Letters for September 17, 2020


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Locals are the ones trashing their own backyards

 I wish to thank Mr. James Wright for his letter of solutions offered for roadside debris in this paper of Sept. 10, 2020.  I wish to offer the following which will somewhat disagree with his opinion of  offenders of road side trash.  I live on a road in this county which is highly traveled but traveled by locals only.  Visitors to this road do not travel here much.  I know when there is a home on our road being worked on as the trash increases greatly in volume, which I am out picking up daily.  You see, it is the locals throwing the trash out of their vehicles and it is not our visitors.  Until the people living in this beautiful county decide to stop trashing their own backyards there is no solution.  And until this happens it takes people like me and others who pick up their trash which they can not seem to wait to throw away until they arrive home or a local trash can.  And to make a further point, there are many local trash cans.  


Cindy Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Not a witness to the good work of DOT In response to G.G. Puckett’s editorial:

Concerning DOT, I have had a blocked culvert for over a year. The water overflows and makes my driveway a river. I have called, begged, and showed up in person. They are located three miles from the problem. There was a bump on Hwy. 28 end of bridge, they worked on it and instead of being concave it became a speed bump. So still a bump up instead of down. Also, as you stated the garbage is deplorable.

My other concern is the no connection between the greenway. So one must cross four lanes of traffic, as a temporary solution could someone not put up a crosswalk as in front of brewery and on Main Street, stating traffic to stop even a gallon of white paint would do the job.

In reponse to James O. Wright’s editorial, does he know there is a four-year contract for adapting a highway and stretch of two miles?

I wrote headquarters of DOT many times, and they did respond but the job they did left me wondering. How about the ramps on new bridge that had to be jackhammered up while they waited in their trucks for hours for the concrete? I know there are different divisions and some good probably comes of it. I just have not witnessed it yet.

Mr. Puckett and I are not the only ones that have written about garbage. It is quite a regular subject.

 J. Williams – Franklin, N.C.

Belongings returned; case closed

Thank you for returning my belongings and as a person of my word, nothing else will be said or done.  


Pam Battles – Franklin, N.C.