Letters for October 31, 2019


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Tolerance and decency will help nation survive

Why do we continue to draw more political lines in an already ultra-marginalized society? It is because most politicians in Congress do just that, focus on each other’s difference. That is why they can’t seem to get anything done. I see this divisiveness in the letters to this paper every week. If this sentiment continues to spread and fester in hearts of more and more my fellow Americans, then I fear for our country.

The moment we decide somebody is or isn’t an American because of political ideology is the moment that we forget who we are as Americans. Being patriotic is not constrained to any race, sexual orientation, religion, or political ideology.  Being patriotic is loving freedom, and isn’t that something that we all agree on? We can debate policies, but to undermine the motives  of someone you disagree with is unnecessary and fuels further divisions of our community and our great nation.

True patriotism should not be defined by showy, flag waving, hands-on-heart, red, white and blue, skin-deep patriotism but rather, true patriotism is respect for the basic principles this country was founded on as set out in the American Constitution:

Justice, Domestic Tranquility, a Common Defense, Promotion of the General Welfare, and the Blessings of Liberty, to Ourselves and to our Posterity.

We must learn to practice more tolerance and decency everyday with everyone we touch, if we want this Nation to survive and prosper.

 John Barry – Franklin, N.C.


Impeach Trump to restore national integrity

I am astounded, and not just a little perplexed, that no matter what Donald Trump says or does (or who he says or does it too), so many Americans continue to defend and support him. I cannot find adequate words to describe my disbelief.

I know that with time all things change. “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress,” Charles Kettering once said, and “to change and change for the better” (an old German Proverb) are two different things.

The changes brought about by the 45th president have, to say the very  least, not always been helpful and this president has proven to be an extremely dangerous and unstable influence and he’s getting worse by the day.   Yes, I know, instability is not an impeachable offense.

But many things are, and contrary to what some people seem to want to believe, Trump’s multitude of transgressions are not a “hoax” or “fake news” or a “witch hunt” or a “sham fabricated by the liberal media, Never Trumpers,” or “delusional Socialist Democrats.”   The facts (however nauseating) are well known.  Only the outcome of the impeachment process presently escapes our knowledge.

As the evidence against Trump continues to mount (and I want to emphasize two words here: evidence and facts) it is all too clear that Donald Trump continues to use the power, prestige and leverage of the office of the presidency to: increase his own personal wealth, obstruct justice, interfere with and influence the election process, cripple our system of checks and balances, undermine campaign finance laws, seek the assistance of foreign governments for his personal benefit, intimidate and threaten witnesses and defy and obstruct the constitutional role of the United States Congress.

Over the last two years Trump has shown his willingness to trample on any aspect of our democracy that gets him what he wants.  Trump wrongly believes he is invincible and literally dares our entire constitutional system to stop him.  Refusing to confront Trump (like avoiding any bully in any setting) serves only to embolden him.

As politically risky as impeachment is, Trump’s abuse of power and obstruction of justice demands that the House of Representatives perform its role (and more importantly, its duty) and impeach this president who is clearly, unmistakably and undeniably unfit for the office of president of the United States.

Whether it fails or succeeds in the Senate, the House must impeach Trump in order to restore our national civic health, integrity, and global reputation. Our democracy cannot survive and our nation cannot endure if our institutions are allowed to remain in the hands of corrupt, self-serving, and incompetent people.

Donald Trump must be held accountable for his actions, wrongful deeds that the Republican Party and his supporters seem all too willing to condone, at least  up until now.    Impeachment is a journey that, no matter the outcome, will inflict lasting pain on our country.   Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is well aware of the consequences, stating on a call to Democrats, Trump is “almost not worth it… but the Constitution is.”   I concur on both counts.

 David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

Writer clarifies statement in previous letter

I would like to clarify a misunderstanding of a statement I wrote in my letter, published Oct. 17.  When I said “They have abandoned God,” I was referring to “the Democratic Party” not “Democrats.” I don’t make it a practice to judge anyone personally or to offend others, and I agree that many Democrats are fine Christians. That statement followed a reference to the Democratic Party and their endorsement of Socialism.  So I hope this clears up that misunderstanding.

Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.


Climate alarmism not the answer

I share Paul Chew’s concern for a clean, unpolluted, safe environment. I cringe every time I see litter thoughtlessly strewn along roads and trails. I am frustrated when I see what should be a clear blue sky scarred with scores of chemtrails stretching from horizon to horizon. And I am appalled when I read about HAARP weather manipulation and weaponizing stations being used without our knowledge or consent to alter the course of the jet stream and artificially change weather patterns. For more information, see https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ 

But I also have firsthand experience with the high cost of alternative energy sources. Even with large government subsidies, and a do-it-yourself ambition to save money, the payback period for a rooftop solar array is very long. Instead of trying to scare voters, we should innovate down the price of the green energy; when it becomes cheaper than coal and oil, everyone will switch.

The government ought to make it easy for entrepreneurs to work on this and other problems, rather than trying to mandate solutions. Can you imagine how wealthy a person would become if they produced a practical vehicle for transportation that produced zero emissions, and did not have other negative environmental impacts, yet was less expensive and easier to use than pollution spewing counterparts? The government’s job is to protect the interests of entrepreneurs who possess disruptive technology so they cannot be forced out by big multi-national corporations with a vested interest in the status quo.  We have seen how well the government did with solving the “healthcare crisis.” Should we expect them to do any better with the environment? I believe Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “Government is not the solution to the problem: government IS the problem.”

So when I see politicians touting some horrendously expensive “Green New Deal,” I am slow to jump on the bandwagon. Ever since I was a child, environmentalists have been trying to scare people into accepting a political “solution” that involves handing over some or all of our God-given rights to an elite political class. But they have not proven their right to do so, their trustworthiness, their competence, or even their sanity. Scary predictions have repeatedly failed to come true. For example, on Oct. 6, 1970, Paul Ehrlich predicted the oceans would be as dead as Lake Erie in less than a decade. In 1989, UN official Noel Brown said entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels by the year 2000 if global warming was not reversed. Why should I believe them now? There is no legitimate evidence extreme weather is increasing or sea level rise is accelerating. Climate alarmism is much like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. People may not see any evidence of catastrophic climate change or sea level rise, but their opinion is irrelevant because according to Obama, “97% of scientists believe we are doomed due to global warming.” Only a small handful of people whom the press and politicians quote over and over again are allowed to state an opinion, and they are claimed to represent 97% of the world’s millions of scientists. Obama’s claims are baseless, yet politicians want to prosecute climate heretics. There has never been any survey done of actual scientists which showed anything remotely like Obama’s claims. Obama made his claim in 2013, but a survey of professional members of the American Meteorological Society made that year, showed that only 52% of their members believed global warming is primarily man-made. I am not aware of any broad survey of scientists where they were even asked if the one part per ten thousand increase in CO2 over the past century is dangerous. No group in the AMS survey came close to 97% and among professional forecasters – less than half believed global warming is primarily man-made. What little consensus there is, is based around intimidation of academics and censorship. “Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.”(Michael Crichton)

Academics have been making apocalyptic predictions for decades. All have failed miserably, yet they keep repeating the same misinformation over and over again.  Had their forecasts been correct, we wouldn’t be here now to have this discussion.

Climate alarmism is completely dependent on graphs and useless climate models generated by a small handful of people.  The graphs are generated through scientifically corrupt processes of data tampering and hiding data. For more information, go to https://realclimatescience.com

The most important argument against climate alarmism is that the proposed solutions are unworkable, dangerous and useless. They were made without consulting engineers, and have zero chance of success.  A robust discussion about our energy future is needed, but that discussion is censored in favor of propaganda. News agencies like the New York Times and the LA Times have an openly stated policy of censoring anyone with a dissenting opinion.  This is dangerous, un-American and threatens our survival.  Climate change is not an imminent threat, but the proposed solutions are.

If there was an actual climate crisis, it would be obvious.  Alarmists wouldn’t have to hide and tamper with data.

  Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.