Letters for May 4, 2017


Mayor pens letter to Mission Health CEO

The Franklin Town Board voted unanimously last night, May 1, to request that Mission Health reconsider its decision to discontinue labor and delivery services at Angel Medical Center in Franklin.

This move has far reaching, serious consequences for residents of Franklin, and the surrounding area. There has been an outpouring of opposition to the move and there is an online petition of around 1,000 names opposing this move as well as a number of community forums and meetings.

Thank you so much.


Franklin Mayor Bob Scott

Actions of young men give hope for the future

I have lived in Franklin since 1988 and have met many wonderful people, however on this day I was facing the same battle, The War of the Leaves, and as you have guessed, the leaves were winning. As I stood there, two young men, Chris Wesburg, 20, and Adam Martin, 18, approached and asked if they could help.  How much, I asked. He replied, we don’t charge, we just help when we see the need. All I could think of at that moment was “Shame on all of you who were paid but never finished the job.”

These two young men were Mormon missionaries who are residing here while serving two years for Jesus. While they were working we prayed, talked about Jesus and of their plans for the future. When they left, I felt a sense of loss. I will miss their smiling faces as they enjoyed their food, but knowing them gave me hope for the future. I believe if one fourth of our youth follow their example we will be on the right road.

Thank you Chris and Adam for helping a sassy and feisty senior win the War of the Leaves this year. God bless you and keep giving the blessings away.


Mireille Rostallon — Franklin, N.C.

Reducing taxes puts more money in our pockets

Economics is really not that hard to understand. It only gets weirdly complicated when government or the huge banks get involved.

In the short term, President Trump’s efforts to reduce taxes may result in increasing the deficit but long term, history does indicate it will reduce the deficit.

How,  you may ask?

When JFK reduced taxes on businesses and individuals two things occurred.

One fact is businesses expanded and thus hired more people resulting in more federal taxes.

Secondly, reducing individual taxes allowed people to keep more of the money they earned and spend it.  Business expanded and hired more people and all paid more in federal taxes.

The same thing occurred under the Reagan administration when it also reduced taxes.  In fact, federal revenues actually rose by 8%.

In both instances however, it took a couple of years to see the results of reducing taxes.

Reducing taxes on companies has a twofold affect because it allows them to reduce prices on their consumer products and also allows them to compete with cheaper products from overseas. Lower costs also allow them to do more exports.

A temporary increase in the deficit is well worth the future rewards Americans will see.

What it really boils down to is whether you can decide what to spend the money you have earned or turn it over to a government and let a bureaucrat decide what to do with your money.  It really is that simple.

Understand that there are those in Washington who disagree with all of this and prefer to have a monster government dole out your money as they see fit.

In general, they are the Democrats, many of whom are Socialist at heart and see themselves as all-wise intellectuals and truly concerned with the welfare of their subjects. In reality, they are simply ambitious politicians able to horn swoggle folks, especially the young. But note that Bernie Sanders has a $172,000 car and just bought a $600,000 beachfront vacation home.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would like to follow Socialist ideology and take control of companies in America, much like happened in collapsed Venezuela.

To them, taxes should be much higher to discourage economic growth and individual ambition to succeed in life.  They know what’s best for you.

Yeah, they sure know and we can also point to former President Obama who is paid $400,000 for one speaking engagement and now has a book deal for an outrageous $65 million.

One can only imagine what his book will be about but possibly about his success in helping the poor black American kids in our inner cities get a better education.

Or, “How I Got Rich as an American President.”

I know, I know, we have plenty of folks who believe everyone should work for the government, or believe all we have to do is print more money. We even have folks who think we ought to cease manufacturing entirely, live off the land and ride bicycles to work.

President Trump’s idea of reducing taxes, especially for companies, is well worth a try.  It worked twice before and it will work again.  It is certainly an idea based on solid economics, worth a try and with more money jingling in our pockets we can spend it the way we want which helps everyone.


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

Thoughts on the first 100 days

After stumbling, bumbling, and otherwise faking his way through the first 100 days of his administration, President Trump declared that being president was “harder than he expected.” Gee, that’s quite an admission from a man who thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The president appears to believe that signing executive orders trashing the environment, appointing fellow billionaires with little or no government experience to his cabinet, denigrating the media and anyone else who happens to disagree with him, and achieving the lowest approval ratings in recent history are signs that he’s on the right track.

Here’s a suggestion Mr. President … get over yourself and your colossal ego.  Stop playing “who’s the man” with a seriously demented Kim Jong Un and possibly get us into an armed conflict or even worse, a nuclear war with North Korea.  In case you’ve forgotten Mr. President, we lost thousands of American lives in the first Korean War.

Secondly, stop those childish tweets. You’re how old … 70?  If you must tweet, at least take some remedial grammar lessons.

Third, try acting presidential. It’s probably a stretch, but if you have a point to make, how about speaking from the heart rather than reading from a prepared script.  There’s nothing more off-putting than losing eye contact with your audience. I’m surprised your handlers haven’t coached you on this.

Fourth.  I understand you haven’t read any books about your predecessors, their experiences, successes and failures. It just might be a good idea.  You could probably learn something rather than conducting the affairs of the country “on instinct” which obviously hasn’t worked so far.

Finally, try a reality check.  You are indeed the president of the most incredible and powerful country in the world.  But at the same time you are just one man who must deal with the other branches of government, the media (fake and otherwise), and all the electorate, not just the minority who voted for you.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you might become the leader you so dearly want to be, not the one-term president you’re likely to become.


Kurt J. Volker — Otto, N.C.