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What is happening to the heart and soul of America?

Have you read the “Mueller Report?”  The Articles of Impeachment? The Steele Dossier? Any intelligence linking China to the coronavirus? If not, how do you form your opinions regarding Trump’s leadership? Reason or raw political emotion?

Do you know the basics of the scientific process? Do you believe America sent a man to the moon? Do you believe America basically preserved freedom during World War II? Do you rely on the achievements of science/technology in your everyday life? Do you trust Donald Trump despite his efforts to deny/distort scientific knowledge? Do you believe that Trump is the only person (as he claims) who can solve major problems for America?

What does it mean that Trump withheld American support to the World Health Organization? Do you know Trump has still not explained what happened in Helsinki? Do you know how many congratulatory calls he has (actually) received from world leaders? Can you trust someone who practices the level of secrecy that Trump does? Do you approve of his lying to the world?

Isn’t it about time to ask ourselves these questions: What has Trump done to the heart and soul of the Republican Party? What is he doing to the heart and soul of America?

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Thanks for serving and protecting

Thank you to our heroes at the Macon County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Franklin Police Dept. 

I, as well as all the staff at Grandview Manor Care Center, would like to say a big thank you to Sheriff Robert Holland and all his staff as well to the Franklin Police Dept.

We are so grateful to have dependable men and women we can count on. We sometimes take them for granted, but we are thankful they are here to serve and protect our county and communities while putting their own lives on the line.

Thanks again. You are our heroes. 


Sara Holbrooks

Supervisor at Grandview Manor

Liars believe their own lies

Unlike the time when WWII ended and the people of this nation joined hands and pulled together to get this nation underway again, it seems we have entered a period of fog and our visions are limited.

I really dislike calling Democrats sick but they seemingly are not at all like the Democrats of yesterday.  Yes, to be honest, they made up the Ku Klux Klan, fought to keep Jim Crow laws in force and keep black Americans from getting an education that would let them improve their lives.  In a real twist, the Democrats are calling the Republicans racists.  Ain’t that cute?  

Democrats have run out of nasty things to call President Trump, probably the best and finest president we’ve had in over 100 years.  

Another fact seems to be the Democrat Party has become the party of liars. You can observe yet another sick twist in this by noting they call anyone who questions them a liar.  

Liars come in all sizes and shapes. Some are liars because of wishful thinking and a lie becomes their reality and indeed, they believe their own lies.

Some lie simply because it fits their personality and they can spew hatred for others through their lies.  

Some liars are simply failures in life and spitting their hatred by lying is a way of life. It is one way of getting even with the successful people.  

Then we have a group of people who frequently write trash in our local papers and frankly, it’s difficult to figure out what their point is.  All they can come up with is hatred for our way of life and especially President Trump.  I suspect they are either Communists or Socialists angry because they didn’t get to transform our system of government to match that of Cuba and Venezuela.  One might see them as Chinese assets.

One thing has recently been uncovered is we had a whole team of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats working in powerful jobs who had been planning on getting rid of anyone who ran for president on a free market Republican platform. Pelosi, Comey, Schumer, Schiff, along with a dozen other criminal types were hard at work to bring about a Socialist central planning government. (Socialism mixed with Fascism)

As we have also seen, they would stoop to anything to get their way.

Just as a matter of interest, how did the FBI director James Comey become worth 14 million bucks? 

The Russian hoax garbage revealed the dirtiest side of the current crop of Democrats and one must consider what sort of corrupt government would America have had if they were able to overthrow our Republic?

Frankly, I don’t think there is a Washington Democrat alive smart enough to run this country and certainly none smart enough to tell me and my kids how to run our lives.  God help President Trump keep us free.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

A bigger picture of liberty

Why do we sit down when all should be standing?

And why do we back down at the critical moment?

When it’s time to stand upright, then why do we falter?

Like placing our freedom on the sacrificial altar.

We hold tight to our fears and defend our oppressors 

As we fight for their lies and become the transgressors

When is the right time to stand up for freedom?

Could it be when you start to fear for your children

Who’ll inherit the pain and the debt of this nation 

And be slaves to the banks who cause hyperinflation

Who are masters of commerce, lies, and bad legislation.

If you looked in the eyes of a thousand young children

Through fences of razors, their innocence stolen

As the red flag of tyranny flies in the open

Is that when you’ll finally notice?

I’m only a stranger who’s looking to find better nature in my fellow man

But they keep telling me it’s a sin to be free and that’s more than I’m willing to stand

Where will you be when the order is given?

To censor your mind as free speech is forbidden

As martyrs for peace from the world will be driven

Away by the sound of a bellowing thunder

And choke on the blood of a dream going under

As arrogant men tear up our Constitution

And from every direction we cry revolution

Standing together and without permission

Soldiers for truth in the War of Attrition

The love of our country as our ammunition

I’m only a stranger here and I’m a long, long way from my home

But I’m going to change the things I find strange

For I know that I’m not alone

Yes, I know, I’m not alone.

 Jordan Page – Franklin, N.C.

Honoring two great American patriots

I believe Helen Frances Andrews Flynn is looking down from above with joy and satisfaction, as the Justice Department dropped charges against her son, Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn, 33-year veteran, U.S. Army. General Flynn has been through hell for the past three-and-a-half years. He has had to defend himself, racking up millions in legal fees. He has had to sell his house to cover fees. He was pressured to plead guilty to a process “crime” as he was set up under false pretenses, and without an attorney present. The ruthless and corrupt Mueller team threatened him with going after his son if he refused to plead guilty. He and his wonderful new attorney, Ms. Sidney Powell should immediately sue all those involved in framing him, for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for defaming his good name, and putting him under such extreme duress. I believe he knew too much, and the Deep State couldn’t risk allowing him to serve as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Since the documents were released last week, much attention has been focused on a handwritten note by FBI counterintelligence head Bill Priestap in advance of the January 2017 interview with Flynn that would result in the retired lieutenant general being charged with lying to federal agents: “What is our goal?” Priestap asked, “Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

Seeing the corrupt basis for the interview and subsequent charges against Flynn, everything else done to Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and others persecuted during the $30 million three-year witch hunt led by Mueller should be called into question.

It is time to punish those who used the strong arm of the intelligence agencies of the U.S. government, in collusion with foreign powers, notably the United Kingdom, to try to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. These actions are treasonous, and call for long prison sentences (at least).

Another mother who should be honored is the Dallas salon owner, Shelly Luther, who like her namesake, Martin Luther, defied the powers that be, and stood on principle. Shelley Luther was booked in the Dallas County jail on Tuesday following a video hearing during which she refused to apologize for repeatedly flouting the order, leading the judge to find her in contempt of court and sentence her to a week behind bars. “I couldn’t feed my family, and my stylists couldn’t feed their families,” Luther testified Tuesday, saying she had applied for a federal loan but didn’t receive it until Sunday. Dallas County Judge Eric Moye said during the hearing that he would consider levying a fine instead of jail time if Luther would apologize and not reopen until she was allowed to do so, but Luther refused. “Feeding my kids is not selfish,” she told Moye. “If you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon.” Moye wrote in his judgment of contempt: “The defiance of the court’s order was open, flagrant and intentional.” He noted that despite being given the opportunity to apologize, Luther “expressed no contrition, remorse or regret” for her actions.

Good for her! It took a lot of courage to stand up to that judge’s attempt to trample on Shelley’s constitutional rights.

Senator Ted Cruz showed his support for Salon a la Mode by getting his hair cut there Friday. “We’re thrilled to be with you and know the whole State of Texas is standing with you, so thank you for your courage,” Cruz told Luther.

Calling Luther an “American Hero,” her supporters set up a GoFundMe page, which has received more than $500,000 in only a few days. After spending about two days in prison, the Texas Supreme Court ordered her release immediately on Friday. Luther said “I have a lot of attorney’s fees, and some mortgage to catch up on, but we have decided to spread some of that gift today in South Dallas. I’ve also reached out to the two ladies in Laredo, and I would like to pay for their attorney’s fees and any citations they were given… and maybe give them a little bit of head start money.”

I hope Shelley Luther and her staff had a wonderful Mother’s Day. They deserve it for standing up for us all. We need more Americans with her kind of courage. No judge has the authority to violate any American citizen’s constitutional rights. It takes guts, but if we don’t stand up and claim our rights, they will be gone. And may God give us more people like General Michael Flynn. Maybe we will see a return of the rule of law, and of justice for all in our country.

Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.

Urgency is in the eye of the beholder

It’s almost impossible to think or talk about anything other than the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries throughout the world are deadlocked in a war with this lethal adversary and engagement with most issues other than the Coronavirus have been sidelined. But as we combat the Coronavirus emergency, is it possible that what we’re learning now could help raise consciousness about another virulent crisis  – one that has been insidiously, yet inexorably looming in the background of our lives?

Both the Coronavirus and climate change are conceivably catastrophic for humanity. They’ve evolved  however, at different rates and over different timeframes. In just a few short months, Covid-19 has disrupted almost every aspect of societies around the world. For many of us, thoughts about Covid-19 are accompanied by an unrelenting subconscious existential anxiety. Thoughts about climate change may be less intense but the climate crisis remains  relentlessly sinister in its slow destruction of our environment and life on earth. We’re simply not as conscious of the impact of climate change on a daily basis because we don’t experience it as an existential threat every day in the way we are being forced to as we live through the Covid-19 crisis.

Climate change affects every aspect of our lives – our health and welfare, agricultural security, and our geopolitical and economic stability. These devastating effects, difficult to both quantify and to feel from day-to-day  are corrosive, nonetheless. The impact of Coronavirus is immediate in a more palpable way. There’s an “urgency component” to the Coronavirus that the climate crisis lacks. Those who test positive for Covid-19 next week were actually infected today…. yesterday or the day before. That delay  obscures the problem as  cases continue to grow exponentially. As with the climate crisis, the less we do early enough to defeat this virus, the more overwhelming it will be in the future.

Most of us recognize the importance of addressing both Covid-19 and climate change, but the motivation for dealing with each is quite different. If you maintain social distancing, you help to disrupt the chain of transmission, offering some measure of protection to others, but you also protect yourself from infection—a compelling incentive. If you limit your greenhouse gas emissions, you have an impact on climate change, but the personal benefit from that reduction is negligible, providing you with minimal incentive to reduce emissions. If those who initially considered Covid-19 as comparable to the flu are now acting with urgency to limit the spread of Covid-19, perhaps climate change deniers can evolve to accept the reality of the climate crisis. Perhaps enough people will come to understand the gravity of these two problems before they’re disastrous and irreversible.  If Congress were to support a Carbon Fee and Dividend, such as HR 763, this could be the game-changing first step to mitigating the worst effects of climate change. Today should be your day to feel a sense of urgency about the climate crisis, before it’s too late.

Melissa Schreiber – Topton, NC

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

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