Letters for October 22, 2020


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Unite together and defeat this Covid enemy

Don’t you get it?  Mask (keep your germs to yourself); socially distance (don’t stand close to each other); wash ( send germs down the drain); stay home (unless absolutely necessary).  As of this morning (10-19-20), no matter how you choose to rationalize it, there are almost 221,000 (that’s 221 thousand) deaths from Covid in the United States – our formerly United States of America.

If we had practiced these simple rules early enough and locked down long enough in the first place, we would not be treated to empty words from DC.  We would factually, measurably, truthfully, be in a far better economic, educational, and personal place now.  It is a given that some would still contract the disease and die, but these internationally, per capita, excessive numbers are totally uncalled for.

Covid-19  should not still be increasing.  It’s your fault if you think you don’t need to follow rules which are in the best interest of everybody.  You aren’t the only one in the universe or the U.S.A.

Yes, this is a war. We’re all “tired” of it but note – in both past World Wars, Korea, and yes, Vietnam too (tho’ by then we were all very tired of war), we unified. We pulled together.  Fathers, husbands, sons were fighting on the front lines.  We all knew someone who was wounded or had been killed.  Blue Stars hung in military family windows. Sadly sometimes Blue changed to Gold, announcing a son, father or husband had been killed.  Gold Star families were next door, or down the street.

We did not panic – we were “One Nation!”  Our government asked and our nation’s factories retooled.  Our flower gardens became vegetable “Victory Gardens.” Moms’ kitchens became canneries, and ladies knitted sweaters, socks, scarves and caps “for the troops.”  Men not in service shared the ride to work, so gas and tires could be saved. Many women went to work (shared rides, rode a bus or street-car)  going to offices and factories, taking the place of men serving in the military.  Kids worked in “paper drives,” peeled foil from gum and cigarette packs, fought over which kid got to stomp a rare tin can flat to put aside for a “metal drive,” saved great balls of string and rubber bands (I never figured out why) and even picked fluff from some kind of weed that would be filler for “mae wests,” which were flotation devices for our fighter and bomber pilots of the day.   We fought at home and pulled together. BTW, our common enemy? Fascism!

That was then, this is now.  We can and should pay attention to present information, knowledge, and science, and should ignore internal and external divisiveness. So, vote as if your lives and your families lives depend on it, because they do.  Let me remind you, Social Justice is not Social-ISM.  The memories above are how “Social Justice” worked.  We were and are one nation.  We didn’t tolerate Fascists back then and we don’t tolerate Fascists, or Communists, or Socialists or any other kind of “ists’ now. No matter your political party, we are the United States of America!  Now we’re all on the “front lines.” Just as we pulled together in the past, pull, dang it, pull!  You don’t have to like it.  Just do it and help resolve this.  Beat this Covid “enemy.”  It is a common, nationally divisive, weakening enemy.  Beat this just like we beat our common enemies in the past.

Shirley Ches – Franklin, N.C.

Big tech platforms threaten freedom of speech

The United States Congress gave full immunity to burgeoning technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They did so, supposedly, to give American corporations an edge over foreign competition. These companies, in their early stages, were given immunity from prosecution in ways never granted over centuries of American history. Big tech has generously enriched Congress for their votes.

By Congressional fiat, they effectively surrendered every American’s freedom of speech as granted in the U.S. Constitution. When they accorded that right, they shortsightedly surrendered their freedom along with every other American.

Today, political bias and censorship has become the icon for big tech. The  technology companies rival the U.S. government in power, as they cross global boundaries, work for and with foreign governments that are enemies of our nation and all the freedoms it represents.

Zuckerberg and corporate heads have testified before Congress over their censorship platform practices. Each, to a man, continued their policies of determining what their corporate definition of freedom of speech is. Accounts which did not meet their undisclosed limitations are closed at the whim of the platform if the verbiage fails to meet  corporate perceptions. The attempt at molding the minds of users has resulted in users not being able to say that something is “on target.” They have elevated themselves to the arbiters of correct speech that George Orwell might have designed for his futuristic novel “1984.”

Politically protected censorship, a growing fungus within these companies and without staunch opposition, mind control, thought control will suffocate our  freedoms as granted under the United States Constitution. We cannot accept levels of freedom of speech, one for the average American, another for politicians, and the ultimate for big tech companies. Congress did not have the power or right to elevate anyone or any corporation above the United States Constitution.

We the people, may not be able to destroy the wealth of these iconic corporations or behemoths, but we can pulverize their power by demanding Congress redesignate the big tech companies properly, as corporations with the same liabilities as every other corporation.

Only by taking down the platforms do the citizens of this country have a prayer of protection of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to protect oneself.  

Kathryn van Heyningen – Franklin, N.C.

America gets the government we deserve

Without truth, a country will fail.  America is no longer just a country, we are a global empire whether we want to admit it or not.  The current chaos that we see unfolding is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem.  The problem is a misinformed people throughout America.  For too long Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have voted based on superficial emotions and shallow things like leader’s personalities rather than take time to get educated on the issues affecting our lives.  We have allowed a biased mainstream media to spoon feed us information that rarely deals with what is legitimate, Constitutional government.  The vast majority of Americans cannot tell you the difference between the 4th Amendment and the 10th Amendment, or more importantly that America is a self-governing republic and NOT a democracy.  It is simply human nature to let others tell us exactly what we should think and what we should do, so we do not dig for real truth even though we have never before in history had as much information at our fingertips.  We ignorantly believe lying politicians and lying media rather than use common sense and trust in the Lord God.  America has too much bread and circus that clouds our judgment and the ruling elite in government realize this basic fact.  From both sides of the aisle they prey upon the people’s desire for security whether it be safety from a blown-out-of-proportion virus or safety from a boogeyman living in a cave half way around the world.  According to the US Constitution (which our corrupt leaders only give lip service to), our “safety” is not the responsibility of federal government.  That job lies solely with each of us individually, cooperation within our local communities, and our local sheriff’s departments.  Federal government is only responsible for national defense and protecting free trade within the sovereign, individual States.  But, Democrat and Republican voters both have been fooled into believing it is government’s job to regulate, intrude, manipulate, and control each and every aspect of our lives.  The Constitution be damned.  Many in the electorate welcome this intervention instead of repel it by choosing freedom.  For example, it is not enough for Washington DC to take freedoms away from We the People; they now patrol the entire globe wasting obscene amounts of tax dollars, meddling in sovereign nations’ internal affairs, killing innocents, and enriching the military industrial complex.  Of course, the typical Republican or Democrat will try to justify these actions saying that our military is “fighting for our freedoms” or “the war on terror” or some other ignorant excuse.  If we cannot keep our own house in order, how can we attempt to control the world?  This is not what America is suppose to be.  Our founders were very clear on foreign policy and what justified national defense.  They are rolling over in their graves at how we have allowed this out of control federal government to gain so much influence over our daily lives.  Both sides are responsible for this current chaos because both sides utterly fail to understand history, Constitutional government, and its proper role in our society.  When the rule of law is thrown out the window along with any remaining morality, and we allow our emotions and apathy to guide us, then we will always get the government we deserve.  We claim we want our leaders to be principled, yet we have no principles ourselves.   The solution?  Freedom, truthful education, and de-centralization.  Our founders never intended for a population of over 325+ million people to be ruled by a handful of toadies in a centralized city.  Just as the 13 colonies decentralized away from Great Britain and just as Texas decentralized away from Mexico, as well as many other successful examples throughout history, so too must we consider decentralization in America.  Why should California be bound by what Alabama wants to do?  Or why should South Carolina be subject to the whims of New York?  With a diverse population, there can never be a one size fits all, as it is criminal to force others into limiting their pursuit of happiness and taking away their freedoms.  With decentralization, we can all freely move and align with whatever government is shaped in a localized region while amicably trading with each other and collaborating for defense against foreign invaders.  That is what America began as and what the founders intended.  Those ideals are what really made America great in the past.  We can return to them if the people were willing to think for themselves rather than being controlled by an establishment religion of politics.   It was the cunning politician and now myth, Abraham Lincoln, who once said, “Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better.  Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit.” Of course, the hypocritical Lincoln didn’t keep to this universal Jeffersonian belief and the rest has become history to a collectivist, herd-oriented, misinformed society in today’s America.  

Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

Mail-in ballot procedure proven to be secure

Recently I used the mail-in ballot procedure to vote in Macon County.

Did you know that the Macon County Board of Elections has a computer service allowing voters to check each ballot’s path?  Learning this, I typed in my name and viewed a screen noting dates: (1)my application for a ballot was received at the Court House, (2) the ballot was mailed to my house, (3) postmark of my ballot, and (4) the date it was recorded at the Board of Elections. I had handed my completed ballot to an employee at the counter inside the Post Office, but my husband dropped his ballot into one of the two drive-by mail boxes in from of the Post Office.  His ballot was also delivered to election officials, similar stats showed. Seeing these careful tabulation dates on the computer assures us that our completed ballots are secure.  

Eleanor Swift – Franklin, N.C.

What these people did was wrong

Why would you – you know who you are ­– do that to a group of American veterans in our community? You now wear a sign on your back and it says: here is a very small man who did what he did as to deprive a group of local brothers and sisters a few minutes to sit and swap old war stories about their time in combat action. This for some is the only interaction they might have with someone in a day sharing their thoughts with other vets about current events.

Yes, it happened this week and shame on all of you who made so many calls to the state ABC board and report us open. Other facilities such as the craft beer places can be open but I guess because we’re an older group we don’t count. Remember this: What goes around come back around.

Well, now it is off our chests, see you at the famous “Cherry Tree Inn.” You won’t squeal on this one.  


William Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

… and a group of old vets still feeling young