Letters to the Editor for December 10, 2020


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Tough problems require tough solutions

Experience has shown that allowing the current legislative and judicial state of affairs to continue to thrash around ineffectively and allow the massive election fraud on Nov. 3 to go unsolved will not be good for our Constitutional Republic.

Tough problems require tough solutions.

The readers should take steps to protect our country by sending these two paragraphs to President Donald Trump. (info@mail.whitehouse.gov)

“Mr. President – The 80 million of us who voted for you want you to immediately use the Plenary Power and Authority of your Office to protect us from the ongoing despotic attacks against our liberty and Constitutionally protected rights, privileges, and protections  including but not limited to the Right to a peaceful, honest, and untainted elections, and  being secure in our lives, property, being waged by a combination of the corrupt Democratic Party and its operatives in the various states acting in collusion with and as agents for foreign enemy interests, by invoking  the Insurrection Act, Title 10 USC Sections 251,  252, 253, 331 through 335.

“We ask you to please immediately  issue a Proclamation declaring the States of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, and others are engaged in disorderly, unlawful and corrupt conduct against the Peace, Dignity, Laws and Order of the United States of America, causing loss of life, assaults and damage to property of law abiding citizens of this country, depriving the good citizens of this country of the rights, privileges and protections guaranteed them under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and are in insurrection, obstructing the execution of the laws of the United States and impeding justice, and use the Proclamation to suspend the Jan. GA Senate run off, and the Dec. meeting of the Electoral College so military tribunals can first be established to properly investigate and resolve the ongoing cyber warfare attacks from enemies foreign and domestic on our 11-3-2020 election.”

Respectfully submitted, Peter K. Stern – Franklin, N.C.

Downtown Christmas display giving residents some joy

A big shoutout to the town of Franklin for the lovely Christmas display at the square! During this time of unsettled health issues and election woes, God bless the town for going above and beyond to give Franklin residents some joy.

We surely do appreciate it!  

Sonja Thompson – Franklin, N.C.

Not asking too much to wear a mask

Used to be a day when Americans came together and helped one another, The time has come for every American to start takeing some responsibility to fight this terrible pandemic. Yes, you have your rights an your freedom to not wear a mask, but its time for accountability and do what you can do to at least try to stop so many people getting sick and dying. Doctors and nurses are giving all they got to help people and taking care of the sick, sure don’t seem like its asking to much to wear a mask, is just asking a small thing, to what they are going threw. Same thing when it came to wearing seat belts in the car. and found out it saved a lot of lives. No doubt if the truth were to be knowen, Trump don’t wear a mask, he can’t stand the smell of his breath with it on. He says this virus will just go away, with thousands of people dying. Thats probly where a lot of his votes are that are missing, are out there in a cementary some place. Its time for Americans to come together, even it it means wearing a mask keeps one person, even yourself from dying would help. Surely you can give up your rights and freedom to save a life, could be a member of your family or even yourself. Lets all take some responsibility, be a true American and “Welcome back America.”  

Kathy Whitley– Franklin, N.C.

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