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The U.S. is collapsing

A letter by David Snell in the April 16, 2020, issue of The Macon County News noted some destructive changes that have occurred in our society over the past several decades. The collapse of complex societies has been studied. I particularly like J. A. Tainter’s “The Collapse of Complex Societies.” He identifies several characteristics of collapsing societies. All of his characteristics are present today in the U.S. 

Among the characteristics are: (1) The number and severity of management crises at the Federal level has increased which indicates very poor management. (2) Since 1970 and as a result of JFK’s and LBJ’s “great society,” class conflict is increasing as measured by the ratio of the income of the top 90th percentile versus the income of the bottom 10th percentile. Because the “rich” are fewer in number and number is very important in determining the national government, the Federal government adopts a tax-the-successful-people policy that is destructive. (3) The Federal investment in coercion (IRS, FBI, DEA, homeland security, etc.) is increasing. (4) Successful people and their money are leaving the tax structure of the U.S. (5) The accompanying jobs are flowing overseas. (6) Secession movements in several states are gaining strength. (7) Both mandated costs and direct taxes are increasing without a corresponding return [called “declining marginal returns” by Tainter. (8) Undeclared, overseas wars are being fought without a way to repay the costs [called “unproductive war.” (9) The requirements for security during war are forcing restrictions in openness and freedom that reduces tolerance and that benefits those in power. (10) The Federal government’s ability to solve problems is rapidly declining; and (11) Great social pressure exists to reason from accepted postulates such as “a big government is better” and such as interference in another’s affairs is acceptable.

The availability of food partially depends on the climate. Forecasting climate is a very complex task. If the climate changes to long-term drought, the climate cools, or the global warming folks are successful, the food availability may no longer sustain the population. Such a strain frequently does cause collapse.

The good news for us is that a political society may adjust rather than collapse. Therefore, Donald Trump was elected by those who were tired of the declining nature of the U.S. Parents could no longer hope their children would have a better life than they had. Trump is restoring hope to these parents. Trump has been correcting Tainter’s noted trends.

But it seems the populous is electing Democrats that are supporting a socialist agenda that is the trend of the last 50 years. Now we are approaching a crossroad. The Republic of the Constitution is being elected by a majority of voters who do not have experience dealing with the trials and tribulations of the world or nature. The political response of previous civilizations (notably Rome) has been to elect an Emperor. If the Democrats continue to press the reasons for collapse, an Emperor may be in our future.

  John Hodge – Franklin, N.C.

States with democratic governors short on supplies

Trump is on a real campaign, and all for free on TV every nite, telling how great he is, and what a great job he’s doining. He’s done more than any other country has done. He gets so excited he can hardly talk, telling how happy he is. All the time a virus is sweeping across our country an killing people. A deadly virus that took him a few months to realize it wasn’t a hoax. He’s far more concerned about his economy, than trying to save lives. Can you put a price on your kids or family? He got by useing the holdup on U.S. military aid to Ukraine, to try an get all the dirt on Joe Bidens son, now he’s promising supplies to democratic governers, by telling nice things about him. Some states that have a democratic governer have had trouble getting supplies from the strategic National stocpile, the emergency supply of mask and drugs. Some reason Mass. got 17 percent of its order, an Maine only got 5 percent. Then theres Fla. where Trump lives and a Republican governer, There request in early March was 430,000 surgical mask, 180,000 N95 respirators, was delivered in full with in 3 days. A second identical shipment arrived just over a wk. later. He has really devided our country. German officials accused Trump of trying to poach Cure Vac scientists and their intellectual property for the exclusive use of the U.S. Americans used to stand up an be a proud American, an would not let anyone keep slapping them in the face, tell him what a great person he is. He will break you down to nothing. Mickey Mouse could do a better job, taking care of the country. keep safe

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.

Constitutional rights being shredded before our eyes

Remember that time Daniel was told not to pray: His friends told him it would be dangerous to keep praying and he was supposed to respect the king. So, instead he compromised and went into his inner closet to pray?

Remember that time Esther had the opportunity to save her entire people but Mordechai reminded her that it would be disrespectful to the king and would be dangerous to even try, so instead she went and locked herself in her room and just asked God to go speak to the king?

Remember that time Shadraq, Meshaq, and Abednego were told they had to bow to the king and when they realized how disrespectful and dangerous it would be not to, they decided to just bow and pray together later in private?

Remember when Daniel was told he had to eat the King’s meat in violation of his faith and his friends told him to quit being a troublemaker and to save his life to fight later so he did?

Remember how the disciples were whipped and told by the authorities to quit talking about Jesus in public so they went back to fishing and tax collecting, trusting that God was sovereign and must be working in another way?

Remember when Abraham was going up the mountain with his son to sacrifice him when he realized how stupid and unwise it all was and was home by dinner?

Remember when they arrested Paul and were beating him and he thought, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for these guys, I better not tell them I am a Roman. I’ll take my beating and call it a day. No need to talk to the governor.”

Yeah, me neither.

Faith without works is a dead faith, Church. If you aren’t acting out of faith right now with the virus problem, you need to repent.  If the church is only about the informational model the government just reduced it to with its unconstitutional mandates, then what is the point in going?  After all, information is everywhere. We need community.  We need Christ at the center of our lives esp. in times of crisis. Do not trust the government or lying media.  America has forsaken God’s command to respect our governing authorities. When I say governing authorities, I am not talking about corrupt leaders. I am talking about Articles 1-7 of the Constitution and its 27 Amendments. We sit idly by while totalitarians, controlled by globalists, shred it before our eyes. And, we do it in the sanctimonious name of pursuing peace and security.

 Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

Timeline researched on COVID-19 response

As I read the April 16 edition, I was pleasantly surprised to see my name in a letter to the editor. To the letter writer, thank you for reading and responding to my letter published April 9. It is important to expose ourselves to views that don’t align with our own views, even if we vehemently disagree with the those views. Our own worldview can evolve only if we expose ourselves to the world views of our neighbors and colleagues.

I have researched some of the assertions made in the  April 16 letter, here are my findings:

On the whitehouse.gov website I found the January 31 proclamation “… on Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus.”  That proclamation called for limiting alien entry to the U.S. originating from China. Since that proclamation and until April 1, over 40,000 people have travelled from China to the U.S. Over 400,000 people have arrived in the United States on direct flights from China since Jan. 1.

Eight hundred Americans flown on five charter flights from Wuhan, China to the U.S. were force quarantined by the U.S. military for two weeks. All other people traveling from elsewhere in China to the U.S. were told to self-quarantine at home for two weeks.

By early April, virologists had read the virus genome history and have determined the infections in New York City (NYC) came primarily from travelers from China transiting at airports in the EU [European Union], which helps explain why NYC, with two major international airports, took the brunt of infections.

The WHO [World Health Organization] declared a state of emergency on Jan. 30.  According to whitehouse.gov, a U.S.  state of emergency proclamation was made on March 13.  From the Jan. 31 travel ban to the proclaimed national emergency on March 13, the White House made no other proclamations of any other public health emergencies or public health actions.  The CDC was unilaterally pursuing test kit development in this time period, Covid-19 task force members were named, and the vice-president hosted a kick-off conference call with U.S. governors.

After Jan. 31, there were no calls made by the White House to prepare the country for the onslaught of the virus. No task force assessed hospital and emergency services readiness. No survey was made of the available PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, or medical staff.

As far as the Obama administration’s response to the N1H1 virus, the Obama administration began addressing the H1N1 virus as the disease emerged early in April 2009. A public health emergency was declared on April 26, 2009, when there were approximately 20 deaths confirmed. The administration renewed this declaration twice in the ensuing months before declaring a national emergency in October 2009. Eventually, 20,000 people were infected and one thousand people died, before three billion vaccine doses were delivered in November 2009.

As I write this, in just 10 weeks, Covid-19 has infected 765,914 Americans, killed 41,124.


John Barry – Franklin, N.C.