Letters to the Editor for April 30, 2020


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To my VFW brothers and sisters

Well, things are pretty lousy right now, but each one of you VFW members have been around tough times before. You have all faced the line and showed your strength and courage. We are proud to face this problem with all of you.

We will all be back together soon telling all those wonderful stories to you, our VFW brothers and sisters. Stay well and God bless you and your families. See you soon!

P.S. To our community, stay well, stay safe. The Good Guy above is with us.  

William & Joan Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

What is it people are so afraid of?

We have all had many conversations of late about the current COVID-19 climate. We have seen everything from cavalier disregard for all precautionary measures, to the wearing of masks outside in the fresh air, far away from the nearest human. What is it that people are so afraid of?

In the earlier days of this “pandemic,” we were told that millions of Americans could die. The fatality rate was said to be in the 3-5% range, which is quite high. Much of the fear is based on this erroneous model.

But according to the LA Times, the initial results from the first large-scale study tracking the spread of the coronavirus in the county found that 4.1% of adults have antibodies to the virus in their blood, an indication of past exposure. That translates to roughly 221,000 to 442,000 adults who have recovered from an infection, once margin of error is taken into account, according to the researchers conducting the study. The country had reported fewer than 8,000 cases at that time. The results of this study suggest that the death rate for this disease is far lower than had been previously estimated, something between 0.1 and 0.2%. Extrapolated nationwide, many millions of people have had the virus, without serious symptoms, many not even aware of it. The vast majority of the fatalities are in the 75 and older age group, many with serious underlying health problems – very similar to the annual flu situation. Is this sufficient justification for the near complete lock-down of our state and nation?

Eight mid-western states have not participated in this lock-down. Instead, they have advised high risk individuals to stay home, and closed schools and advised “social distancing.”

Sweden has adopted a similar approach. They are reasoning that millions of people will get it, and not be seriously affected. They will be immune. Elderly and immuno-compromised individuals are encouraged to stay home until the disease has run its course.

Few people seem to be talking about how to strengthen your immune system to ward off this virus (and others). Twenty minutes of sunlight to exposed skin allows your body to produce vitamin D-3, known to increase your resistance to viruses. Vitamin A and C are also helpful. At least eight hours of sleep helps also.

The media seems bent on discouraging the use of hydroxychloroquine sulfate (HCQS) despite phenomenal results, when used with azithromycin and zinc at the onset of symptoms, and  only with high risk individuals. This protocol is in widespread use all over the world. And high dose intravenous vitamin C has helped many, under a doctor’s supervision.

There will likely never be a vaccine that reliably prevents this disease, as it it continually mutating, like the common cold. So why not use the cures and treatments that have demonstrated success, instead of demonizing them? Rather than shutting down the entire country, why not encourage high risk people to stay home, and allow the rest of the nation to get back to school/work?

To quote the famous Virginia patriot, Patrick Henry, “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? God forbid! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.

Next generation must do a better job

To those under age 30:

We, your elders, have created such a mess for you that it is almost unbelievable. Unending wars on other countries, terrorism, drugs, poverty, the American people; we have given you the TSA, environmental degradation, Neocons, Trump Derangement Syndrome, FOMO, the NSA, collusion between government and big business, autocratic wannabees, FEAR, vaccines that don’t work, the list goes on. And on. Now this fiasco.

You must do a better job for yourselves and generations afteryou; stand up for you and others, or you all will be slaves to the Masters. They are not your Betters. Your rights are given to you by a merciful god, not a merciless government.

Now I must go and wash my mask, dry my hands, and dust off the Constitution.

Stephen Crosby – Franklin, N.C.

Looking for something up-lifting

I’ve got to hand it to you Gooder and Tabor. The world is hurting; everybody needs help – something good said or done. But no, you two have to print the doom and gloom; four letters to the editor, two bashing Trump. If you had a hang nail I’m sure you would blame Trump. The world doesn’t need your crap. Something up lifting would have been nice. But not the Democrats; they aren’t very nice people to begin with. Nothing ever comes out of their mouths that isn’t bashing most of the people in the great USA. True colors always show thru.

P.S. We radicals always look for the good in people.

Peter Young – Franklin, N.C.

Actions of some states based on Constitutional rights

Let’s see if I’ve got this right:  The Constitution says we have the right to endanger or kill other Americans.

Sounds crazy?  Well, maybe I’m all wet but this seems to be what a lot of head mucky mucks around the country are saying by refusing to enforce rules laid down by our health experts and some of our smarter politicians.

Obviously, some groups like the ACLU have decided to take up the challenge and force states and municipalities to open up and allow more people to die.  All this is based on our Constitutional rights to run around infecting other people who end up dying.

Well, don’t blame me, that’s what they’re saying.  

Somewhere, I’m lost. I had no idea that we could deliberately infect others with a virus. 

Georgia is already opening up their state and loosening rules about certain businesses formerly closed to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Other states are following suit as well.

Most worrisome is even some of our police forces around the country are refusing to enforce the law and are refusing to do their job and protect people.

Now it seems they are deliberately putting people in harm’s way and many will die.

Supposedly a people who care, we now seem to be screaming our heads off to get jobs back and to heck with those who may die from our activities.

But, this should come as no surprise when a New York jail was so worried one of their prisoners, in jail for rape, might contract coronavirus that they freed him. How sweet of them to release him but tell this to the woman he raped only days after being freed.

 Oh well, like the saying “Stupid is as stupid does” and there is no cure for that.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Franklin business giving back to community

A very small printing business Macon Innovations, here in Franklin, has been producing 3D printed ear savers for healthcare professionals and giving them away!  He has made them for our hospital, the nursing home and surrounding county hospitals as well as Macon EMS.  Mike Ward has even shipped these little jewels to the coast of North Carolina and as far as New York City at absolutely no charge to those health care workers.  He works a full time at McCoys Automotive, so all this 3D printing is done in the evenings and on weekends in his spare time.  This is his way of giving back to our community as well  all health care providers during these trying times.  He is happy to be providing a little comfort to all of us nurses, respiratory techs, nursing assistants, labs workers and everyone else in the caring field.

Rosemary Skiner MSN, RN – Franklin, N.C.

Is this how America is supposed to be?

Two stories in USA Today on April 16, 2020, reveal a great deal about Donald Trump’s lack of morality, his self-centeredness, and his stone-cold heart. First, he has halted funding to the World Health Organization amid a global pandemic. Second, he has required the Treasury Department to print his name on stimulus checks.

Only last year Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for (1) abuse of power and (2) obstruction of Congress. Sadly, Republicans unanimously (except for Mitt Romney) acquitted him on both articles. Many predicted then that Trump would soon abuse his power or obstruct Congress again, perhaps necessitating a second impeachment. Is it time?

This question hangs over America (and really the world): Is the Congress of the United States content to stand idly by while one man impedes medical research, diagnosis, and treatment for a global viral pandemic when we need to/should lead the international effort?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. preached that we should have tough minds and soft hearts. The world is seeing America, though, as having a soft mind and a tough heart. Trump is merely the “hood ornament.” The entire United States is the car that the ornament represents. Each member of Congress needs to do some soul searching today. Will they take measures to manage this out-of-control President? Or will they let Trump continue to represent America to the world? What will voters say about America’s heart and soul on Nov. 3? 

Is this how America is supposed to be? Soft-minded and tough-hearted?

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Leadership in the age of pandemics

Fifty-eight thousand American men and women died in the Vietnam war over a period of 20 years. By the time you read this well over 50,000 Americans will have died of the Covid-19 in a period of less than four months. As a result The American economy is in freefall.  In this time of unprecedented crisis we need great leadership. Where is our Churchill, FDR, or even Ronald Reagan?

To lead a country in a time of crisis a leader must unify its citizens. From the day of his inauguration  President Trump has made it clear that if you did not vote for him he is not your president.

To rally a country to do the hard things necessary to overcome a crisis you must tell them the truth. Even President Trump’s most ardent supporters know you cannot trust what he says. The virus is just a Democratic hoax; it will magically go away; it will be gone by April; are just few of the daily lies coming from the White House.

To lead a country in a crisis the leader must lead. He must take charge of the reigns of government, set clear and consistent goals, and explain how we as a country will achieve them. When asked about testing for the virus, the key to any reopening of the economy he said, “I take no responsibility at all” for the lack of coronavirus testing. And he stated the federal government is just a “backup” to the states.

When some governors said that they would decide when to reopen their economies, President Trump said “I have the ultimate authority” “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total … The governors know that … [They] can’t do anything without the approval of the president of the United States.” A few days later he said that the governors would have to decide for themselves when to open their states for business.

When confronted with the science  that the virus would be back next fall and coincide with the flu season he directly contradicted the head of the CDC. Within minutes he was corrected on live TV by Dr Fauci, who agreed with the head of the CDC.   From one day to the next the only plan we see coming from the White House is to dominate the daily news cycle.

I am proud and grateful to live in Macon County N.C.  So far we have seen  little of the sickness and death from Covid-19. Our leadership from mayor Bob Scott and other county leaders has unified the county and given us hope we can all come through this together and open up soon. That is real leadership.

Louis Vitale – Franklin, N.C.

Godly acts and the gospels go hand in hand

The New Testament starts out with the gospels -Matthew, Mark, Luke and John -and then is followed by “Acts.” This is no coincidence You cannot read the gospels and believe in them and not do Godly acts. You cannot do Godly acts if  you don’t believe in the gospels.  They are interchangeable. You must have one in order to do the other.  With the virus going around, many people are doing Godly acts while others are doing good acts.  In the ’60s, the lyrics to a song were, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” That is not true.  There is no visible difference between the love of a believer and a non-believer.  In fact a lot of great deeds are being done by non-believers.

So what is the difference?  There is no difference here on earth.  Both acts will get you the same result here on the earth. The difference is in the afterlife.  Matthew 6:19 tells us not to store up our treasures here on earth but to store up our treasures in heaven.  It is so easy to change a good act into a Godly act. All you have to do is believe and accept.  You must believe in God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  James 2:19 states even the demons believe there is only one God.  That is why you must not only believe but you must accept.  Accepting Jesus is such an easy thing to do and yet it can produce such powerful results.  In John 14:6 Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me.”

Mike Townsend – Franklin, N.C.

Many reasons to want Confederate memorials gone

The recent letter [March 19 issue of The Macon County News] from Robert Johnston of Clayton, Ga., Honor our Southern heritage, laments “the denigration of Godly Confederate men: Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee. Thomas J. Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart who were exemplary Christian men who abhorred evil.”  Interestingly, he seems willing to overlook the evil of slavery.  They were so attached to slavery that they were willing to attack their country in order to continue to own human beings, exploit their labor and deny them the rights to life, liberty and happiness, which they sought for themselves. Monuments to the “Lost Cause” of the Confederacy overlook its origins in the fierce defense of slavery, a vicious and morally repugnant foundation of the antebellum southern economy, and the virulent racism of the Jim Crow era which followed of which lynching is but one tragic aspect.

There are many reasons for wanting to see Confederate memorials gone from public places and reserved for museums where we can reflect on a tragic period of our nation’s history and the legacy of white supremacy, slavery and violence toward people of color that continues to this day.

Honoring our southern heritage should place individuals from our past in proper perspective and show sensitivity to those whose present lives are still touched by the horror of that past.

 Lynn Hogue, Chair

Jackson County NAACP Legal Redress Committee