Letters to the Editor for December 5, 2019


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Thanks to business partnerships for memorial upkeep

When we moved here in Macon County, we found a place for our Memorial. As a veteran, I am impressed with the finest veterans memorial I’ve ever seen.

Here in Franklin with the great help from many businesses, VFW, American Legion, and of course, veterans.

To maintain the memorial, the veterans groups have taken on the task in partnership with the many wonderful businesses in our community. We vets say thank you!

Countryside Chevrolet

Franklin Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Ram

Beale Construction

Carolina Mini Mart

Wayah Insurance

National Communications

Holland Car Wash

Becky Ramey, Remax Realty

Ms. Lois Restaurant

Mountain Septic Service

Bob Crawford – In memory of R. L. Crawford

God bless all of you for your generous help in supporting your community Veterans Memorial. Without your help it would be almost impossible. Well done.

We recommend that our great businesses here in Macon County to come aboard and join your fellow business brothers and sisters and support the continued caring of our memorial. It belongs to all of us.

 Your community vets and 

William Trapani

Impeachment is the only solution

In the Nov. 26th issue of the MCN, a writer stated; “For the life of me, I just can’t understand why so many people don’t like President Trump.” “Socialist propaganda spewing out of fake news” aside, I can help with that.

To begin, Trump’s steady and sprawling maleficence; his gropes, his slurs, tantrums, betrayals, his inane (but often threatening) tweets, government shutdowns, immigrant cages, paying off a porn star to hide the relationship, and the incessant lying (what is the figure?), 3,000 and counting. Not all Americans are comfortable with this kind of behavior.

President Trump has used foreign policy and abused the power of his office to enhance political aims for his own personal benefit. He has promoted Russian propaganda and publicly welcomed interference from an adversarial foreign government in our electoral process.

He has dishonored decorated veterans (past and present) and referred to other veterans who disagree with him (and that would include me) as “human scum.”  This doesn’t always set well with the veteran community (and shouldn’t).

More important, Trump has been implicated in multiple counts of obstruction of justice and witness tampering.  He works to undercut witnesses at hearings, tweeting about one of them while she was testifying.  In addition, he has ordered people to ignore subpoenas in violation of the Constitution and the law, not to mention his oath of office. The Trump administration has stonewalled Congress in every manner possible to hinder a legal and just investigation it is Congress’ duty to pursue, and Republicans are wrongly going along with it.

Most important, Trump has solicited a foreign government to investigate a political opponent in exchange for military aid and (concurrently) instructed subordinates to take directions from his personal lawyer (Rudy Giuliani), regarding that foreign power.

Trump has endeavored to turn vital strongholds of democracy – prosecutors, the judiciary, the Federal Reserve (to name just three) – into obedient servants of his political interests.   These are major abuses of power and clearly threaten America’s democratic governance.

The Trump administration and the Republican Party have abandoned positions such as support for law and order, fiscal responsibility, science, free trade, ethics in government, defense of allies and standing up to dictators abroad, beliefs that long framed the Republican Party’s high ground.

Trump has destroyed so many norms of American life we once took for granted there is no space big enough to list them all, from the denigration of veterans to the adoration of dictators, from abandoning basic dignity we expect from our presidents to telling so many lies fact-checkers can barely keep up.

President Trump (and the GOP) have failed the test of character and the only solution is impeachment and removal of the greatest threat to the United States Constitution ever to to come to the Oval Office.

David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

Princeton is home!

Thank you to all the people in Franklin. We were helpless without you!

Special thank you to Jan Mc Gee of Macon Traces who was with us 24/7.

The civic minded principal of Macon Middle School, Mr. Scot Maslin.

Amanda Seum-Stringer for 24/7 BOLO..

Dyanne Siktar and Pat Cable.

And all the Prayers!

We are touched beyond words!

Michelle Tan

Buford, Ga.

Entering expensive phase of disaster correction

Rachel Carson, legendary scientist and writer, made this profound statement in her 1962 classic environmental book “Silent Spring,” “We are accustomed to look for the gross and immediate and to ignore all else. Unless this appears promptly and in such obvious form that it cannot be ignored, we deny the existence of hazard.” This statement is referring to the hazards of exposure to chemicals used unwisely in/on our environment. 

To me, a U.S. Navy veteran, this scientific observation can certainly be applied to our current crisis with Russian election meddling. The least expensive phase of almost all crises is prevention (if prevention is at all possible). Since we did not prevent Russian meddling we have entered into the more expensive phase-minimization of damage that has already occurred. This phase is severely complicated by the fact that Donald Trump doesn’t just express doubt about the analyses of our intelligence agencies-he steadfastly denies the accuracy of them all. Sadly, he doesn’t even propose deterrence to Ukrainian meddling that he himself falsely alleges. Can you show us any patriotism in that?

Thus, Trump has failed to prevent anyone from meddling. And,  he continues to refuse to spearhead an effort to minimize the Russian damage that has already occurred. We are, therefore, entering into the most difficult and expensive phase of our disaster-correction. 

If our democracy is to survive we must begin vigorous operations to secure our 2020 elections. We must prevent further erosion that Trump has ignored at our peril. This Congress must awaken to the danger that Trump has created by cooperating with Vladimir Putin.


Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Donald Trump shouldn’t be president

Think about it. Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. He much preferred committing business fraud to make him rich, so now he uses his political position amass his wealth.

He admires murderous dictators.

He alienated America’s closest allies.

He divulged classified information to foreign officials.

He publicly undermined American intelligence agents while standing next to Putin, a hostile foreign autocrat.

He pressured the leader of Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 American presidential election.

He urged Russia to intervene in the 2016 presidential election.

He encourages foreign leaders to enrich him and his family by staying at his hotels.

He obstructed justice by trying to influence an investigation into his presidential campaign.

He violated federal law by directing his lawyer to pay $280,000 in hush money to cover up two apparent extramarital affairs.

He called for his opponents and critics to be investigated and jailed.

He uses a phrase popular with dictators, “the enemy of the people,” to describe journalists.

He attempts to undermine any independent source of information that he does not like, including judges, scientists, journalists, election officials, the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the Congressional Budget Office and the National Weather Service.

He has tried to harass the chairman of the Federal Reserve into lowering interest rates.

He claims that federal law-enforcement agents and prosecutors regularly fabricate evidence, which damages the credibility of criminal investigations across the country.

He made his fortune partly through wide-scale financial fraud.

He refuses to release his tax returns.

He lied to the American people about his company’s business dealings in Russia.

He spends hours on end watching television and days on end staying at resorts.

He declines to read briefing books or perform other basic functions of a president’s job.

He lies every week about the economy, voter fraud, even the weather.

He denigrates John McCain, a deceased  war hero and United States senator.

He ordered children to be physically separated from their parents and kept in dismal, overcrowded chainlink pens.


John Barry – Franklin, N.C.