Letters to the Editor for December 23, 2021


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Don’t blame the state entirely

I promised my readers a few weeks ago that I would explain the devastation at Sherill Dr. on Fulton Road. Today I will do some.

If you travel Fulton Road near 64 east, you’ve seen the devastation 1/10th mile down Fulton Road from 64 East. It’s at Sherill Drive.

Yes, I am a pack-rat, and in the past 20 or 30 years, God has blessed me to sell things now and then that cost me nothing. I hauled them in from businesses that would otherwise pay to dump same at landfill. 

A few years ago, I sold $1,000 worth of sunroom windows in a period of a few weeks. I had hauled them in over a period of years.

We have 1.01 acres of land, and it is covered in stuff. You can go on the internet and see some.

I built a privacy fence on our property near Fulton Road. It hid a lot of stuff, but some controlling, complaining people didn’t like it. They are people like that. Those that want to control everything and everybody. We’ve all met those kind of people. Those kind are filled with anger and bitterness. They’ve let the sun go down too many times on their wrath. God’s word tells us of some. When we let the sun go down on our wrath, that gives the devil a chance to take over our minds. We become angry and bitter.

Yes, maybe I collect too many things, but maybe after I’m dead and gone, some will maybe understand why I done it. Supply and demand keep everything priced.

My privacy fence and stuff on the side of the road was there for many years, then someone complained. Then evidently they got others to complain. That’s when Evil began to work. It would take hundreds of words to tell the whole story, so I’ll sign off before long. Come to our house, and I’ll tell you the rest of the story – the truth.

A few months ago, the state came and took my fence down. It was on the state Right of Way. They destroyed and took hundreds of dollars of stuff also. Of course it was only junk to them.

If you come and see me, I’ll tell you what I told them about safety. My stuff was never a traffic hazard or put anyone in danger.

I must close with these words from my heart.

Everyone that complained I want you to know that you are forgiven.

You might think I haven’t forgiven all those that caused me pain and suffering but I have.

When you forgive, and leave the consequences to God, you can have Peace.

One may think that I want those to suffer that have done me wrong. You may think I want God to punish them. Wrong. I want people to change and not treat others the way they treated me. That will be pleasing to me and to God.

Jerry Holden – Franklin, N.C.

Facts, not FOX/GOP farce

Gasoline Prices – Sources: AAA Gas Buddy – NPI (National Petroleum Institute) U.S. Government

Year 1932 National Average Price in 2020 dollars – $2.539 per gallon

Year 2008 National Average Price – $3.619 Bush-Cheney, GOP

Year 2015 National Average Price – $2.439 per gallon Obama-Biden

Year 2016 National Average Price – $2.169 per gallon Obama-Biden

Year 2020 National Average Price – $2.639 per gallon Trump-Pence

Year 2021 National Average Price – $3.359 per gallon Biden-Harris

Year 2021 North Carolina Average Price – $3.199 per gallon Biden-Harris

Year 2021 South Carolina Average Price – $3.049 per gallon Biden-Harris

Year 2021 Western North Carolina Average Price – $2.899 to $3.149 per gallon

The gasoline price sign FOX/GOP broadcasts on their anti-Biden GOP propaganda show where they yell about Biden’s “outrageous gas prices” is for Premium gasoline for $6.539 per gallon in California where all gasoline carries heavy environmental taxes. Very few vehicles in America burn Premium grade gasoline.

The GOP/FOX wants you to believe their false narrative about GasolineGate and President Biden rather than your own eyes.

With Joe Biden as president, the American economy with is booming. 60% of America is vaccinated against the deadly Pandemic Covid. Unemployment is at 4.2%. Millions of jobs are being created. Wages are up. Demand for goods and services is up. Railroads, highways, bridges, airports will be built back to the high American standard. Children and families are being lifted out of poverty.

The Putin/Republican/Trump Cabal of anger and hate have and continue to vote against the betterment of middle Americans and America.  

 J.B. Tillison – Dillard, Ga.

Only one view on Meadows’ involvement will survive

On Tuesday evening 14 Dec 2021 the House of Representatives found Mark Meadows (formerly representative for N.C. 11th Congressional District) in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena to testify before the Select Committee  investigating the 6 Jan. 2021 insurrection.

Subsequently, the House referred the contempt finding to the Department of Justice for possible criminal charges.

Two opposing views have arisen regarding Mr. Meadows’ refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena. To wit: 1.) Mr. Meadows’ has intimate knowledge of events surrounding the activities of 6 Jan ’21, which knowledge may assist the Select Committee in assessing who was responsible for organizing and inciting the attack on the nation’s capitol. Accordingly, the subpoena is warranted.

2.) Mr. Meadows is legally justified in resisting the congressional subpoena based on his invocation of presidential executive privilege. Moreover, the investigation by the Select Committee is politically motivated with the intention of implicating former President Trump. Further, the events of 6 Jan 2021 are nearly a year old and insignificant.

Only one view will survive.

If Mr. Meadow eventually invokes his constitutionally protected 5th Amendment privilege which protects one from self incrimination in a criminal proceeding, the following questions arise:

What is being hidden?

Who is being protected?

Why, Mr. Meadows, are you unable to openly testify and freely speak the truth?

The body politic, i.e. all of us, must ask these questions and pass judgement on the answers given or withheld.  


Milo R. Beran – Franklin, N.C.

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