Letters for September 7, 2017

Letters for September 7, 2017



Concert to benefit hurricane victims

Dear Friends of the Community,

As everyone knows, hurricane Harvey (and possibly Irma in the coming days) has created a desperate situation in many cities along the Gulf coast. Many wonderful people across the U.S. are responding to the aid effort and a generous friend of the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts has been inspired to do the same.

On Thursday, Sept. 14, at 7:30 p.m., television and radio comedian, Bill Engvall will be appearing at the theatre. A member of our community has agreed to match 100 percent of the ticket and concession sales to be sent in assistance to victims of this tragedy. We ask you to join us in support of this event knowing that your ticket purchase is also a donation for those in need. For more information, go to greatmountainmusic.com or call the theatre at (828)524-1598. Get a laugh, while sending some love.

Thank you,


Scotty Corbin – General Manager,

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts

What we have is a failure to grow up

Most of us have been following the Antifa movement and wonder what the heck is going on in the heads of our young people.

Understanding their motivation is difficult.  For example it turns out the riots they brought to Berkeley consisted mostly of drug gangs and not the students at the university.  Some of their riots claim to be anti-fascist but fascism is a long dead ideology and not part of our democracy.

Probably most worrisome is they seem quite capable of moving around the country and terrorizing college campuses which leads us to wonder who the heck is financing them.

Of note is they are against free speech and attempting to challenge them will get you beat up in a hurry.  Hey, but wasn’t eliminating free speech and book burning part of the Fascist movement in Nazi Germany at one time?   Antifa claim to be anti-fascist but use fascist tactics.

On analysis, one must conclude they are simply a childish hate group with no real sense of direction or order.

This isn’t new and we’ve seen this in the Anarchist movement who want no rules or regulation and want to return to the Wild West days and with no sheriff in town.

Or those who think it’s exciting to belong to a secret society such as the KKK.

Then we have the neo-Nazi movement and frankly, I would bet none of their members could describe what Nazism meant.

Along with these oddball movements we have the Socialist Left who somehow believes taking the wealth others have earned is going to provide equality for the non-productive.

It looks like what we have here is a failure to mature and a failure to come to grips with reality.

When most of us look for our excitement in sky-diving, mountain climbing, or just catching a big trout, there are those who find their excitement in belonging to some secret group with all the accoutrements common to a religious order.  It makes them feel better about themselves and is a boost to their self-esteem.  There is some evidence this is the same motivation that drives ISIS terrorists, after all, what could be more exciting than being shot at or setting off a bomb.

In the meantime, the ordinary working stiff will have to put up with screwball movements like Antifa and wait for them to grow up and mature into responsible adults.  Sadly, they will be replaced by yet other screwball movements which are common to a free society such as we have, or still have.


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

Time to find common ground between us

I am growing  increasingly  weary  of  hearing and reading the far right’s use of disparaging terms to describe those who possess liberal thinking.

What is wrong with a spirit of generosity and compassion toward those less fortunate than you or  of  different  cultures  i.e. “bleeding heart liberal?”  Is it better to be hard-hearted or have a  heart of stone?

What is wrong with considering the feelings and dignity of others  by  being  “politically correct?”  Would you insult and deride those different than you or deprive them  of their civil rights?

When did education and critical thinking become  a  bad  thing  as in the “cultural elite?”

Wouldn’t you rather have a president and lawmakers who are smarter than you?

I, for one, wear these labels proudly even though  this  divisive language  is  apparently  meant  to insult and demean. Like all name calling, use of this verbiage serves to objectify and dehumanize those at which is directed. Once you do that it is far easier to deprive them of respect and their basic human rights.  Isn’t it time to stop this bullying and try to see the common ground between us instead of the constant undermining of this process by hateful epithets?

Judy Stockinger — Franklin, N.C.