Letters to the Editor


Will we see the ‘hand of God’ in upcoming elections?

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018, I watched Donald Trump speak as guest “evangelist” at a religious/political rally in Southaven, Miss. Trump is, as you may already know, America’s lead evangelist, appointed by Preacher Franklin Graham. Trump spoke in support of Republican Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. He wants to keep Hyde-Smith in his congregation in his Washington, D.C.-based Congressional Church of Trump Truth. Congregants came to Trump’s “salvation show” without their erstwhile trusted King James Bibles. Apparently they choose to ignore Proverbs 6: “These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” How many U.S. senators and congressmen were on that stage in spirit with Trump as he mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a sexual assault victim who testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee regarding her traumatic experience while yet a teenager. Her alleged assailant? None other than Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was nominated by Donald Trump to become a member of the United States Supreme Court. How many congregants have cast aside their King James Bibles in order to follow the teachings of Trump? How many will go home, reread Proverbs 6 and compare those words to Trump’s calloused, mocking words about Ford? Does it still matter to people in Southaven how we treat the down-trodden in America? Is it still Christ-like to honor our fathers and mothers (Ford is a mother) in America? Is mocking Ford a modern way to honor her motherhood? Did Preacher Franklin Graham really see the “hand of God” in the inauguration of Donald Trump? Legendary country/pop singer Glen Campbell sang, “There ought to be a Hall of Fame for mammas, Creation’s most unique and precious pearl. Heaven help us always to remember that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Will we see the “hand of God” in the upcoming mid-term elections? Or will we see the hand that rocks the cradle? Or both?

Dave Waldrop – Franklin, N.C.

We are more alike than we are different

There have been many times in the history of America when its citizens have been divided on how they think the country should be run by the government, but in my lifetime I can’t remember a time as divisive as now.  In my attempt to understand how we got here, I have read many books from the left and right, watched conservative and liberal news shows, searched the Internet for answers, and talked to people who are educated on the subject.  And I’m still confused. Why are people so angry? Fearful? Paranoid? Why is there so much hate?  Where is this coming from? I am confronted every day by people who are ignorant about a subject they know very little about.  They share their misinformation with anyone who will listen and sometimes they even write letters to the editor. They are influenced by what they see on Facebook, the radio station they listen to, and the cable news they are watching.  They don’t take the time to fact check or dig deep into researching a subject or even read, because if they did they wouldn’t be spreading incorrect information.  They believe what they are told and they run with it.  I am speaking about both liberals and conservatives alike. This is not a left or right problem. Through all of this confusion, battle lines have been drawn. Those “evil” liberals and Socialist Dems are the scourge of the earth.  We hate them. The Republicans are “evil” conservatives and the obstructionist GOP is the scourge of the earth.  We hate them. Yet that lovely lady who always wears colorful hats to church on Sunday, the lady who gives you chocolate chip cookies with nuts at Christmas is…shhhhh…one of them.  And then there’s that nice family who lives next door: four children, two dogs, one cat, and a hamster named “Elvis.” Remember when they brought food over when your refrigerator kicked the bucket and watched your Yorkie when you went on vacation? But wait? They are….shhhh…one of them: the evil ones. What we all need to remember is that we—you, me, that nice lady with the big colorful hat and the family with a hamster named “Elvis”—are more alike than we are different. There are forces—some we can identify, some we can’t—that are trying to divide us.  It is so obvious that we are being manipulated. But by whom? And why? Focus on that for a while and stop hating your neighbor because they believe differently than you. There is no evil here; only differences of opinion.

Carol Mayer – Franklin, N.C.

Veterans seeking information on vandalism

Sometime within the past two weeks some low life individual has taken it upon himself to desecrate the head stone of former POW and Vietnam veteran Nat Henry. Nat is buried, with honors, in the Burningtown Baptist Church Cemetery. Hundreds of veterans from Macon County, and across the nation, attended his funeral. No other graves were desecrated so this leads us to believe this was a crime, not only of disrespect, but of outright hatred. The members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #994, VFW Post #7339 and American Legion Post #108 are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who committed this heinous crime. Whoever you are may God have mercy on your soul…because we won’t.

Billy Jones, President VVA Chapter #994 Pat McConnell, Commander VFW Post #7339 Ron Norton, Commander American Legion Post #108

What you decide will affect the future of our nation

I want to urge all my fellow citizens to carefully, prayerfully and thoughtfully consider who you are voting for in this election and to vote as well.  We know every election is pivitol, but this one is particularly so because it will determine whether we continue on the upward swing in our economy and in the area of our freedoms or give our government over to left wing extremists who want to reverse everything we have accomplished in the last two years.   If you think this sounds naive, take a good look at what has become of the Democratic party.  It is most certainly not the party of yesteryear. It has been influenced and infiltrated by extremists who want to destroy our democracy and replace it with a socialist state.  If you think getting everything for free is a great idea, research what has happened in other countries where it has been tried.  That is not what America is about.  We are a free, sovereign nation with “inalienable rights” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We are a nation that believes in hard work to accomplish goals and improve lives.  We are a nation that respects faith and conscience. We believe in equal opportunity and although we are still in the process of perfecting its implementation,we are on the way.  We once were a united nation, but now, sadly we are confused and deeply divided. I get frustrated by the constant insinuation that President Trump it at the heart of this problem.  He is accused of spreading hate, bigotry and division. I disagree heartily.  In his inaugural address, he said he wanted to be  everyone’s President. He has diligently striven to fulfill his promises.  But sadly, the Hate Trumpers have done everything possible to destroy him.  They are the ones responsible.  He has had to defend himself from day one. But  “By their fruits you will know them.”  And they have shown their true colors for two years, using every possible weapon of hatred and violence, and twisting and turning everything he has tried to do.  From violent and hateful demonstrations, to paying women to accuse men of affairs, from overtaking the mainstream media with false information, or no information when it suits them, to  all manner of false accusations, to fear tactics, there is nothing that is beneath them to accomplish their goals.  When Congressmen and women can be attacked because of their views, when they can be stalked  and their families threatened with harm in order to intimidate them, then we know these people are thugs.  Do you want a country run by them? They represent the Democratic party and I am not aware of that party distancing itself from them. They  have only their own selfish goals in mind, not your good or this nation’s good in mind.   I understand that President Trump is not a polished politician but not being a politician was one reason he was elected. He talks more than he should perhaps, in retaliation to false allegations.  But he loves this country and he is doing everything he can to make us safer, to safeguard our freedoms, to make us more economically free and prosperous, and more respected by other nations.  He is far from perfect but he is, by a long shot,  better than anything the liberals can offer us, and he is accomplishing what President Obama did not, namely, a healthly economy, fairer trade deals, an end to Isis and their brutality, a safer border, to name a few.  Yes, there is a lot more to be done but because of the constant attacks on him, he has been prevented from fully being able to function as President.  When he was elected, some of his votes were votes against Hillary and her agenda.  If you don’t like him, perhaps your vote for the Republican party can be one against the hateful extremists.   We are a broken nation.  We have strayed so far from what is true and noble and just.  We have ousted God and replaced Him with ourselves and our selfish lusts and ambitions.  Is it any wonder that we are falling apart?  I urge you to consider carefully your choices in this election. I beg Democrats to take a good look at what your party has embraced and be fair minded. I urge conservatives, Independents and Republicans to vote! This  mid- term election is on Nov. 6. You can vote by  absentee ballot, vote early or go to the polls on Election Day.  Pray if you are a praying person.  Research  the truth rather than taking the media’s word for it.  Remember what you decide will affect not only your life, but the lives of your children and grandchildren and the future of our nation.   Finally my fellow Christians, remember 2 Chronicles 7:14: The Bible tells us that “If My people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, and  seek my face, and  turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” It’s time for some serious “knee” activity.

May God have mercy on America!

Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.

Life under socialism would be harder

I had a conversation with a cousin once, part of which went something like this. COUSIN: “I have always been conservative.” ME: “Not me.  I used to be a screaming, wild-eyed liberal.” COUSIN: “I didn’t have a college education to over come, like you.” A letter by Marshall Solomon in the 04 Oct. 2018 edition of Macon County News, contains a lot of truth, but a very mistaken interpretation.  Which goes to show that though ignorance may be confidence, knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom or how to think was taught in our schools before they became government schools.  It was called Logic.  Logic has been removed and replaced with Critical Thinking, when it is replaced with anything at all.  Critical Thinking is a dumbed-down “how to think.”  And history was taught in those old schools.  Not survey history as in the government schools, but history by some of the world’s greatest minds. The kind of history that teaches basics which can serve as a firm foundation on which to base later thinking about other issues. Other issues such as socialism. M. Soloman tells us that socialism arose in reaction to exploitation by the capitalist mode of production.  True, almost.  The capitalist mode of production was not doing the exploitating.  Human beings were doing that.  Greedy human beings – Greed: the desire for something that is already owned by someone else.  Modes of production don’t think and don’t act.  It is human beings who do those things.  Don’t blame institutions for the doings of humans, but do examine institutions for their relative usefulness to greedy people. There are certain characteristics of capitalism that facilitate greedy individuals in their exploitation. Socialism possesses more such characteristics. Socialism would better facilitate the greedy individuals who obtained power, than does capitalism.  For the rest of us, life under socialism would be harder than life under capitalism. A look at history shows that very clearly.  There have been and are today socialist governments in the world.  Life under socialism was not better for the millions who were murdered in Russia, China, Cambodia, and other socialist countries. Nor was life better for those who remained alive to be exploited by the holders of socialist power, and that was everybody except those holders of power. The socialists governments wiped knowledge of history out of their countries, just as socialists are wiping monuments and memorials from America today.  But in every country from which socialism was expelled, history books have returned, and history books have never been wiped out of U.S.A., so the ignorance of socialism, exhibited by the literate left-wingers of Macon County, almost seems to be by choice. M. Soloman says “Socialists advocate for the immediate end of capitalism.”  Immediately ending any human institution so deep seated as capitalism, can only be done through catastrophic violence.  History books demonstrate that, for those who would educate themselves.  M. Solomon does not wish us good, and if I see him beating a path to my door, I will run for my life.  “Socialists do not want to reform capitalism.”  Precisely.  They want it gone so that they can take its place.  They want to be at the top of a system that offers even more potential than capitalism, for the satisfaction of their greed.  M. Solomon wishes himself good. And good grief, of course if I go to the World Socialist website, I am going to find information favorable to socialism.  If I go to the Church of Satan website, I am going to find information favorable to the devil.  For some honesty, I am going to the Abbeville Institute website and type into the search box, “A Southern Political Economy vs. American State Capitalism.” It seems that the much-schooled, little-educated literate left-wingers of this country need knowledge about socialism, or maybe a basic education in how to think about the knowledge that they do have.  Or maybe they just, every one of them, expect to be the one holding  power in their socialist utopia.

George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

Duke Energy’s “smart meter” subterfuge

I just received a postcard from Duke Energy notifying me that they would be installing a “smart meter” for my home “in the next few weeks.” I don’t want a “smart meter” installed. Several people in Asheville tried to prevent Duke from installing “smart meters” on their homes and Duke unceremoniously cut off their electricity. Duke demands you have a “smart meter” or no electricity. Do we live in a police state? These thugs will come unannounced, trespass onto my property, cut off my power, and install their “smart meter.” The postcard claims “Smart meters allow you to do more.” Don’t believe Duke’s propaganda. “Smart meters” will allow Duke to have more control over every aspect of your power usage, and more easily increase what you pay them. The postcard touts the “ability to see your detailed usage data daily.” Duke may care about sucking up your private daily usage information, but do you? The usage information will likely allow Duke to soon institute time-of-day rates. It will cost users significantly more for electricity during periods like late afternoon, when there is maximum demand on Duke’s grid. Duke wants to force your usage to meet its convenience. If you want to use power-sucking appliances like stoves, ovens, clothes driers, etc. in the late afternoon, you will pay more for that electricity. If you wait until the middle of the night your electricity will cost less. Do you want to use electricity when it is convenient for you, or for Duke? The Duke postcard states “…start/stop service can happen remotely.” This is the tip of the iceberg. This could permit Duke to cut your service if Duke’s generators are not able to supply adequate power to prevent “brown outs” caused by high demand. Think about the future when the wind and solar facilities cannot generate due to lack of wind or sunshine. Duke can flip a switch and cut off your electricity so they can provide it to somebody else on their grid. Duke “generously” offers an opt-out option which will cost $150 up front, then $11.75 every month. They claim it will cost them that much to use a meter reader. Very strange since I already have a meter that is read by somebody cruising by in a pickup truck with a digital reader. On June 22, 2018, the NC Utility Commission (NCUC) forced Duke to offer a free opt-out option. The difficulty is you must provide Duke a notarized letter from a N.C. doctor stating “you must avoid exposure to RF emissions to the extent possible to protect your health.” I think we could all qualify, but does your doctor have a notary on-staff? The NCUC should have made it much easier to opt-out by letting your doctor write out the statement on a prescription form, or simply force Duke to allow any customer to opt-out for any reason. What do we expect from a monopoly supposedly overseen by political appointees at the NCUC?

Vic Drummond – Franklin, N.C.