Letters for September 20, 2018


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One thing ‘rational’ people can agree on  

This is for Mr. Bob Wilson: There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny. Santa Claus, sadly, is not a real person. The earth is not flat. The moon is not made of green cheese. And there is no “Deep State” in government. There is, however, one empirical fact that is obvious to most rational people, and that is that the man who occupies the oval office is nuts.

 Mike Jones – Sylva, N.C.

Scottish tea fundraiser exceeds expectations

The September 8 Afternoon Tea fundraiser for the Scottish Tartans Museum and Heritage Center, Inc., was highly successful. Ticket sales exceeded expectation with a few seats bought at the door. Special thanks go to Maureen Blencoe, chairman, and her committee members for months of planning this event. Men in kilts delivered hot tea and sweets to each table. China plates, cups, and saucers gave a special touch of class to the day. Savories included assorted finger sandwiches and cheese wafers. Sweets were Scottish Empire biscuits, lemon drizzle cake, buttered Scottish tea bread, rocky road brownies, and meringues. The atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable as the talented Beth Hunter played beautiful harp music. David Blencoe served as Master of Ceremonies. A true plus was the fashion show directed by Martha Holbrook, owner of Blackberry Market The show was narrated by Brenda Wooten. Thanks to the young enthusiastic models, participants enjoyed looking at new fashion ideas for fall. As fingers were crossed and the suspense built, the winner of the raffle was announced – Heather Welch. The raffle was for a basket of Scottish merchandise worth $200. A prize bargain at 6 tickets for $5, wouldn’t you agree! I, as a museum volunteer, would like to thank everyone for their generous support of the Scottish Tartans Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. It is the only Scottish Tartans Museum in the United States. Volunteers willingly help guests find their Scottish or Irish tartan connection. There are over 12,000 tartans now, even though only 600 are commercially woven. As a 501(c)3 (nonprofit business) we are able to maintain our museum by gift shop purchases, museum memberships, and donations, Each day, Monday-Saturday, the majority of our visitors are from out of town. There were many out-of-towners attending the tea. However, what filled us with joy was so many local people were also attending the tea. Everyone is welcome to come to the museum and find your tartan connection.

Merrilee Bordeaux – Franklin, N.C.

Our vulnerable Republic is in imminent danger

There has been a coup unfolding in the White House. Our Republic is in imminent danger of devolving into an autocracy. The senior White House staff, a group of appointed political supplicants, who swore an oath to the Constitution, have decided that expediency justifies their illegal thwarting of the Constitution. In the now infamous op-ed letter written by senior member of the White House staff, that anonymous writer asks us to work together with this shadow government, to support their effort to keep Trump from doing the country less harm to our country than he is capable of. They have convinced themselves that they are patriots, even while acting outside the Constitution. These so-called patriots have likely been perpetuating this hoax from the very start of the Trump presidency. We have a dangerously incompetent chief executive and his senior staff is a cabal of crass, egotistical, mostly incompetent, political know nothings. Under this administration, the Supreme Court is being stacked illegitimately. Children have been abducted. Millions of Americans have been left without healthcare. Wealth has been stolen from middle and lower class and showered on the wealthy. Corporations have been anointed as super-citizens, with lower tax rates than for mere human citizens and with more influence on federal elected politicians through the enormity of their campaign donations. Our Republic has never been so vulnerable. Federal policies are being implemented by unelected, egotistical leeches. The Rule of Law is fracturing.  This administration has is no respect for our Constitution. The viability of our democracy has already been considerably damaged by these political pirates. Restoring respect for and adherence to our Constitution may take years. What can we citizens do to to restore sanity to our executive branch? Vote! We have heard these words before, “this is the most important election this country has held.” Usually these words are invoked when citizens are vehemently opposed to an opposing political party’s policies. The crisis this country is in now makes these previous political conflicts look like a teapot in a tempest. Your ballot in the upcoming mid-term elections is your tool to dismantle this governing aberration. Vote!

John Barry – Franklin, N.C.

Good news for those who are looking for it

A friend of mine recently asked me to show God to him. Actually, He already has shown himself to everyone. He has given us eyes to see the majesty and beauty of His creation. He gave us ears to hear the sound of the birds singing. He gave us the sense of touch to feel the soft fuzz on an African violet. He gave us taste to enjoy the delicious flavor of a wild strawberry. He gave us noses to smell the fragrance of flowers. If the Bible is correct (and there is an incredible amount of evidence to support that it is), we will all have to give an account to God. (Romans 14:12) Since many people, like Lee Stroebel, have set out to disprove all this “God stuff,” and have ended up proving to themselves what they set out to disprove, it seems that it would be wise to read such works before concluding that you are an agnostic. Mr. Stroebel has written a series of books chronicling his journey from atheism to Christianity, including “The Case for Christ.” If you travelled to Florence, Italy and viewed the works of the great artist, Michelangelo, you probably wouldn’t say, “I really think this statue, ‘David’ formed through natural forces over hundreds of years.” Yet that would be far more plausible than to believe that the works of God really aren’t His at all, but the work of “natural forces.” Instead, you would undoubtedly think about what a truly unbelievably marvelous artist Michelangelo was, and want to see more of his works and learn more about him. That is what viewing God’s works in creation ought to do for each one of us. The real David, in Psalm 19 proclaimed, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.” This same David says in Psalm 53:1, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” The Bible addresses the issue of agnosticism (a variety of atheism that says you can’t know that God exists) in Romans 1:19 and following. Speaking of all people, it says, “…since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.” If you take an honest look at your own body you will see strong evidence that a truly brilliant Designer engineered your eyes, ears, fingers, and your brain. You know in your heart that you didn’t evolve from pond scum over millions of years. Yet because of the rebellious and sinful nature of the human heart, some people reject these things. If the Bible is true, and God created you, don’t you realize that it would be the ultimate insult to Him for you to turn a blind eye to the evidence, and attribute what He did to Blind Chance? That passage in Romans goes on to say, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities- his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” I have nothing to gain or lose by writing this letter. But if you’re an agnostic, and are wrong, you have so much to lose. You are an eternal being, according to the Bible. You are worth more than all the wealth you might acquire in this life. And you can’t take any of it with you. But if you come to faith in the true God, then this verse will apply to you: “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade – kept in heaven for you …”(1 Peter 1:3-4) If true, and I believe it is because it is God’s Word, then this is really good news! If you want to know more, read the last 2 chapters of Revelation, where this “inheritance” is described in more detail. This inheritance can be yours, but only if you recognize and acknowledge the Great Artist and Designer, and put your faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.

Evacuee gives ‘shout out’ for local support

Myself and some other families have evacuated here to Franklin. It has been amazing to see this community pull together and bring us food. The fitness has offered us all a free week while we are here. I would love to give a shout out in the paper to all these amazing people!

Anna Bloemsma-Allen – via email

Democrats will do anything to stop President Trump

Most of us don’t know about or recall Time Magazine electing Adolf Hitler as their “Man of the Year” back in the 1930s in spite of his confiscating Jewish owned homes and businesses and beginning to send the Jews to their death. We also probably don’t know the Nazi Party was very active in America at the time and tried to convert us to National Socialism. They had infiltrated our colleges, unions and factories. By infiltrating unions, they were able to slow up shipments of food and arms to England. This sort of thing smacks of what we currently see in our democracy. Weirdos like Michael Moore saying President Trump is the last president tells us what many Democrats have told me in the past few years which is we need a dictatorship instead of a president elected by the working class. Michael Moore, you may recall, is famous for his portrayal of the Cuban medical system as wonderful. Note however, you had to bring your own food and toilet paper to the hospitals and the rooms are filthy. So many Democrats are, in couched words, calling for President Trump’s assassination. This comes from movie stars to politicians such as Maxine Waters. Of course, China, Russia and Iran are all laughing at us as the Democrats try to stop President Trump and there is a good possibility they are putting money into the various movements at our colleges and political groups. China is concerned about losing the billions of dollars we spend in their country. China also wants to continue stealing our patents so they can copy them and sell them back to us. Pretty cool, huh? Iran simply wants their atomic bombs so they can eliminate Israel and dominate the entire Middle East. Seen in this light, President Trump is a threat to them and will do anything to help the Democrats stop him including sponsoring protest groups. Actually, I’ve often wondered how people could travel from state to state to hold protest meetings without jobs or income? Somebody is obviously putting up the money for them. Michael Moore may be right. If the Democrats have their way, we will end up with a Socialist dictatorship run entirely by those in government who fully believe they know what’s best for us. Washington would prefer to have an obedient president to head things up, more like we would have had if Hillary Clinton won the presidency. Be honest; would Clinton have pushed NATO to pay their fair share of military costs, demanded fair treatment for NAFTA, demanded the EU lower tariffs on our goods, demanded China level the playing field and buy our goods or even attempt to force North Korea to bend? I doubt it, she had too much to lose in her investments in China. One thing stands out: Being a Democrat is no longer something you can be proud of because of the vitriol and hatred they speak with of late. My Dad was a devout Democrat but I’m sure if he was aware of the Socialist taking control of the Democratic Party, he would be turning over in his grave right now. What happened to the sense of honor and decency in the Democratic Party? Fact is, were I a Democrat right now, I would seriously consider converting to the Independents out of shame.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.