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‘The only thing we have to fear is: fear itself’

Why is fear such a fearful thing? It is because when we are afraid, we make irrational decisions. Fearful people are seeking security; protection from harsh realities. The Holy Scriptures say, “God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:6) The alternatives to fear are given here in this text.

First, to be free from fear, we must acknowledge the sovereignty and awesome protective power of the omnipotent God. The words of the Declaration of Independence are instructive of the mindset of the Founders of our great nation. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (there ought not to be a sovereign ruling class), that they are endowed by their Creator (not the government, or some despot) with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” These rights cannot be taken away by men, because they don’t come from men. The right to life does not include a guarantee of safety. Only God can do that, if He so chooses – He alone is sovereign. Liberty is a gift from God to be treasured above all. Men have no authority to strip it from us, as long as we live according to the “perfect law of liberty” (James 1:25) A prerequisite to liberty is personal responsibility. It is up to the individual to take care of one’s own health –  not up to the government to protect us from dying. The pursuit of Happiness includes many things, like being able to go to work, as long as you are well and able-bodied. It is not the government’s prerogative to tell healthy people they cannot open their businesses or go to work or church or…

The Signers of the Declaration were not afraid of dying. They risked their lives for us, by signing in defiance of the superior power of the British military. Never in the history of our country, did the government shut down the livelihood of the people, ostensibly to save lives, or for any other reason. Those who are afraid are free to stay at home.  They can suggest it, but it is not the place of government to force the people to stay home. This sets a terrible precedent. Will we now see, as some have already, the government deciding for us when it is safe to venture outside our doors, or face consequences when we fail to comply? This is not the country the Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to give us. Courageous people are not afraid of death. They are willing to die, if necessary, to protect the values that our Fathers held dear. Fifty thousand brave American patriots died in the War for Independence. That represented 1% of the total population – equivalent to 330,000 today.

Every year, more than 38,000 Americans die in auto accidents. Over 10,000 are alcohol related. Another 647,000 die from heart disease. And another 606,000 from cancer. About 80,000 die from diabetes. And each year, over 600,000 American babies are intentionally killed by abortionists. Millions die every year from all causes. Clearly, if we want to be safe from death, Covid casualties is not the place to start. By now, most of us know that many people are being counted as Covid deaths, when they really died from a pre-existing condition. But even taking those numbers, you have a 0.018% chance of dying of Covid in America; and much less than that if you are healthy.

A sound mind will look at these numbers, and put things in perspective. Does that mean we should not care about (love) those who are at risk for Covid? Not at all. Treat them, if they get sick, with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc. And take precautions to try to avoid infecting them. But one hundred times as many die from other causes every year. Many of these deaths could be delayed, not prevented, by making everyone stay home indefinitely. Is that what we want? If not, it is time to re-open America, and learn from this gigantic mistake.

Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.

Letter writers should join the ranks of spin doctors

After reading the latest opinion column in The Macon County News it’s obvious that some of the frequent writers to the newspaper, especially one really frequent writer, have master degrees in being a spin doctor.  These writers are avid supporters of the Republican Party and believe that everything good done in the last few hundred years was accomplished by that party and anything bad or evil was spawned by anyone else, namely the Democratic Party.

“Stupid is as stupid does” was the thrust of a recent letter and somehow I can’t think beyond the fact that these accusations are fronted by Fox News. The fact that this and other readers get most, if not all of their news, from this sham of a news source is disturbing.

That the ACLU is supposedly the entity that is forcing the end of lock down provisions required by governments of different states is the latest in fact distortion and downright lies.  Gee our idiot president and his administration are not chomping at the bit to force the whole country to open up because their constituents are losing money?  Right!! It’s always someone or somebody else’s fault other than our sorry excuse for a president and his administration and party.

That’s why these readers need to pack up their belongings and head to our nation’s capital and become of the the country’s many spin doctors because they would be in welcome company.

There is no shortage of idiots in all levels of our government regardless of their political affiliations and the losers, as always, are the ordinary citizens who take a regular beating from all sides.

Robert M. Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Clearing up misconceptions in Letters to the Editor

I just want to clear up two misconceptions that I read in the Letters to the Editor.

It was stated in several letters recently that Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “Democratic hoax.”  This is simply not true.  What is true is the analysis by Snopes which investigates the truth or fiction of statements:

“During a Feb. 28, 2020, campaign rally in South Carolina, President Donald Trump likened the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the new coronavirus outbreak to their efforts to impeach him, saying, “this is their new hoax.” Their conclusion was, “Trump did not call the coronavirus itself a hoax.”  This is fact!

Next, it was stated that from the first  day of his inauguration President Trump had made it clear that if you did not vote for him he is not your president. Again, misinformation.  Have you reread the President’s inaugural speech lately?

Here are a few quotes:

“Together we will determine the course of America for many, many years to come.

“Together we will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done.

“Today, January 20, 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.

“So to all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean – hear these words – you will never be ignored again.

“Today I take an oath of allegiance to all Americans. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.”

Doesn’t that sound like a man whose vision is for unity and to embrace all Americans?

Unfortunately, that vision was quickly interrupted by the media and the “Hate Trumpers” who from day one have made it clear that they reject President Trump and have  criticized everything he has done, ignored all the good he has accomplished and divided Americans by propagating hatred, misconceptions and outright lies.  Sadly, I agree with a commentator who  suggested that if President Trump fed every starving person in the world, they would probably complain he had fed them the wrong kind of calories.

Let’s strive to get to the truth and the facts and give credit where credit is due.

 Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C

What’s behind the mask ?

Each one of us it seems, along with our entire world,  are desperate to find our balance in our out of balance world and bring things back to a somewhat  normal setting. It’s hard to realize that just a couple months ago, all seemed fine and life for most was doing well, until that little known virus took a world by surprise. Then feeling and seeing discomfort and uncertainty when going to the local store and seeing many wearing masks and when looking into their eyes, seeing the uneasiness of how things could be if you catch such a disease. My feelings of deep sadness when I heard about the virus hitting so hard in Spain, that many loved ones had to say their final goodbyes with a window separating them from their dying loved one or saying a final goodbye only by text or phone. Then the mandate of cremation of those infected that never felt the love, touch, or warmth of those they left behind, and for those living, the painful thought of dealing with all this heartbreak and not able to get closure of missing one last touch or kiss, will forever haunt them.

There are many thoughts that surround our dealings with this virus. The scolding by many who say we move too fast then say we didn’t move fast enough. Or, our rights have been taken away and we want our freedom back, or we need to restrict our freedom and movement  more to reduce the spreading.  All this affects each of us differently, to the young and healthy the concerns are little, but only to get back to normal and getting our jobs back and running. Families disrupted without work, children schooling at home. The ones with deep concerns are those with poor health and the elderly. This virus brings out the concerns we all have that even a mask can not fully hide. Though it helps protect us from the virus on the outside, it doesn’t protect the fears and anguish from within. 

I’m not making light of what we all are facing, some make jokes of this, some fear this,  it’s hitting home to some more than others, it’s troubling and seems we re-adjust every couple days, and may have to do so for some time. Hoping for a good outcome is what we all seek and want. Hope seems to be a mainstay throughout life and we live for a hope that can be with us to the end, and again, beyond what this life offers. The virus is something we fear, but it’s death and separation we fear even more. It’s the final destiny of us all by whatever means we each find ourselves in. Hope for now,.. but there’s a hope beyond the here and now, a hope that walks you through all of life and mostly through eternity’s door. Knock, and it shall be open. Christ, the Hope for all mankind, for the now and forever. Hope is what we need. No matter what’s behind the mask.                                          

Re-thinking life,  

Deni Shepard –  nds13@frontier.com

America at the crossroads

The stakes for the upcoming elections have never been higher.

Make no mistake; if we take a sharp left turn to go down the road of Socialism that Democrats and their radical presidential candidates would take us, a dark cloud will descend upon our country.

You see, the Democrats want unfettered government control over every aspect of your life and to strip you of your Constitutional rights and freedoms. They want to turn America into a failed European welfare state that dicates wealth redistribution and makes your choices for you.

President Trump and Republicans want our country to stay on our current path: one of prosperity, freedom and opportunity for every citizen to achieve the American Dream.

While the extreme Left wasted America’s time with their partisan impeachment hoax, President Trump and Republicans have been working to create new jobs, raise wages, enact fair trade deals, secure our border and appoint judges who interpret the Consitution as written.

If we fail to maintain the White House and our U.S. Senate Majority and Nancy Pelosi remains in charge of the U.S. House, the Democrats will bring a wrecking ball to all of President Trump’s achievements and will do everything possible to enact their big government Socialist agenda of major tax increases on all Americans, massive spending, job-killing regulation, and a weakened military.

Democrats, wealthy Liberal Super PACs and progressive propaganda groups are pulling out all the stops to seize the White House and elect a Democrat-controlled Congress that will reverse the gains America has made under President Trump’s leadership.

Thanks to the president’s pro-growth, America First agenda, we are in the midst of the Great American Comeback and our country is stronger than ever before.

Robert Yates – Franklin, N.C.