Letters to the Editor


Visitor appreciative of compassionate care at HCH

I spent a happy weekend over the 4th of July chasing waterfalls and hiking in the mountains in the Highlands area. No one ever wants to find themselves visiting a hospital when enjoying a holiday, but unfortunately, I did.

Even though it was a holiday weekend, attentive medical staff at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital were quick to help when I walked through the Emergency Department doors. I was so grateful for the doctors’ and nurses’ professionalism and kindness, and the compassionate care they provided.

Rural areas like Macon and Jackson counties are fortunate to have a quality hospital like Highlands-Cashiers available to them. Nature-lovers traveling through the area, like me, and the many residents living out there can take advantage of the hospital’s superior care.

I am so grateful for this rural hospital and its staff. They were there when I needed them the most, and I can’t wait to get back to the area to visit all the places I didn’t have time for the first time!  


Laurie Moody – Morganton, N.C.

Moral high ground may turn out to be quicksand

There seems to be a one way argument against the vaccine hesitant. It goes on a spectrum ranging from “you are putting me at risk for getting sick” to “you are a murderer.” People arguing thus believe that others are putting their lives and health in danger for trivial reasons like a stubborn insistence on freedom to do as they please. They believe, therefore, that they are on moral high ground that allows them to pass judgment on and disregard those who think differently. 

In fact, the vaccine hesitant may have come to the conclusion that they may be more harmed by the vaccine than taking their chances with Covid. They may think that you are considering your life more valuable than theirs. It is a fact that a number of serious side effects and some fatalities have been associated with the vaccine so the fear is not entirely unwarranted. I’ve had the vaccine and suffered no ill effect that I know of but guitarist Eric Clapton had a severe neurological reaction to it and for a while despaired of being able to play the guitar again. That has made him a staunch opponent of vaccine mandates. 

But they’re wrong, you say. They may be but their concern for their health certainly is to be respected as much as your concern for your health. The blame for so much opposition, I believe, can be laid at the feet of our public health officials who have blown hot and cold about so many things related to this virus that they have destroyed their credibility and people don’t readily accept the message du jour. There has been a political stench about the whole subject from the start.

   We should extend some grace to those who do not get the vaccine on our schedule. There are certain classes of people who should not be forced into it such as pregnant women, children, and those who have been previously infected. It is clear now that natural immunity is superior to that of the vaccine. There is evidence to believe that natural immunity provides more protection against variants while those who are vaccinated may inadvertently allow breakthrough infections with variants and provide means of their spread. If that is the case, who is harming whom? There is a lot that still needs to be sorted out and we need to bear with our fellow citizens in this matter. When all is said and done, I believe the moral high ground some are taking will be seen to be more like quicksand.  


David Parker – Franklin, N.C.

Masks, lockdown didn’t work so let’s do it again?

Here we are, 18 months or so after the Covid-era started, which was 20 years or 155 years after the end of deocracy in these “united” States.  

The masks didn’t work, actually caused and are causing harm, so, of course, let us mandate masks again. Especially for kids, since they don’t get the virus and don’t give it. But, since the Board of Education (BOE) says so, it’s ok. (Perhaps it should be Board of No Education, BONE, so the board members could be called boneheads).  

Same with the vaccines, actually experimental drug therapy with us as guinea pigs. Let’s do the kids, too, the jabs are safe, Lord Falsy says so. How about a booster shot (every three months, ok?), more goodies into your bloodstream. BTW, what’s in the stuff?

Lockdowns didn’t work, suicides, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, loss of friendships way way up, so let’s do it again, every year. Social distancing, make up a number.

Now it’s the “vaccinated” versus the “unvaxed,” good versus evil. There is more evidence very day that the vaxed are spreading more virus, are getting sicker (and dying) than the deplorable unvaxed. Answer: Forced “vaccinations.”

In summary, more masking, lockdowns, jabs, vaccine passports and ID, small businesses shutting, the State forfeiting all your great grandchildren’s futures, loss of family and friends, no end in sight.

The Plan continues to work. Here’s to the Plan Makers, our buddies. (Aren’t they?)

Eric A. Blair – Franklin, N.C.

Educated choices require free exchange of ideas

These are trying times. Where are Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry when we desperately need them? Thomas Paine said in “The Crisis,” “These are the times that try men’s souls. … Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” 

Our nation faces a crisis on many fronts. One that underlies others is loss of our First Amendment right of freedom of speech. Educated choices require knowledge and a free exchange of information, facts and data, without censorship.  

We also face a health crisis of huge magnitude, made more extreme and divisive by the loss of freedom of speech surrounding it. COVID-19 and the lies, censorship, and fear of it perpretrated by the mainstream media and big tech have done enormous damage to the emotional health of our country in addition to the illness, deaths, and economic destruction which have occurred. 

A short 8-min. video with statements by the inventor of the PCR test, a developer of the mRNA technology, doctors, and others summarizes some of the critical issues: “Powerful. The Narrative Is Crumbling. Resist COVID-1984″ (8 min)


Do you know:

1) Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test and recipient of the Nobel Prize for his work, has said the PCR test is not intended to diagnose illness. He has said “PCR is not a reliable test.” [It] can’t tell you if you’re sick.” He also said that if you amplify it enough “you can find just about anything in anybody.” He also explains why Dr. Anthony Fauci is not to be trusted. See CV Test Inventor Kary Banks Mullis Explains Why Dr. Fauci Isn’t to be Trusted  (7 min)


2) Masks do more harm than good in that our oxygen levels go down,  carbon dioxide goes up, we are breathing in toxins that our bodies are meant to expel, and the microscopic size of COVID-19 passes through most masks.  The research and data on this are overwhelming. 


See Tucker Carlson “You Don’t Need a Mask if You’re a Rich Democrat” ($30,000 a plate fundraising dinner in CA)


3) Dr. Robert Malone, one of the originators of the mRNA technology has spoken out against it’s use in vaccines. He has done numerous videos. See Dr. Robert Malone Sounds Alarm on Liability of Pfizer Vax (11 min) 


4) What happened to the regular flu in the winter of 2020-21? Almost no deaths were attributed to flu. There are numerous reports of doctors coerced to count any deaths as COVID-19 and of hospitals receiving exorbitant amounts of money for “COVID-19” deaths. There’s a saying “follow the money.”

5) The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is way behind has reported 595,622 adverse events and 6,018 reported deaths as of 8-13-21 following vaccines for COVID-19. Whether all of these events or deaths can completely be attributed to the vaccines or not, shouldn’t vaccines be stopped pending investigation?

Horror is setting in for doctors who got maimed by the vaccine on their own Medscape website: 950-plus sick and dying doctors! Blockbuster: Over 950-plus comments by doctors maimed by the jab on doctor’s only web site hosted by WebMD.Yes, the doctors know. Only now is the horror setting in. 


6) Have you ever questioned what’s in these mRNA vaccines which make your body manufacture spike proteins? This is technology that has never been used before and in some of the animal trials with mRNA technology, all the animals died. Spanish researchers found graphene oxide in all types of COVID-19 vaccines tested. What’s graphene oxide?

Nutrition Protocol Deactivate & Neutralize Graphene Oxide: https://katrinah.com/nutrition-protocol-to-neutralize-graphene-oxide/


7) There are ways that those who have been injected with mRNA vaccines can protect themselves from some of the adverse reactions, from the continuing multiplication of the spike proteins and the damage to blood vessels, etc. Have you heard about that? Likewise those unvaccinated can protect themselves from the spike proteins being shed by the vaccinated. 

Dr. Gabriele Stahler Countermeasures if You Have Taken the Jab (D3, etc.) German health professional     

Dr. Gabriele Stahler interview by Bill Ryan where she goes into the benefits of it [D3] in general (particularly immune system) but also of taking more than the daily recommended dose. (Not suggesting you go overboard, look at the figures she herself takes and why … )

8) Experimental mRNA vaccines are a violation of the Nuremburg Code. Those vaccinated become part of a huge medical experiment without informed consent. It is not possible for a vaccine mandate to be legal or constitutional. 

People have been dying needlessly. Why has the media lied and covered up truth? Why has there been no talk about building one’s immune system to avoid illness? I could share much more. Patrick Henry in 1775 in a famous speech said “Give me liberty or give me death.” If we continue to have free speech squelched, the America we’ve known will die. If people have lifelong damaging health effects from experimental “vaccines,” their right to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” has been taken from them without consent. Knowledge is power. Please do your own research, and most importantly ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment and do not fear.


Panthea Crawford – Franklin, N.C.

Destructive ideologies keep cropping up

“Greater good” is not always so great nor so good.

It is amazing that certain ideologies long proven to be destructive keep cropping up like mushrooms.

The term “Greater Good” has long been the battle cry of those who would destroy freedom and liberty.

In the book “The Tyranny of Good Intentions,” by Paul Craig Roberts, the author, explains how it was used for evil and control. He explains how politicians and governments use it to convince voters to agree with them. People are told that voting for a certain person or bill will be what is best for everyone. They are led to believe that if they do not act in a certain way then society will decline.

The greatest example of such tyranny is under the fascist Nazi regime. Hitler and the Nazis convinced the German people that they would be better off under their rule. It was for the greater good of the German people to take control of certain lands and people. Hitler even went as far as to say that he was helping the Jews by moving them from Germany into a new country where they had no influence.

Nazi leaders in Germany and Italy also used this phrase for their actions against their enemies. They said that things would be done for “the Greater Good.” This was a manipulative phrase that showed they did not care about any individual’s personal belief or freedom.

George Orwell, in his book “1984,” elaborated on this concept. In “1984,” the government has so much global control that everyone must do what they are told or they will end up in the “dungeon” or “Room 101.”

The “greater good” fallacy is preposterous in its usage as it assumes the individual is doing something or making a choice out of selfishness. This assumption has been shown to be false as well as has the claim that this line of thinking makes people more selfless in their actions. Instead, it actually does the opposite. It encourages people to act from a place of selfishness because they are told that is what they should do, regardless of the consequences and will be rewarded for it.

Those who espouse the “greater good” are also Fellow Travelers advocating for the classic Marxist/Communist philosophy which is destructive to the basis on which America was founded.

Someone can mindlessly read the Constitution (which one, by the way?) from beginning to end as many times as they wish but that will do little to help them to educate themselves or others on the broader underlying foundation of this country unless they also take time to fully educate themselves before bleating out time worn meaningless Communist Party line phrases.

The document titled “The Articles of Confederation,” March 1,1781, the first Constitution of this country’s government, is a good place to start understanding what the Founding Fathers contemplated and debated.

Follow that with “The Declaration of Independence.” 

If one wants to know and fully grasp the foundational premises and arguments of the efforts applied to the founding of this country, it is probably a good idea to fully read and understand The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers which are the written recordings of the what was actually debated during the creation of our Founding Documents.

It is also important to grasp that the generally accepted current Constitution of March 4, 1789, replaced “The Articles of Confederation” was written as a contract between the newly formed government and the People. It was put into place as a fence supposedly to constrain government power within only those delegated by the people through that contract.

“The Bill of Rights” was put into place to restate and clarify the Rights afforded to the People by God and Nature’s Law and secured by the contract.

People who advocate that it is okay to erode those Freedoms for “the greater good” are clearly announcing their open disdain for all those who fought and died to preserve the basis on which this country was founded and for those who want to live in a free country.

It would be well for people who lean “ personally heavily toward serving the greater good” to be encouraged to further educate themselves before they attempt to pontificate.

If they are not happy living in our country, pack a bag and move to Cuba, Viet Nam, Russia, China, or any of  the other nations where their population lives and labors only for the good of the State under the tenets of “for the greater good.”

As so well stated by Brand Whitlock, “When you define liberty you limit it, and when you limit it you destroy it.”

Paul Sanders – Franklin, N.C.