Letters for September 26, 2019


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Here’s what they didn’t tell you

I found State Representative Kevin Corbin’s recent letter to the editor very interesting. He was trying to justify the NC House’s actions in voting to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of their budget. He also provided a link to House Speaker Tim Moore’s lengthy attempt to further justify their handling of this matter. Apparently, these gentlemen were not following Ronald Reagan’s advice when he said “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” Indeed, on Sept. 12, in the face of tremendous criticism for his actions, Speaker Moore took a page from President Trump’s playbook and wrote 20 Tweets on this matter.

In their desperate attempt to spin this matter in their favor, here’s what they didn’t tell you.

The Republican leadership scheduled the veto override vote on 38 occasions, beginning on July 8. On each occasion, they realized that they didn’t have the votes to override the veto and the vote was postponed. It was clear that they could not win with full participation from the House of Representatives so they decided on another tactic…  to jam the vote through when there were not enough Democrats in the chamber and that’s exactly what they did, on September 11, of all dates.  

On Sept.10, House Democratic leadership were told by Republican leadership that there would be no votes taken at 8:30 on Sept. 11. Of course, the Republicans now deny this. But wait! Republican leadership sent a message to several of their members telling them to be in their seats at 8:30. Clearly, they were going to vote on something. And, Republican leadership sent at least one text message to a member of the media advising that there were no votes at 8:30. So not one member of the media was present for perhaps the most important vote in the House this year. I guess the Republican leadership has not heard that “Democracy dies in darkness.” Or maybe that was part of their plan.

The session began promptly at 8:30 a.m. on 9/11 with barely enough representatives (mostly Republicans) in the chamber to form a quorum. A prayer was said and some other routine business was conducted.  At 8:30 a Republican Representative made a motion to vote on the budget override. Democrats immediately protested and their microphones were cut off by House leadership. The vote was called for at 8:39 and the vote was closed 15 seconds later. No discussion or debate was allowed.     

This fiasco soon became national news and again gave North Carolina a black eye, just like when the Republicans passed illegal gerrymandering, the bathroom bill, enacted voter suppression measures and tried to steal a Congressional election. Nearly all of the major newspapers in the state wrote editorials condemning the way this vote was taken and House members who participated in this matter were roundly criticized on social media, even by many of their own supporters, hence their attempts to put their spin on this matter.   

What hasn’t been addressed by Representative Corbin and House Republican leadership is why the Republicans were so desperate to override the Governor’s budget veto. The answer: to defeat the expansion of Medicaid – a measure already approved by 37 states – states controlled by both Democrats and Republican. Our Republicans in Raleigh, including our own Kevin Corbin are keeping N.C. in the lower third of states in many areas, including access to healthcare coverage. Thus hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians continue to remain without healthcare coverage and our rural hospitals remain in financial jeopardy.

Deputy Majority Whip Corbin, why didn’t you stand up and question this devious maneuver? Why did you and your fellow Republicans stoop to such underhanded tactics? We expected more from you when we sent you to Raleigh. And now you want us to promote you to the N.C. Senate?

Gary St. Arnauld – Franklin, N.C.


Join ‘Me First’ program to save the planet 

Sign up today for the “Me First” pilot climate program which entitles charter members not only to purify the planet, but offers full sneering, laughing, and pointing privileges for dimwits who can’t qualify.

The first one million members will have their automobiles, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, etc., hauled away and destroyed free of charge.

 Advocates will receive previously restricted access (in this Elite Program) replacing their combustion engine driven transportation with Earth Friendly replacements such as bikes, trikes, unicycles (only for the most Elite Of The Elite), pull carts with authentic wooden axels and wheels, and not to be overlooked, skates and surfboards.

An additional perk for “Firsters,” is that specially trained “Climate Enhancers” will appear at your residence to sever all electrical connections. They will scientifically remove toilets, and all indoor plumbing which relies on electricity to draw water from below ground.  

 This sanitization of your abode will set you apart from the abhorrent, simpletons, non-climate warming believers who adhere to their despicable, poisonous, carbon-based, destructive technology.

Look for “Earth Cleansing Stations” to appear in your town, city, or county. All will be constructed of Earth friendly, recyclable materials and will be a carbon copy of the original “Surrender to the Earth Staion” built by and for the Hollywood elites. (Expect to see towering mounds of jets, helicopters, limousines, ocean-going yachts, and automobiles piled next to the iconic Hollywood billboard.)

Join “Me First” now! Call 24/7 and contact Al Gore or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to sign up. (If they sound a bit snarky, it’s just their way of showing their enthusiasm at having their sleep, meals, and lives in an upheaval.)

Kathryn van Heyningen – Franklin, N.C.

Jackson County writer stuck in 2016

Wow!  Really wow.  A gentleman from another county/town seems to have his own editorial nearly every week in The Macon County News.  With his ranting, it’s evident he is a Democrat.  He’s entitled to be just that and have his own opine; but when he continually speaks the same false narratives that he does consistently – it’s time to let others speak and let  Mr. Webster / Jackson County opine in his own county.  I’m sure he’s in their newspapers as well and as consistent as he is with Macon County newspapers.

I’m not sure, but is he stuck in 2016? From his rants/opines he surely is.  Every editorial is about the same thing – Russian Collusion and President Trump and Putin being in cahoots with each other.  Don’t want to burst his bubble – but that two-year $20-plus million fiasco investigation is over and has been for a couple of months.  I guess his end of the Dem Collective did not get that memo, so please – Dem Collective leaders, resend said memo to him and others so he’ll hopefully move on to something factual and real.  I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Just to bring him and others in the far reaches of some other star system – Mueller is finished and done.  He found no clear evidence of said collusion.  Even in front of Congress numerous times, Mr. Mueller could not state for a fact that such collusion existed.  Mr. Mueller seemed to not even know what was in his own report that he supposedly wrote.  Now that does raise a few eyebrows for those of us who are not tethered to CNN, MSNBC, Fake News, Politico and other very left-leaning “supposed” journalistic agency.  I could not tell you what may have been aired on Fox News, as an Independent Voter who has no affiliation or allegiance to any political party – I don’t watch it (Fox) either.

What I do know is that some outside the Swamp legal watchdog groups are pursuing the underlying FISA warrants, Democrat collusion, and other possible treasonous acts by a sitting president, Sec of State – who was running for that party, FBI Chief, and others at all levels of our federal government.  Many facts have been brought to light that our letter to the editor elite probably has not seen or heard, as his media outlets will not cover such things.  Do I hold out hope that all who conspired will be brought to justice? Sure I do.  Do I really expect it to happen? No I don’t.  The power players in DC have a different set of rules that typically don’t apply to such common citizens as myself, so they will just be able to live their lives in comfort and power – as they are above the law.

Mr. Jackson County says he is one of five in his family that served in the military.  Good for him.  I’d highly suggest as a 20-year military retiree, veteran, and disabled vet, he and others in his family that served and think like him – please go to the VA for TBI, PTSD, Mental Health checkup.  There is help available.  His mention of Chinese leaders books also needs to be examined, as he somehow equates “The Art of War” with Trump and Putin.  Yes, both men are Commanders-in-Chief of their respective militaries but they are like polar opposites.  President Trump shows great respect for our current men and women in the U.S. military, along with trying to get veterans the healthcare and benefits every single one deserves.  Does Putin do that?  I truly don’t know and don’t care – I’m not a Russian military retiree or veteran.  I seriously doubt Putin really cares, most narcissists don’t.  And no, Trump is no narcissist; other than what the left calls him.  Is Trump perfect – why would that even be asked; he is not nor are any of us?  POTUS #44 had no respect for the military for eight long years and the military knew it.  The military to him served a basic purpose and had little importance to his and his party’s scheme to bring America down.  He did a great job of that for sure, making him about the equivalent as Jimmy Carter – another Democrat.  The only real Democrat leader worth a grain of salt, was almost 60 years ago – that being JFK; but he was too conservative and had to go.

Last, but not least – for the umpteenth millionth time – America has never been a democracy and it’s absurd that those mainly on the left and a few on the right – seem to think it is and call it such.  Even leftist Tom Steyer, a Capitalist Democrat Billionaire, calls it that on his nationwide commercials as he runs for POTUS and “thinks” he’s the only guy that can beat Trump.  Good luck with that thinking Mr. Steyer; as your commercials are half truths, outright lies, and pure propaganda – which our Jackson County native should know being a military man that he was.  I’d like to thank all those like Mr. Jackson County for helping Trump win 2020 by a landslide with all their nonsense and free everything.  Should a Democrat be elected anytime soon as POTUS, I hope Mr. Jackson County likes his new position as serf, peasant, poor low class; as that will be how it ends when those of us in the middle class are forced to pay for all those freebies and we lose our class status by being taxed to death.  Think on that Mr. Jackson County.

 Terry L. Swift – Franklin, N.C.

New ostomy support group established in area

Ostomy Awareness Day is on Oct. 5, 2019. Some of you may read this and wonder, “what is an ostomy?”  An ostomy is a surgical procedure where a passage is created to re-route bodily waste to the abdomen.  Some of the reasons that individuals have an ostomy are infection, perforated diverticulitis, birth defects, trauma, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, cancers of the bowel, bladder, and cervix. A person with an ostomy is referred to as an ostomate. There are approximately 100,000 ostomy surgeries performed in the U.S. annually.  Ostomies truly save lives.

The United Ostomy Association of America, Inc. is dedicated to informing people about ostomies to provide information and reduce any stigma that may be perceived. Certified ostomy nurses in Western NC are working with ostomates to connect through a newly established group. The WNC Ostomy Support Group is a UOAA Affiliate  and meets on the second Monday of each month. We have our meetings at the NC Cooperative Extension Meeting room, 876 Skyland Dr., Sylva. We would like to invite all ostomates and their caregivers to join us.  If you have any questions, please inquire at ostomywnc@gmail.com.

 Aimee Quillen, RN, CWON and Jody Burtner, RN, CWON

Science and religion can coexist just fine

I found a recent letter to the editor contained multiple incorrect and twisted observations on evolution theories and evolution scientists, such that I feel necessary to respond. The author of the letter provides out of context quotes, with no attribution, from the writings of early evolution scientists, or the quotes are apparently non-existent, except on web sites supporting creationist views.

The author starts  with a quote from the eminent evolution scholar, Stephen J. Gould, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850 …” This quote is simply his description of the outdated views held by many laymen and scientists in the middle of the 19th century. These views have been universally repudiated by current scientific research.

When Darwin wrote, “Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races …” he was not addressing a biological pecking order of human races. Darwin was referring to the social, cultural, and geographic differences between races that may have led to different rates of technological advances. His notion of so-called “racial superiority” was tied to the ability to resolve the various localized challenges for survival, such as local climate. As each localized population advanced their technologies, they able to dominate other developing races by warring or encroaching on their local domain.

Thomas Huxley did write, “No rational man, cognizant of the facts, believes that the average negro is the equal, still less the superior, of the white man.…” He wrote this in 1870, a time when biological superiority of the white race was an unproven postulation that fit neatly but incorrectly with the then current world view that white races are somehow superior. This errant view was supported by the now debunked theory that said that since white societies are apparently more technologically advanced compared to other known races, whites must be biologically (evolutionally)  superior. The Huxley quote was written in support of his flawed research and incorrect conclusions.

And to say that evolution theories are evil and corrupt simply because Hitler used a twisted interpretation of evolution theory to support his horrific slaughter of millions of people based on religion or location is patently wrong and irresponsible. By the way, Hitler also used bizarre interpretations of Christian doctrines and other religions to support his evil ambitions and actions.

I have read and reread the Biblical quotes cited by the author, and I just do not see any references to the various human subspecies, or races, as they are more commonly referred to. Some of these quotes, however, do apparently refer to mankind as a single species, which is scientifically correct.

Man’s various interpretations of the words of the Bible can, and do, provide much needed spiritual guidance and solace, but I am not sure how using the Bible to refute scientific findings serves any purpose but to mislead.

Science and religion can coexist just fine.

 John Barry – Franklin, N.C.