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Letters to the Editors

Otto volunteers truly appreciated 

The Otto Community Development has again surpassed itself in providing free food for the children. Over two thousand were distributed to children of Otto and the Franklin High School football team during the eight weeks of summer. It could not have been accomplished without the 50 wonderful volunteers generously giving of their time. Their love of children and recognition of the need for good nutrition was greatly appreciated. Along with distributing the meal, the volunteers provided the children with books generously donated by the Macon County Library.

We want the volunteers to know how much we truly appreciate them. Thank you so very much.

Velma Zeek and Ann McClure  — Program coordinators

Orange man matches doubts and fears 

People who are often left behind by their lack of knowledge or by an advancing global economy feel lost. They don’t care about the complex history of a changing world, they look for something simple to blame. They conclude it can’t be because they have not been able to keep up with a changing world, but that it has to be because someone took the world the way they knew it away from them.

In enters a salesman, a con artist who tells them who to blame: immigrants, politicians, and other countries. He tops off this blame with fear. Fear of terrorist and fear of crime. Many of them already had these thoughts of blame and fear, and this orange man comes along with a message that matches their thoughts and fears. They feel like losers and this loud offensive presidential candidate tells them he will help them win. They feel they need a savior, and he promises to fill that role. I don’t buy what he’s selling.

Don Twardowski — Franklin, N.C.

Love living in a small town 

I have said many times that I love living in a small town and yesterday, something happened that perfectly illustrates why I do.

For many, many years my family and I have processed and frozen enough peaches to enjoy in the winter. I always get my fruit at Tallent’s Produce, so have become good friends with Bruce and Steve. We have shared tears over deaths and laughs over many things.

Yesterday, I went by to get my peaches. Since I am almost 85 years old, I don’t pick up big baskets like I used to, so asked if they would hold them for me until the next day, when I would have family available. Without hesitation, Steve said, “I’ll give you fifteen minutes, and then will be right behind you!” Even though their stand was still open, he followed me home, put the peaches on the porch, and then returned to their business!  Where, but in a small town would that happen?

I decided to list just some of the ways that I, personally, benefit from the small-town atmosphere; the list is long.  I have always had the Asheville Citizen delivered to my home; the box was near the road, a fair walk for me. After I became less active, I came home one day and found that the carrier had moved the box closer; later he moved it even closer. We lease our farm to Nelson Thibault – who now brings the paper to my back door!

When my husband died, after 62 years of marriage, I closed my kitchen, and do very little cooking. My family and I eat out daily. We have several favorite places; when we miss a few times, the staff always greets me with, “Are you ok? We were worried about you!” I use a cane, which I am prone to forget and someone always brings it to me.  At the grocery store, the cashier came out from the counter to give a hug and  “I’ve missed you!”  When I got home, Nelson stopped what he was doing, and carried my groceries in.  Small town, for sure!

I decided to read just one issue of the newspaper to see what evidence of small town volunteerism I could find that benefit the whole community.  The list is really long:

1. Charity Car Show to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – many volunteers to make it happen.

2. Public Safety Day – kids can meet fire fighters, law enforcement and emergency personnel. A few of these folks are paid, but most are volunteers.

3. 4-H clubs all need volunteer leaders

4. “Back to school” really brings out the volunteers – we all know how important volunteers are to the school system.

5. Youth sports – there is no way to count the volunteers it takes to make these programs work.

6. Mountain Youth Talent contest

7. Shriners’ Horse Show benefits Shriners’ Children Hospitals

8. Zonta Club holds “Boots and Bling” to benefit REACH

9. Franklin Federated Woman’s Club

10. Almost every week, there is a notice of a benefit for someone who has had a fire or medical problem that is very expensive.

This is a very incomplete list and does not include the dozens of churches and all their contributing organizations. I really feel sorry for folks who don’t live in a small town.

Margaret Ramsey — Franklin, N.C.

Not voting in this election is a vote 

Within the next three months Americans will be heading to the polls to cast our votes for either Trump or Hillary, whether we like either of them or not.    One of them will become the next president of the United States.

Within the next four years there probably will be at least three appointments to the Supreme Court. So it behooves us to consider who is the best choice to make these decisions as well as the many others facing the next president. Here’s how I see it.

We already know Hillary’s track record. Her corruption is well documented; her betrayal of our armed forces was obvious in Bengazi; she has a problem telling the whole truth; her email fiasco put our country at great security risk. Her liberal views are extreme and she will continue down Obama’s chosen path to “fundamentally” change our country from the Republic our forefathers shed their blood for to something we will not recognize. She has already said that religious beliefs must go if they stand in her way. The right of conscience has no place in Hillary’s scheme of things. How many more of our freedoms do we want to surrender on the altar of big government? What she offers is a lot of “free” stuff in place of addressing real issues. But let us remember, as Gerald Ford once said: “A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have.”

On the other hand we have Trump, who, while not my choice in the Republican primary, at least shows some promise. Trump has flaws for sure and he can surely use a good dose of discretion in his speech. But to his credit, he is not beholden to anyone and he’s probably not in it for riches or power since he already has both. He is reaching out to every social strata, recognizing the needs of the middle class as well as the poor. He has worked hard, made good decisions, and been successful, showing his ability to set goals and reach them. He has always surrounded himself with the best minds and talents. He has a good understanding of why we need borders, and why we need to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists who presently have free access to our country. He wants to stand with our allies and resist our enemies instead of, for example, allowing the disgraceful flow of millions of American dollars into Iran, the number one supporter of terrorism. And, incidentally, I understand that most, if not all, inner cities in America facing poverty and increased violence, have been governed by Democrats for decades. That should tell us something.

The bottom line is that the next president has the opportunity to shape our nation for decades. Whoever get to choose the three or maybe even four judges for our Supreme Court will most definitely define what kind of nation we become. If we allow Hillary to do so, we will become a “fundamentally” changed country. We already see how Obama has appointed left leaning judges to the lower courts. Sadly we would lose a lot of our hard fought for freedoms, some of which we are already losing as we speak. Trump, on the other hand, has already chosen candidates and they are all conservatives, who believe in the rule of law and who will not legislate from the bench.

Some people are saying they will not vote because they don’t feel they can support either candidate. However, not voting in this election is voting; it is voting for Hillary and everything she stands for. Every vote Trump doesn’t get is one more vote in her pocket. So, who do you think is the safer bet for our country?

I urge Americans to pray fervently and unite to save this country. If it means voting for the lesser of two evils, then we must do it. We are not voting for the next canonized saint; we are voting for the next leader of our country. Do we want to surrender a government “by the people, for the people, of the people” for a powerful government that controls every aspect of our lives? Are we willing to trade freedom for “freebies”? It comes down to who can we better trust to preserve the one nation in the world whose foundation is based on being “endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It comes down to each of us.

Loretta Hastings — Franklin, N.C.

One world government not happening any time soon 

From recent statements made by Hillary Clinton she seems to believe that if you are patriotic and love your country, then you must be a racist bigot and xenophobic.

What a shameful thing for a presidential candidate to say.

This reminds me of President Obama’s apologies to the world for being a free Democracy.

As a veteran, I take serious offense at statements like this and being insulted for being an American.

We’ve made our mistakes, such as the Vietnam War when the Democrats, under LBJ, lied to us about the need to get involved in a war that France had lost a few years earlier.

We fought WW-1 and WW-2 to keep the world free from the Nazis and Imperial Japan. Rather than making Germany part of an empire, we gave the Germans money to rebuild their destroyed country. (Marshall Plan)

Unfortunately, there are those who write about how horrible Americans are and they are psychopaths writing their drivel.

They remind me of the Nazi spies and saboteurs who infiltrated our country prior to WW-2 and spread Nazi propaganda.

Truth be known, both Hillary and Obama are following a dream of a One World Government and discouraging Nationalism.  This is an “Alice in Wonderland” dream and while it may come to fruition someday, that day is probably 500 years hence.

Much of the Muslim world live in the past, following a religious/political system that cannot, by its own laws, accept Democracy.  We see this in the Amish who accept no modern conveniences and live in the past according to their interpretation of scriptures.  Hassidic Jews are much the same.  Getting these diverse religious groups to agree to live under one  central government is highly unlikely in the near future.

Modern Christianity, Reformed Jews and a few other religions are part of the modern world.

Is it unreasonable to make sure we are not allowing radical Muslims into our country to do us harm as Donald Trump has suggested? Is that Nationalism?

Is it unreasonable we close our border and stop allowing people to freely cross our borders with Mexico? I know of no other country in the world that would allow this and in some countries you may get shot dead.

No matter our welfare systems are being taxed to the limit to take care of recent immigrants and we are expected to pay for them.

Hillary suggests lowering the borders and allowing more to enter the country.  We all know her reason is to garner more votes and she doesn’t worry herself with potential terrorists or the flow of heroin into our country.

After all, she will have armed guards protecting her for the rest of her life so why worry?

Eventually, we may have a One World government but none of us living right now will see it.  It won’t be a pleasant world to live in because we will have overpopulated the planet and millions, if not billions, will be starving to death. There is also the problem of controlling the demands of human nature and will require a militant, totalitarian form of government to keep people under control.

Sorry Hillary, you’ve insulted us enough, I’m a patriotic Nationalist, believe in my country and proud of it.

Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

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