Letters to the Editor for December 17, 2020


Ambulance shortage yields dire consequences

It was 10:45, Oct. 24.

My husband and I had just finished watching a movie in bed that ended at 10:00. I looked across the room and he was sitting in a chair. I asked what is wrong, he said call someone – hurry. I gave him a nitroglycerin pill under his tongue. I knew he was in a small heart attack. Called ambulance at Angel hospital in Franklin. They took him to the hospital. I rode along in the ambulance.

They began to try to stabilize him there. It was pouring rain so no helicopter could fly him to Asheville where his doctors were. 12:30 arrived. I asked when will you take him. Answer: We have to take some tests. 

My husband was sitting up in bed teasing nurses but every so often, he would pat his chest and say my pains are back. They would give him something that would last only minutes. 1:30 arrived and I was getting impatient. What was going on? They said we have to take some more tests. 2:50 a.m., now the 25th, and I got upset with the staff making excuses. The doctor came in and said we do not have a cardiologist here and I can’t do much only try to keep you stabilized. Meanwhile his chest pains are getting worse.

I demanded to know why they weren’t transporting him to his doctor in Asheville and the answer knocked me over.

He said two of the ambulances were broke down and they sent the only one he arrived in to Asheville with a patient. I did not have my car. I went with him to Angel hospital. I cannot drive at night, I can’t see. I panicked and begged anybody to take my husband to Sylva or get an ambulance from them or call the fire department. 3:30 a.m. arrives and no help and my husband is getting worse. They yelled at me and said be patient an ambulance will be back soon. It is one and a half hours to Asheville and my husband is dying before my eyes in Angel hospital with no help.

At 4:30 a.m., Oct. 25, they get their only ambulance back from Asheville and they start to load my husband. He begged me to go with him. He was very frightened but they would not let me go in the ambulance. I called the hospital in Asheville, Mission, to see if he arrived okay. The nurse said we are trying to bring him back. After working on him, the doctor called and he was gone. He threw up and keeled over and died.

This man was the guy that would write letters about the wrongs he felt was going on in his country. He loved his family and his 18 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, and black lives was not the only ones that mattered.

Angel hospital and money killed my husband. His death was caused by lack of care. Can anyone imagine you would take your loved one to a hospital that would not have ambulances to transport them?  

Ellen Young – Franklin, N.C.

The quiet whisper of nature calms heart and mind

With all the troubles of modern life that plague us and the never ending adjustments dealing with COVID, political and social uneasiness, not trusting what you see and hear from news and the media, the unsolicited  phone calls we all receive, many seem unsatisfied with life itself and the complaints seem unending. Even for myself, I’m fatigued from all the bad news, misinformation, name calling and corruption, it seems any truth is hard to find, to the point I’ve stop watching most all news media. It seems we’re all in need of a quiet place to settle, a place to calm the heart and mind and rethink a simpler life.

As with many, I connect so much with the world of nature. If it wasn’t for seeing, touching, tasting, and feeling  nature, I don’t think I could make it in life. But this goes much deeper than what we feel; it’s more of why we feel it. The wonder and awe of a beautiful green mountain forest, and deep within it, a clear cool misty stream, and the gentle breeze through whispering pines that softly touches the face. Birds that sing greetings to welcome you into their domain. It seems that it’s all made just for you and you alone.  Even within our backyards, we watch nature in puddles as tadpoles become frogs, birds gather grass and twigs to make their woven nest and squirrels play in bird feeders. You can get lost into another world just watching nature and how it can touch the heart within the beauty and wonder of what is before us. From the wonder of watching a spider intently weaving its intricate web, to the awestruck wonder of a warm spring morning and watching at every turn the renewal of new life coming forth after the deep sleep of winter. 

The awe and wonder of nature seems to quietly whisper into our hearts and minds, which brings about deep felt questions of why do I feel this way and how do I react to this awe and wonder I see and feel? It’s as though we are somehow in a different world and desperately want to interact in a deeper way, but yet seem unable. These breath-taking wonders of our created world which speaks and quiets the heart, are not just fleeting moments given in life but have a reason and purpose behind every awe and wonder that we are blessed with. God speaks, shares, and blesses us with his creation. We see God within the handiwork of what He’s given us. He himself said it is good, and within his love He shares with us his goodness within every awe and wonder we find in life. I often sit within my own quietness looking out at nature or gaze into the heavens and absorb what I see and meet my creator in a unique special way, quietly observing and  listening to all His wonder, and who He is, the great, “I Am.”    

“Many, O Lord, are  the wonderful works you have done… If I should declare and speak of them, they are too many to be numbered.” (Psalm 40:5).    

Re-thinking life,         

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

Now is the time to stand up, America

The election was a very important one. It’s over, now is the time to stand up and be counted. Remember we are Americans, we need to be ready to make sure we have America on our minds and hearts, we must stand strong. Many of us fought for our freedom, some gave all and some gave a lot.

The next four years I think will be tough. We as Americans must not let those clowns in Washington take away your voice and freedom. Beware of the Famous Four, they came here from places with no freedom. It’s been taught to love our country and respect our flag.

Now that the election is over, we’re not Republicans, we’re not Democrats, we are Americans! All of us! Respect each other, be strong, my brothers and sisters.

With respect,  

William Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

UN a slow growing cancer eating away at our liberty

Our country or UNCountry? Can we keep it ours?

A lot has been said and done with respect to the United Nations [UN] over many years.

Actually, the meeting that put the United Nations together from its predecessor, The League of Nations, occurred at Dumbarton Oaks on Oct. 24, 1945, after then President Franklin D. Roosevelt first used that phrase on Jan. 1, 1942.

It is no accident that the headquarters is in New York City, a major financial hub not that the U.S. government joined and pays a majority of its operating costs and a lot of the Treaties bear directly on us.

One thing for all readers to consider and which is not taught in our Fool Systems is that that organization is a slow growing cancer eating away at our Liberty.

You might think you are a living, breathing, freedom loving citizen of our country, but in the eyes on the UN, you are something else entirely.

The UN published at book titled 1993 System of National Accounts, ISBN 92-1-161352-3, in conjunction with the Commission of the European Communities-Eurostat, the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations, and The World Bank which can be accessed on the Internet for those who are curious and want to learn the truth.

On Page 3 at 2.Activities and Transactions, 1.12 we find, “The accounts of the System are designed to provide analytically useful information about the behavior of international units and the activities in which they engage, such as production, consumption, and the accumulation of assets.”

At C. The institutional sectors of the economy at 1.13 we read, “Two main kinds of institutional units, or transactors, are distinguished in the System – households and legal entities.”

At Page 19, *Main Categories, 1. Institutional units and sectors, 2.19,  it is revealed, “The fundamental units identified are the economic units which are capable of owning assets and incurring liabilities on their own behalf. They can engage in the full range of transactions. These units are called institutional units.” (emphasis in the original text). And the text goes on to state “In practice some institutional units control others***”.

How do you like being defined as an “institutional unit?” This entire UN defined system sees you as no more than an impersonal quasi worker bee.

What is really interesting is that on Page 169 at C. Taxes on production and on imports, 1. Introduction, at 7.48 is the big reveal: “Taxes are compulsory, unrequited payments in cash or in kind, made by institutional units to government units. They are described as unrequited because the government provides nothing in return to the individual units making the payment, although governments may use the funds raised in taxes to provide goods or services to other units, either individually or collectively, or to the community as a whole.” (emphasis added)

The implication is clear, you as an institutional unit get nothing and the other “units” get the fruits of your labor.

Draw your own conclusions, but I suggest that we should all be thinking about getting the UN off our soil and out of our lives.

Yea therefore and verily I say unto you, the truth shall set you free, but first it shall make you very angry.  

Peter K. Stern – Franklin, N.C.

Trump a shooting star

Donald Trump can be likened to a shooting star. Today the talk is about his power/influence. Will he remain relevant? No! He has had four years to “Make America Great Again”. He failed miserably because he refused to protect/unite Americans. “Loser”? Here’s a short list of his losses/failures:

1. Political novelty and flamboyance

2. An incumbent who lost the 2020 election

3. The advantage of a hobbled opponent in 2016

4. Impeached by the House

5. Ability to hide classified information

6. Cannot handle a crisis

7. Attempt to overturn 2020 election

8. Claim to be the only “fixer” for America

9. Trust of many world leaders

10. Time on earth. Trump will be 78 in 2024

11. Protection from indictment and prosecution***This must hang very heavy over Trump.

12. Refusal to acknowledge Russian interference in 2016 election

13. His tweets will be merely personal (not presidential)

Reminds me of a haunting song by William Bell from 1969. The gist of the song: “Everybody loves a winner. But when you lose you lose alone.”

Each shooting star makes only one streak across the night sky. Trump has made his.  

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Creators of sedition should be held ccountable

Some members of Congress opine that the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (who brought suit against four states citing evidence of voter fraud), the 18 GOP Attorneys General, plus 126 Republican members of Congress who signed on, and President Trump, may be guilty of sedition and should therefore be charged and held accountable. Yes, I do believe a case could be made to support that.  Stop reading now, this is going to get awfully boring.

Sedition is defined as laws, deeds, or words that disrupt the authority of a government.  In early common law, the scope of the offense was broad enough that it included prosecution for uttering a derogatory remark against the king.  The Sedition Act of 1798 – – which stated that any treasonable  activity, including the publication of “any false, scandalous and malicious writing,” was punishable by fine and imprisonment – – generated so much controversy that no similar laws were enacted in the United States until the 20th century.  Although there have been several statutes since the 1700’s that forbid seditious statements and writing, the protection of speech and press that the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees all individuals has made them difficult to enforce except during times of national strife.

Now we’re left to decide what STRIFE means, and does it apply in this case?  Strife: conflict, discord, controversy, struggle, unrest (the opposite of peace and harmony) as in “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility…” Bingo, I do believe we’re onto something here.

More than a month after his defeat at the polls, President Trump (and his many enablers) have been actively engaged in an unprecedented, un-American, and unconscionable effort to overturn the election.  Trump has openly and brazonly pressured duly elected legislators to ignore the will of the voters and declare him the winner.   Many who object fear having their houses bombed, their families attacked.  Republican election officials who’ve certified the vote in several states have received death threats.

Yes, I would say this situation constitutes the basic elements of unrest and strife and those who knowingly are taking an active participatory part in advocating for it are guilty of sedition and should be held accountable to the full extent our laws allow.

In my lifetime (and I go back as far as FDR) this is the first time this line has been crossed by a President of the United States.  History will remember… and history will carefully record where our leaders and our people stood in this moment.  


David L. Snell – Franklin, N.C.

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