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Trump needs to realize it’s time to go

During May, June and July (this year) I wrote 68 letters to U.S. senators and representatives expressing my belief that Donald Trump’s conduct and misadventures as president justify impeachment and removal from office.  Included in that number (68) were all 53 Republican senators and all the Republican House members from North Carolina.  I received answers from only two members of Congress, our senator (Richard Burr) and our representative (Mark Meadows).

Senator Burr thanked me for sharing my “concerns about the Trump administration” and then expressed his involvement with “disabled children, racially motivated murders, tax cuts, jobs, the tax code, and our economy,” no further mention of Trump.

Representative Meadows also thanked me for contacting him with my “concerns regarding President Trump’s policies and the impeachment process.”  Meadows also stated, “I am committed to working to hold the President accountable and maintain the Constitutional balance of power between Congress and the President.”

That statement from the same Mark Meadows who proclaimed recently, “There is no lack of evidence too glaring that will prevent Washington Democrats from going after this president, it has been their single-minded goal this entire Congress, they are an angry mob in search of validation.”  I’m wondering, are there two Mark Meadows or only one?  God help us if there are more than one.

In the 1970s, when the impeachment of Richard Nixon seemed inevitable, men in the Republican Party went to the president and advised him; “Mr. President, it’s time to step down” (or words closely akin to those), and Nixon’s presidency was over.  There may be too many self-serving, unprincipled, swamp-infested Republicans languishing in Congress today for us to even remotely contemplate such a magnanimous undertaking; never-the-less, Trump needs to realize, it’s time to go.

President Trump has again solicited help from a foreign government to investigate a political rival, an act which not only violates campaign finance laws but defies the Constitution.  Apparently Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy “there is no such thing as the truth” Guiliani, and the Attorney General of the United States (William Barr) are also seriously involved.

Contrary to what Representative Meadows may believe and has declared, “this is just another fruitless political investigation,” the issue, Congressman, is national security.   You might reconsider whether to continue to defend the indefensible Donald Trump or start advocating for the country you have taken an oath to protect.

In addition to being a congenital liar and proven narcissist, Donald Trump has made a mockery of the rule of law, undermined the Constitution, subverted his oath of office, poisoned the presidency itself, severely damaged America’s relationships with allies around the world, disrupted global economy, brought us to the brink of war, ruined our reputation as a trusted ally and leader of the free world, compromising our national security and the future of our country in the process.

This president is anathema to everything I was taught, by my parents, teachers and every adult I ever knew, about what America is supposed to be.  Calling the president to account for his endless abuses of power is not just about Trump or the Republican Party.  It is about who we are as Americans and how we want to be judged by the court of history for what we do (or fail to do) now to protect and preserve our nation.

 David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

Impeachment thing making Dems look bad

What is going on? Does anyone know?

I’ve heard a theory that Trump has engineered this impeachment thing. That he is playing the Democrats like a fiddle. If he beats this impeachment  thing, which he probably will, he will make the Democrats look bad. Just think about it. No one was there to listen to the actual phone conversation? Was there? All he had to do was move the transcript from the norm, to some special file to make it suspicious. Because the Democrats have been eatching his every move. I was watching the  impeachment inquiry on TV and I heard Adam Shiff embellish the transcript because the Democrats are just as bad. He is doing this to win the election.

I feel sorry for anyone that is raising children in this area of no truth because who can we trust? Not the bully- in-chief who will say anything that comes to mind to keep out of trouble. Because the next time that your kid or grandchild bullies someone he will be imitating the embellisher in chief, or the next time he tells a lie guess who he will be imitating.

Just think of how trying it will be to try teach honesty? Cause if the president can do it, why can’t we. It will be the norm. Of all the good that the president does, is it worth the moral responsibility of our nation? Let’s bring honesty back.

And don’t get me started on global warming, that he says is a hoax!

  John Dravis – Franklin, N.C.

We just want to keep the cows out of the Peapatch

Our Creator has, reluctantly I believe, passed down to the human race the responsibility and privilege of choosing and establishing the kind of government that they wish to live under.  There was a time when so few people occupied this planet that each person “ did what was right in his own eyes” as it is written! “Government” as we know today, did not exist. However, when folks began to make their homes closer and closer to each other, there had to be some agreements made between neighbors. 

For instance, there had to be an agreement concerning property rights. Each neighbor must agree to keep his cow out of the other’s pea patch. But as it did happen, there arose a lot of neighbors with cows and pea patches that resulted in wars. Governments rose and failed attempting to keep cows out of pea patches.  In 1776, a republic was formed in the Colonies. Fortunately for us, there were enough peapatch folks with some degree of good sense to say, “We need a body of men to enforce the agreements that we peapatch folks have made between ourselves.” So acting on this wonderful idea, they did establish the office of “Peace Keepers of the Peapatch” -– we refer to them today as the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branch.  

Now the peapatch folks also said, “We will provide these folks that we have commissioned as “Peace Keepers of the Peapatch” with a symbol of Authority. We will arm them with a Musket, powder, and lead.  Being so armed, they can enforce the rules that we ourselves have made to keep cows out of pea patches.”  

The peapatch folks farther said, “Just to let you know that in case you let power run to your head to cause you to began to believe that you are supreme over ‘We the Peapatch folks’ and start to make up your own rules to the determent of us peapatch folks, we too, will keep our muskets, power and lead.”  So they wrote the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights – The Right to Bear Arms.  This was a clear message to these “Peace Keepers of the Peapatch.” They were in effect, saying,  “You derive your power from the consent of us peapatch folks who are giving you your job of keeping the peace, and we want it to be perfectly clear; we can take your job away because we will forever keep our muskets, power, and lead!”    

Now, just because a rare few peapatch folks become possessed by evil and have caused unspeakable horror with their muskets, don’t get the idea that you will collect our muskets, powder, and lead from us law-abiding peapatch folks. We are the true protectors of liberty with our muskets, powder and lead just as our fathers were some two hundred years ago. We are not the enemy, but only simple folks that just want the cows out of our pea patches!

Jim Steeley, a Peapatcher among millions – Otto, N.C.

Science and religion can coexist just fine

I found a recent letter to the editor contained multiple incorrect and twisted observations on evolution theories and evolution scientists, such that I feel necessary to respond. The author of the letter provides out of context quotes, with no attribution, from the writings of early evolution scientists, or the quotes are apparently non-existent, except on web sites supporting creationist views.

The author starts  with a quote from the eminent evolution scholar, Stephen J. Gould, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850 …” This quote is simply his description of the outdated views held by many laymen and scientists in the middle of the 19th century. These views have been universally repudiated by current scientific research.

When Darwin wrote, “Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races …” he was not addressing a biological pecking order of human races. Darwin was referring to the social, cultural, and geographic differences between races that may have led to different rates of technological advances. His notion of so-called “racial superiority” was tied to the ability to resolve the various localized challenges for survival, such as local climate. As each localized population advanced their technologies, they able to dominate other developing races by warring or encroaching on their local domain.

Thomas Huxley did write, “No rational man, cognizant of the facts, believes that the average negro is the equal, still less the superior, of the white man.…” He wrote this in 1870, a time when biological superiority of the white race was an unproven postulation that fit neatly but incorrectly with the then current world view that white races are somehow superior. This errant view was supported by the now debunked theory that said that since white societies are apparently more technologically advanced compared to other known races, whites must be biologically (evolutionally)  superior. The Huxley quote was written in support of his flawed research and incorrect conclusions.

And to say that evolution theories are evil and corrupt simply because Hitler used a twisted interpretation of evolution theory to support his horrific slaughter of millions of people based on religion or location is patently wrong and irresponsible. By the way, Hitler also used bizarre interpretations of Christian doctrines and other religions to support his evil ambitions and actions.

I have read and reread the Biblical quotes cited by the author, and I just do not see any references to the various human subspecies, or races, as they are more commonly referred to. Some of these quotes, however, do apparently refer to mankind as a single species, which is scientifically correct.

Man’s various interpretations of the words of the Bible can, and do, provide much needed spiritual guidance and solace, but I am not sure how using the Bible to refute scientific findings serves any purpose but to mislead.

Science and religion can coexist just fine.

  John Barry – Franklin, N.C.

Life-shaping moments can change our outlook

 Some things in life change our total outlook on life and humanity. I’m not talking in a political sense, this goes much deeper than that. I’m talking a change of circumstances that questions or forces a change of heart that we ourselves, when hit blind-sided, seem to change one’s direction or outlook on life, whether it be good or bad.  I’ve heard several individuals explain that the loss of a love one, whether by death or walking out of one’s life, how this changed their outlook, and questioned God in allowing this. 

The unexpected heartache of loss goes deeper than anyone can imagine. Iit twists deep within and the anguish seems never to go away. Some understand this and although there is hurt, they move ahead with  hope of a better future or a future reuniting. These human connections are so intertwined with deep feelings, it’s what bring a richness in what it means to be human. The deep hurts as well as pleasant memories both bring a value to humanity itself.  Both show we seek love and caring relationships even when it’s taken from us, the blessings of life but more in the hurting of life sharpens our perception and value of life.  The statement by C.S. Lewis says this well, “God whispers to us in our pleasure, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain; it is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

Life’s shaping moments can and should bring a value to all humanity, but sadly we can turn a deaf ear and think only of ourselves. Societies, past and present have placed a value in themselves, at the exclusion of others. Christianity, Naturalism and Humanism all say they value humanity, but it’s Christianity that has a basis or reason where value lies. Christianity has been scorned by many and some for good reasons, because those who are to represent Christ, succumb to their selfish desires that are the complete opposite of Christian leadership and example. It’s only when Christ is lived in life, can we find value for life – for all life.  

Parts of Europe but mainly in the west, were champions of human rights, the freeing of slavery, equality, freedom with a respect towards others have their rooting in a Christian worldview. Race, ethnicity, gender, and children have all been devalued or viewed as less than human.  We demonize whether by force or by words those we don’t understand or are less fortunate. The silent voices who cannot speak for themselves, the born, the unborn or handicapped can be unwanted and seem a burden to society.  

Christ’s pain, suffering and death sharpens and brings into focus the value of life, all life. Christ’s life was full of pleasant memories, but he also knew the deep hurts as well. The deepest hurt was the rejection of the Father, and of mankind. He delights in those who believe in Him, but the rejection and heartache of others goes deeper than anyone can imagine. His suffering for us sharpens our perception and value of all life. He is a life-changer. 


Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

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