with harmful intent and this president is allowing it.

It’s disturbing that you’ve aligned yourself so strongly with a bad man, Representative Meadows. It’s tragic, but you’ve made your decision. You’re all in. Lock, stock and barrel.

 Annette Bell – Franklin, N.C.


Enemy of the people sounds about right

Think about it. Donald Trump didn’t need to be President. He much prefers business to government and certainly didn’t need politics to make him rich. He would have been content to finish out his life proud of his accomplishments and enjoy his family and friends but he saw people being left behind and huge problems not only being ignored but also being exacerbated, by both parties. Therefore, with his can-do attitude he jumped into the race and took his case to the American people and the people decided. In a healthy democratic republic that would have been the end of it, but we don’t have a healthy democracy. Entrenched partisan bureaucrats, the mainstream media and the disloyal opposition party have taken it upon themselves by all means foul to install a puppet government by impeaching and removing him from office. All this because Donald Trump is on to the skullduggery they were involved in to keep him from ever being elected and represents a real threat to the way of Washington in which everyone scratches each other’s backs and washes each other’s hands. Real investigations are under way unlike the phony ones against Trump. Stay tuned.

Donald Trump is quintessentially American. That’s why all this Russian collusion nonsense didn’t pass the smell test from the beginning. Everything he’s been accused of his opponents are guilty of. Compare his optimistic view of the country to the faux puritan scolds that hate America. These people think they are so morally superior by feeling sorry for other people’s sins without examining their own. For too long conservatives have let the deranged set the parameters of debate and been afraid of the bad press they might get. I’ll tell you from long experience watching them operate, the (lamestream) press is just a cabal of overinflated, indoctrinated, know-it-all, know-nothing, Ivy League punks that bear false witness shamelessly. Enemy of the people sounds about right. I get it that Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea either from a personality or policy perspective. However, I can’t see how his motivation of love of country can be honestly doubted. Out of all the Democrat alternatives on offer we only get told how bad we are and how guilty we should feel for living on this earth. Their calling is not to the Presidency but to the altar.

 David Parker – Franklin, N.C.


Healthcare coverage desperately needed in N.C.

I don’t understand how Kevin Corbin thinks he is serving his constituents by denying them Medicaid expansion?  We could be covering thousands (some say hundreds of thousands) of North Carolinians in desperate need of healthcare coverage.

Kevin Corbin and the State Republicans’ plan will not help a lot of people. They need to understand people don’t have the money for a $600 premium and are not well enough to meet the job requirements.  What will be the cost of  implementing the Republican plan?  It’s imperative that we get North Carolinians covered before their health and lives become even more endangered.

 Connie Kaye – Franklin, N.C.


Willful ignorance can be reckoned immoral

When does ignorance become immoral? This is a question we need to take seriously and reflect upon in this country. 

Under normal conditions, ignorance absolves a person from moral (though not necessarily legal) culpability. This is because morality assumes agency, knowledge, and intention. When Oedipus slept with his own mother in Sophocles’ tragedy “Oedipus Tyrannus,” under less than normal circumstances, it was his ignorance that rendered his actions tragic, as opposed to straightforwardly immoral. The conditions under which Oedipus carried out his actions were such that he could not have possibly or reasonably known what he was doing. His ignorance was not willful. That is, there was no moral agency behind his actions, under the given circumstances. Try to keep this distinction in mind when thinking about ignorance and morality. 

Donald Trump is an immoral man. Any decent person can easily recognize this. Moral men do not brag about grabbing women’s genitalia. Moral men do not brag that (quoting Trump) “I did try and (expletive) her,” especially knowing that “she was married.” Moral men do not actually cheat on their wives instead of just bragging about it. Moral men do not cheat on their third wife a couple weeks after having a fifth child by three different women. Moral men do not lie incessantly. Moral men do not cheat their business partners and clients. Moral men do not scam unsuspecting customers. Moral men do not surround themselves with other adulterers, liars, cheaters, and scammers.

The dumb, depraved, and duplicitous Donnie Little Hands is guilty of all of these things. That is not my opinion. These are documented facts. If you disagree with the facts, and think our man-child president is a decent person, then it is probably time for you to get your moral compass recalibrated. I assure you, it is fouled. 

But it is not Trillion Dollar Deficit Don’s moral turpitude that is directly under scrutiny here. It is his ignorance – his deep, cavernous, abysmal ignorance – that is our immediate concern. In particular, we must ask ourselves, when does the ignorance of our “very stable genius” president become immoral? More pointedly, is Dimwitted Don’s ignorance willful and/or has he demonstrated moral agency is his denial of human-caused climate change? 

This is an incredibly important question to ponder, given what we know about the science of climate change. And, to be clear, the science of climate change is just that – science. John Tyndall scientifically demonstrated the heat-trapping effects of greenhouse gases in 1859. The science behind climate change, even for someone as intellectually challenged as Dopey Don, is not difficult to understand. It has only improved over the last 160 years since Tyndall’s discover. 

Anthropogenic, or human-caused, environmental destruction is not limited to the release of greenhouse gases and climate change. There are 9 Planetary Boundaries laid out by the Stockholm Resiliency Center: 1) stratospheric ozone depletion, 2) loss of biosphere integrity (biodiversity loss and extinctions), 3) chemical pollution and the release of novel entities, 4) climate change, 5) ocean acidification, 6) freshwater consumption and the global hydrological cycle, 7) land system change, 8) nitrogen and phosphorus flows to the biosphere and oceans, and 9) atmospheric aerosol loading. There is not enough space in this letter to discuss the dire consequences of ignoring these boundaries. Please go to the Stockholm Resiliency Center’s website and educate yourself about the current environmental devastation that global capitalism is causing to our planet. 

If you go to their website (or many others), you will see that the basic science of climate change and Earth Systems Analysis is not difficult to learn. It is, however, extremely disturbing. Your children and grandchildren are going to live on a planet that is warmer, radically more humid in some places, radically drier in others, less fecund, more polluted, less biologically diverse, more unstable, and less safe than the one you and your grandparents lived on. This is not a scare tactic. I do not want to scare you. Being scared does not help. Being informed, being honest, being moral does. 

What, then, about Donnie Dipstick? Trump, despite trying to get rid of them and bury their scientific findings, is surrounded by some of the greatest environmental scientists on the planet. We know what they are telling him: the planet is on a precipice and the time for action is short before we reach a “tipping point.” Yet Trump denies, ignores, and willfully refuses to learn the science. He grasps on to his ignorance as if he were embracing yet another women in yet another adulterous affair. 

Trump’s ignorance must be reckoned immoral. If you continue to support him, given what we know about the consequences of his climate science denial, his moral stain will be smeared upon you.

Marshall Solomon – Franklin, N.C.


What do we want America to look like?

What make-up of America do we want for us and future generations? Look at the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles with the homeless crisis. Look at Chicago with the shootings. Now you can add to those cities, Baltimore and St. Louis with their problems. We need to consider the type of government these cities have had over the years.

Do we want an America where our constitutional rights are taken away from us and where there are double standards for the citizens? Where secondhand knowledge and accusations that can’t be proven as facts are used or used to try to destroy a presidential nominee or citizen. Where reports, rules, and laws are changed or are trying to be changed to benefit the other side. Where criminals are protected (sanctuary cities) and law enforcement are told not to cooperate with ICE. Do we want this to become the norm for America?

We need to fact-check everything we hear and are told before we accept them as facts. It will be in our best interest to fact-check so we can make a decision that is best for our country and us.

  Pauline Burch – Franklin, N.C.


What’s one tree more or less?

Trees, plants and plankton make a process to put oxygen in the air. Water evaporation and rain does its job.

Volcanic emissions and eruptions, animals and humans use up oxygen.

There are three times more people on earth than when I was born. Yeah, and a lot less trees, more chemicals going into the sea. I’ve seen the red in the Gulf. Smoking, vehicles, fireplaces and open field burning may need to be banned. Buy a mulcher, your lawn needs it.

Look around. Yahweh might be saying, “What would Jesus do?” Do you breath air? I’m just saying.

 William H. Bahruth – Franklin, N.C.


Things to keep in mind when voting for president

We have a lot of things to keep in mind when voting for our next president. I guess I’ve been missing something all these years. Vice president was on TV saying the Dems are wanting to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. I never knew a law-abiding citizen went out with a military gun and try to see how many people they could kill. Trump wants to ban vaping, but not military weapons. They should give him money like the NRA does.

No. 2. Since Trump’s tariffs on China, China has stopped buying grain, wheat and oats, etc., the farmers are suffering. So, Trump puts out $16 billion to help farmers hurt by his trade war. And, yes, he is spending our taxpayer dollars. Trump keeps insisting the farmers are doing great again while still going bankrupt. After all, China still is not buying their oats or wheat.

No. 3. Recently our president wants to use his resort in Doral, Fla., as the site of next year’s G-7 Summit and has spent $100 million in taxpayer money on 200-plus golf outing to his properties on top of the millions spent at his Washington DC on his other hotels, for at least 22 foreign governments. It has become mandatory to hold events at Trump’s properties, since he owns these properties, he gets to stick the tax money in his pocket. He won’t use Camp David, like other presidnets have. How much longer can our tax money hold out. Pretty plain to see why he don’t want to show his tax returns. Guess he’ll bankrupt the country like he done to some of his business. Better do some thinking, folks.

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.