Letters to the editor February 4, 2021


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Festival on protected land must be stopped

I am writing to request your help. Although Horse Cove is geographically separated by mountains from the rest of Macon County, please know that we are a caring neighborhood community and not part of Highlands. I am a 20-plus years fulltime Horse Cove resident. My husband is buried here. There are many fulltime county residents here.

The Highlands Chamber of Commerce and other Highlands sponsors have planned a three-day music festival with 1000-plus attendees in April advertised as a Highlands event, Bear Shadow Festival Highlands. The event was turned down by the town of Highlands and, so, someone decided to put it in Horse Cove. We haven’t been able to discover who in the county gave approval. This is not a free “public” event but requires an expensive ticket. The preponderance of financial benefits goes to the Highlands Chamber and Highlands companies.

The festival is to be on a Cove property with a Conservation Easement with Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust (HCLT). The property contains multiple protected plant species and trout creek water part of the Chattooga River head waters. This is not just your regular ole private pasture. This property is supposed to be protected for all, in Trust.

The 1000-plus number of attendees exceeds the current state COVID restrictions. It is highly unlikely the restrictions will be eliminated at the time of the festival. Food and alcohol will be served at the festival. They plan something called a COVE (Contained Open-air Viewing Environment) for 6 to 8 attendees viewing. Masks are said required outside a COVE. However, most would agree that it’s unlikely alcohol drinking revelers can stay contained in one open-air area and wear masks at a music festival! This leads to the probably of a COVID super spreader event in Macon County.

Attendees are not prohibited to travel to Horse Cove in their own vehicles. 180 parking spots on the “protected” property are outlined. The alcohol-using attendees will be left to nighttime navigation of Horse Cove Road, notorious for its curves and cutbacks and the only direct route back to Highlands. Significant congestion is also likely on the single road down in the Cove.

The three-day amplified band sounds reverberating off the surrounding mountains will have an impact on animals and humans. The county has a Nuisance Ordinance concerning noise that presumably applies here.

Given the above concerns, I am asking for your help to prevent this event in Horse Cove. No possible help from Highlands, the landowner or HCLT and no response coming from the county. Sponsors also unresponsive to outreach. We feel abandoned and need you.

If this cannot be stopped in our neighborhood, it could happen in anybody’s neighborhood.

Please contact our county commissioners and county manager and tell them to ban this festival in Horse Cove. Any help you can provide will be so very much appreciated and valued. Gratefully, 

 Michele Mangum – Horse Cove, Macon County

Macon County Fair will survive until next year

The Macon County Fair Association is humbled on how the residents of Macon County respond to an issue. Mr. Wayne Proffitt always told us anytime we have an issue all we had to do was ask the citizens and they would respond. We may have reached our ultimate goal and have received enough donations to remain sustainable until the 2021 Macon County Fair. In addition, to what the citizens have donated, we would like to thank the Macon County Commissioners for their sizable donation for our cause. Currently, we have $18,000 from the community and $8,200 from the commissioners. We believe we will survive until next year.

To all those that donated, thank you, thank you, thank you. to those who have yet to donate, we will continue to take any donation you can give. 

Please accept our sincere thank you; and may God bless.

The Macon County Fair Board Of Directors

Health department took wonderful care of us

I  know, you hope somebody steals my pen, but I had a super experience yesterday. 

My wife and I went to the local health department parking lot for our shots. The kind board lady gave us as 11 a.m. Wednesday appointment.

We pulled into the parking lot, greeted by several people who directed us into a line of cars, moved ahead, a man came gave us papers to sign, moved ahead. He took the papers, moved us around the building, behind three cars. Shortly moved into a covered area, greeted by five lovely ladies, who gave us our shots, shortly directed us to turn left up the hill, greeted by a nice lady and gentleman. Told to wait 15 minutes to make sure no problems. Would you believe, 15 minutes to 12 we were on our way home. Done in 45 minutes. in all that cold weather those wonderful working people took wonderful care of two old people. To all of you, God bless you and thank you for everything. They all deserve a nice raise. With respect,

 Wm & Joan Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

We must ‘come together’

What a wonderful day it would be for democracy, for the U.S. Constitution, for America, if Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (the three most prominent politicians today) poured their hearts out in a letter to every voter in America. They could say that the 2020 election was secure. It was historic in turnout. Like every election it had a few mistakes that were accounted for/corrected. That many Americans have been misled by a president who valued political power over unity. That our election system must be protected/stabilized to assure that democracy survives and thrives.

Imagine receiving this bipartisan letter in your mailbox. Imagine these three political leaders vowing to listen to Americans. Listen to each other rather than committing only to party lines. Could it restore respect among Americans?

Jonathan Swift wrote: “Men must not turn into bees who kill themselves in stinging others.” In the Bible we are told the Lord hates: “… he that soweth discord among brethren.” Proverbs 6:19 KJV

It is time for our leaders to step up to the task of leading instead of destroying. We must build on what our forefathers (and mothers) handed us-government of the people, by the people and for the people. We must come together.

 Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Trump committed treason on January 6

Nearly a year ago a family member (with whom I do not share comparable political views) emailed me I “should get off my dead ass and do the research.”  Those were the last words we’ve shared.  Research is never ending, it goes on around-the-clock, we are enlightened by the minute.

The following is from a source I have long trusted but (as I’ve often stated) don’t rely on the word of a rather jaded borderline burnout with questionable social skills, do your own research, draw your own conclusions – please.

On election night, 2016, Donald Trump’s victory came as a shock, even to him.  His advisor, Steve Bannon, reportedly said, Trump was “speechless and horrified.” Don Jr. said his father looked like he’d “seen a ghost.”  Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, later said his longtime boss had told him the presidential run would serve as “the greatest infomercial in political history” – a way of promoting his real-estate and reality-TV brand.

Fast forward four years.  Those of us who have been paying even nominal attention can safely state Trump never really did grow into the job he eagerly sought and accidently gained.

From dozens of sources we now know Trump tweeted, he watched Fox, and he golfed.  He used his platform and power to spread chaos, spew endless lies and disinformation, poison our politics, disregard norms and defy laws.  He pandered to dictators, alienated our allies, encouraged and emboldened white supremacists, and incited an insurrection to overturn an election.  On top of all that, throughout his last year in office, he downplayed and actually worsened a global pandemic that has already claimed over 400,000 American lives.  All of this (so eloquently stated by William Falk in The Week Magazine January 29) to “futilely try to fill his bottomless pit of narcissistic need.”

The only president to be impeached twice, it remains to be seen whether the United States Senate (given a second chance) has the courage, dignity and integrity to do the right thing.

A Japanese Proverb declares, “If you sit by the river long enough the bodies of your enemies will come floating by.”  No bodies as yet, but the research is boundless.

Trump sparked a deadly insurrection against the United States Congress to prevent a duly-elected president from taking office.

Speaking of the event of January 6, Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) stated, “What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States.”  Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and Number 3 House GOP leader, told Fox News, “The president formed the mob.  The president incited the mob.  The president addressed the mob, He lit the flames.”

In our research we’re apt to come across a definition worth noting in assessing Trump’s articles of impeachment:  “The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government, a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state, the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.”

That, my friends, is the definition of TREASON, an act unmistakably committed in our nation’s capital on January 6 as the whole world watched.

David L. Snell – Franklin, N.C.

Democrats have fostered a life of lies

I’ve been doing some research on Democrats assertion that President Trump was a habitual liar.

Much of what I found in Trump’s comments involved exaggerations or something the Dems could twist around to sound like a lie.

The Dems have become experts at twisting the truth and in fact appear to believe their own lies.

Seems even some Republicans picked up on the idea and never really looked at just what President Trump said, taking the Democrats word for it.  

To me, lying about something, except how beautiful your wife is, is a mental perversion and utterly disgusting.  I don’t even want to be around a liar lest some of their stink rubs off on me.

However, it does look, and this is my legal opinion, that the Democrats have fostered a life of lies.  Listen to Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, CNN or Democrat politicians. Their days seem steeped in lies.

Joining the Democrat liars are the idiot class we have teaching our kids to believe anything the political bosses tell you to believe.

The Communists and Socialists have spent over 80 years trying to teach our kids to become slaves of a political system that will not work in America and in fact that never worked anywhere.

China has raised half their people out of poverty with our help but the other 700 million remain in poverty.  But, the Chinese continue to indoctrinate our young people in how great their society is.   Yeah, it’s OK if you don’t mind government telling you what to believe while you become virtual slaves.

I recall some idiot wrote a letter claiming that Trump caused thousands to die from the Corona virus because he would not stop the flow of Chinese immigrants. Of course this was a lie because  President Trump  moved very quickly yet the Democrats said he was a racist for stopping the immigrants.  Fact is, President Trump is far from being a racist.  All one has to do is listen to statements made by Democrats to understand they have made racism a major issue in the 2020 elections.  But, Trump did more for black Americans than any president.

We know for a fact that a lot of voter fraud has taken place in the election, however, Democrats continue to claim it’s all a lie.

Well, by golly, just one illicit vote makes the entire voting system stink.  But, with some 7 million more votes for Joe Biden it is unlikely that many votes were stolen from Trump so we’ll just have to accept Joe Biden as our new president.

From now on, we may find ourselves controlled by the billionaire masters who own the social media world.  Who knows they may have gotten Joe Biden the 7 million votes he needed to beat Trump.  

Precisely every time President Trump voiced an opinion on something, the Socialist media would say he was lying.

All because they didn’t agree with him or he didn’t put things in a context of Socialism instead of Democracy. 

Did he disagree with global warming?  Yes, but not completely and certainly not to the point of shutting down American industry to give China.

The Left has become famous for its lies and many Dems seem quite happy to accept the lies.

What should scare the hell out of all is how politicians believe we are stupid enough to believe their lies.  

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.