Letters to the Editor for August 6, 2020


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What legacy will we leave our children?

The new Democrats will seek to destroy America by: 

1. Enact the Green New Deal and destroy America’s economy – Loss of millions of jobs

2. Replace Medicare for seniors with Rationed Medicare for All – Less benefits for Americans already on Medicare

3. Impose job-killing taxes and regulations on businesses  – Curtails the growth and development of jobs

4. Pass taxpayer-funded and unlimited abortions up to the moment of birth – Your taxes fund the killing of children

5. Ban and confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens – Ends your Second Amendment rights to protect yourself

6. Criminalize free speech and Judeo-Christian religious beliefs – Free speech only for Democrats and an end to the Judeo-Christian churches

7. Abolish the Electoral College – Only cities will control elections

8. Allow voting rights for felons – Criminals who will then vote Democrat

9. Open our boarders, grant citizenship and voting rights to millions of illegal aliens – Illegal aliens lead by demand, will determine elections

10. Pack the Supreme Court with liberals – The liberal Supreme Court will then make new laws

11. Defund the military – Our military will not be able to defend America

Our veterans have died to keep American free.

If Democrats control the House and the presidency they will change America forever; America loses.

Ask yourself before you vote on Nov. 3: What legacy do I want to leave for my children and grandchildren?

The left-leaning Socialist funded by the Democrats are wreaking havoc and destruction in the cities run by the mob; law and order end.

Keep America free. Vote to re-elect President Trump on Nov. 3. Our nation needs the Prince of Peace and His name is Jesus. May God continue to bless America.

Robert Yates, USMC veteran – Franklin, N.C.


Things are getting nuttier and nuttier

It’s impossible to make sense of what’s going on in our nation right now. It just seems to get nuttier and nuttier as the days go by.  It’s like opening a new can of nuts and dropping the can.

Antifa, supposedly antifascist, is actually modeled after the fascism of the 1930’s in Germany and Italy.  

Rumor has it it’s funded by China and through George Soros.

China has for some years literally raped our economy and is pouring billions into the effort to prevent President Trump from being reelected.

China has college professors who are working for them and we now know they have many spies stealing our industrial, tech and military secrets.  This is typical for a Communist country because a communist country is unable to create anything new under their forced labor system. Communism destroys the human spirit to achieve.

Although Communism and even Socialism is solidly racist and believe in forced labor, BLM is run by a Marxist Communist who somehow believes they are better off having their lives controlled rather than being free.  Now go figure this one out if you can.

Funny the racists are calling President Trump a racist and perhaps this is why one Republican politician has called for Left leaning Democrats to be banned from Congress and the Senate.  This comes because it was the Democrats who fought so hard to keep slavery in place, founded the KKK and refused to kill all the Jim Crow laws.  It recognizes the Democrats are still racists.  The Left is trying hard to trick black Americans into believing they can give them more goodies.

The Anarchists are another twisted story.  In their minds, we can live comfortably without a government at all, no police to maintain order and no laws that we must obey. Yes, I’m not kidding, there really are people this stupid who believe that crap.

I’m old enough that I can honestly say racism was on the way out until President Obama brought the subject up during his term in office.  

The only place black Americans are not doing as well as they could is those who live in Democrat run cities such as Chicago, LA and NYC.  I have only to point to a well known fact as follows to prove my point:   Catholic schools graduate 83% of their black students who go on to trade school or college.

Public schools graduate 23% of their students.

Obviously, public schools do a crappy job.

It’s surprising how easy it is to stir up a pot of hatred such as we seem to be going through right now, all of it due to a variety of players such as Communists, Antifa, BLM, dyed in the wool racists and all sorts of weirdos.  The social media plays on the dissension.

For the rest of the 95% of us we can only keep our cool and hope the nuts get swept away.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

No doubt Trump will remain president

Its very distrubing to watch a person who claims to be the leader of our Country, take no responsibility. He counts money, not all the people filling the hospitals an dying every day, with this virus. There won’t be any one left to vote. He will have to go to the cemetery an get names off the graves to put on his ballot. Sending there little kids back to school, is the worst yet. He should send his son to a public school. They can wash hands, wear a mask. What happens during play period, they going to keep distance. They going to scrubb and wash their back packs and all their books and supplies. They carry germs to. Come Xmas time parents will be takeing them to the cemetery instead of going to see Santa Claus. We have more than any country in the world. There’s no doubt in my mind he will remain president, as Putin and China will be in there helping him. Putin has got hisself a puppet. He knows he can manipulate him. He is after all the power he can get. Putin just secured a life long lock on his power as the country voted on Constitutional amendment that will allow him to remain in power until 2036. The result copies of the new Conslitution were on sale at bookstores before voteing was wrapped up that wk. as voteing last a wk. Is that the kind of government we want. China also wants Trump elected, as they know Trump can be persuaded if the price is right. What has happen to that American Pride.

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.

Some common sense observations

I would like to share some common sense observations for our schools during this pandemic issue.  The argument that children don’t get as sick as old people so we should open the schools is dangerous.  First off, students can be carriers and spreaders so would you want your child to bring home the virus to your household, parents, grandparents, relatives, church members, community?  Second, aren’t our buses drivers, teachers and staff in the older more vulnerable age group?  Third, wearing a mask is great but does our school system have enough masks to replace each day? This could be approximately 5,000 per day times four days or 20,000 masks for all students and employees of the school system each week.  Fourth, does sanitizing the schools on Friday, (one day a week make sense while our hospital sanitizes every day? Should we consider using the senior center and Carpenter buildings and county fair buildings as over flow sites for those students who do not have online learning access?  These sites have access and room for social distancing.  Proctors could be used to assist students.  We, as a country, now have 4 million cases, the virus does not really care who you are, you either become a carrier or a victim.  The cost to our society, our civil discord, our employment, health care costs, stability requires that we use common sense in dealing with this threat or we can just pay the price and let it run amok.  Who wants to be the first to deal with the cost of hospital care, funeral expenses? Let’s come together, this is a challenge that should unite all of us as Americans.  It’s a global event and we seem to be coming in last.


Larry Stenger – Franklin, N.C.