Letters to the Editor for December 24, 2020


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Education should train thinking abilities of young minds A few words about educating children. Mostly about education of the children before schools were made an organ of governance. About education when it was done at home or in a private school. Nowadays, many parents who decide to homeschool their children add the Bible to the government’s curriculum and think they have improved their children’s education. They have, but by very little compared to the room that exists for improving the government’s curriculum. Before government schools, the purpose of educating children was to train the thinking abilities of their brains, not to develop dull-minded workers for capitalist conglomerates. Not to develop indoctrinated voters for political parties. In those days, more than 2,000 years of experience had demonstrated the courses that were taught, best for training the thinking abilities of young people. A few of America’s private schools still provide that training. A portion of America’s home school parents give their children that training. I hear their numbers are growing. There are publishers who specialize in providing materials for home schools. Among the materials they publish are materials that were determined during 2,000 years to be the best materials for training the thinking abilities of young people. During those years, schools used works of literature best for exposing young minds to great thoughts by great minds – to produce a well-working mind, feed it well-crafted literature. Short selections from Homer’s “Iliad” and Bible stories, were main sources of children’s literature, then longer selections, then the whole thing. Before young people reached the senior years of their academy, they had read all of “Iliad,” much of the Bible, the tragic dramas of ancient Athens, and much classical poetry. During those times, schools used works of history best for exposing young minds to great analysis and interpretation – to produce a well working mind, feed it well-crafted literature. The works of both history and literature, best for training the thinking abilities of young minds were selected by centuries of experience. During those times, students did not dabble one year each in four different sciences. They spent four or more years studying one science – astronomy. Not surveying all of the knowledge contained in that one science. Instead, they thoroughly learned the foundational knowledge of astronomy. They were thoroughly instructed in how ancient astronomers deliberately and systematically developed new knowledge. Thorough instruction in a few subjects gave better brain-training than shallow introductions to many subjects. The arts determined best for training the thinking abilities of young minds were grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic (capped with a course in number theory), geometry, astronomy, and music (theory and harmony). The humanities determined best for training the thinking abilities of young minds, included literature, foreign language (Greek, Latin or both) introduction to philosophy, ethics (justice), history, and speeches. And not just any works in those subjects, but a select and recognized collection. Composition, from about grade four through graduation was taught one or more periods each week, via an organized set of exercises know as the progymnasmata. George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

Editor’s note: George Crockett has left a copy of a suggested getting started curriculum for new home school parents in the office at The Macon County News.


Are limitations science-based or just arbitrary?

One of Americas’ most cherished family traditions is fast approaching, the gathering together of family to celebrate the Christmas season. Unfortunately this season we have a problem. Because of the deadly pestilence of Covid-19 our family gatherings have been limited to 10 by our politicians. This brings up a serious question. Is this number based on a scientific study or is it simply arbitrary? If it is based upon a scientific study they must have taken into consideration the average square footage of an American home which is 2,598 sq. ft. which equates to 1 person per 26 s/f. Well, governor, if this is how you arrived at this number, can I have more family over if I have a larger than average home, and if I have a smaller home do I need to cut back on family members? Another question comes to mind, if 1 person for every 26 s/f is acceptable to the politicians, why isn’t it applied to restaurants for example. According to statistics the average full service restaurant allots 13.5 s/f per person. If 26 s/f per person is acceptable then every full service restaurant should be allowed to operate at 50% capacity with no problem, yet our politicians are closing them down completely in many cases. Let’s take this even further. Based on this number, every business in America should be allowed to operate under this formula. Why then, are they being closed? Of course I’m being a bit facetious with this analysis but the conclusion is obvious! None of these restrictions are based upon scientific study or evidence but are strictly arbitrary and as such the politicians have no business telling the people who have risked their time, money and energy to establish a business to support their families, provide employment for others and contribute to the economy of our nation, that they cannot be open unless they approve. In addition, many of the restrictions are clearly unconstitutional. American’s entrepreneurs are not stupid and are not only capable of providing a safe environment for their customers but have an obligation to do so if they expect to be successful. One more thing. The governor, in his infinite wisdom, has mandated a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Was this an arbitrary decision or is he privy to some scientific evidence that Covid-19 becomes extremely more contagious during that time frame? America’s business owners are beginning to protest and violate these restrictions, and because of the arbitrary manner in which they are being applied, they are certainly justified in doing so. Marshall Miller – Franklin, N.C.

Another con job from the District of Criminals

The public Fool System (sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “school system” has for many years told our children that there are 50 states in this country. The District of Columbia was defined by a Proclamation of the President Dec. 23, 1788. First, we need to understand the true historical background of that 10-mile square piece of land on the Potomac River carved out of the State of Maryland and the State of Virginia in 1800 and called the “District of Columbia”(1 Stst. L. 130 and 2 Stst 102). There were many chameleon-like changes in the laws in the District over the years as well as land exchanges with Virginia and Maryland One truly remarkable thing was that in the years between 1861 and 1874,  in 1862, “a new Supreme Court was established.” See D.C. Code Volume 1, Page 9. What happened to the original Supreme Court? The Act of 1871, Feb. 21, 1871, 16 Stst 419, ch 62 named that area called District of Columbia a corporation. So, the so-called “government” is really just another big business corporation, a municipal entity. If you were to read through the Supreme Court decision in The Metropolitan Railraod Company v. The District of Columbia, 122 U.S> 221, 1889, it becomes evident that whatever is happening up there, it has a split personality acting in two different capacities. That decision at Page 234 clearly says “That the District of Columbia is a separate State (capital S)”  also quoting Justice Marshall in Hepburn v. Ellzey, 6 U.S. 2, 445. Whoa!!?? Doesn’t that make the count 51 States? Perhaps, but if we look further and see all of the many “Reorganizations” (what happens to corporations when they go into bankruptcy) and other transmutations of the District of Criminals until we get to 1982, we can look at Page 375 of the District of Columbia Code, Volume 1, The Michie Company, 1991, we can read through “The Constitution of The State of New Columbia.” Ratified in 1982. Why is this interesting at this point in time? Because of all of the mealy mouthed politicians and Lame Scream media talking heads who are bleating the concerns that the Comrades in the Socialist Communist Democratic Party will make D.C. and Puerto Rico two more States and pack the Court. Hey, folks, this was done in 1982 so what nefarious plan are they trying to foist off on us now? As with most politicians, we have to ask ourselves if they intentionally lie or are just plainly uneducated regardless of what expensive Ivy League school they go to…. Or more likely, both. Why don’t you try asking the Congressmen and Senators to explain this one away? How about asking the history teachers in the Fool System where we send out children and grandchildren? Wake up all you Woke Folks who worship at the feet of the Democratic Socialists driving this skewed agenda and learn from Venezuela, Cuba, China, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea and what they have done to their people. Either that, or if you really desire to live under such a regime, simply pack your bags and go there and stop trying to facilitate that onerous system in this country.  Yea therefore and verily I say unto you, the Truth shall set you free, but first it will make you very angry.  Peter K. Stern, USAF Retired – Franklin, N.C.

Tis the season for neighbors

helping neighbors In this season of giving, my friend and I witnessed a very charitable act Saturday afternoon. While sitting in our car eating lunch, we noticed a white car in front of us with a man trying to jack up his flat, right rear tire. He got down on the ground but the jack didn’t seem to work. Pretty soon, a gray truck stopped in front of the white car and three men stepped out and proceeded to assist the man with the flat tire. It all took place in about 15 or 20 minutes, but it struck me as such a charitable act of complete strangers helping their neighbor. Thank you Lord for small but big blessings! Betsey Gooder – Franklin, N.C.

Local postal workers are ‘Our Heroes’ There is a sign at the entrance of the Post Office, it says “Our Heroes” showing up everyday dealing with our postal needs. If you’ve visited the Post Office these past few weeks, holidays are an extremely busy time for the postal staff. God bless them for their strength and pleasant attitudes in dealing with long lines while apoligizing to customers having to wait! Well done, we all thank you! I hope you and your families have a blessed Christmas and a heathy Happy New year. You earned it! With respect, William Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

The best Christmas gift ever

This Christmas season, I have been privileged to once again work for the great shipping company, United Parcel Service, as a delivery driver. One day, I was delivering a long, bulky, very heavy package. I was wondering how I would ever get it to the front door, because there was no garage, and I couldn’t get very close. As I was unloading it, a high school-age boy walked by on his way home from school and asked me if I needed any help carrying it. After graciously accepting his offer, I instructed him on safe handling techniques. We easily carried the box together, and placed it carefully on the front doorstep. I thanked him for the help. He said, “No problem. I just felt like that was what the Lord Jesus Christ would want me to do.” I believe that was no coincidence. God had sent this young man just when I needed him. In a similar way, God saw man’s greatest need, and sent Jesus to be born as a man, as predicted by the prophets hundreds of years prior. He had created man perfect, but with a free will. Man chose to rebel against God. The result was death, disease and suffering for all of us, including even the innocent animals. But God, who is rich in mercy and love, determined that He would redeem us (buy us back from slavery). In Old Testament times, the sacrificial lamb offered as a sin offering, had to be without blemish. It could then provide a temporary atonement (covering) for the people. But Jesus was born to live a sinless (unblemished) life so He could qualify as a sin offering for all of us. Then He allowed sinful men to put Him to death to pay the penalty for your sin and mine. After three days, He rose from the dead, just as He had predicted.  In His birth, life, death, burial and resurrection, Jesus Christ gave mankind the greatest gift ever ­– deliverance from the power of death, and a promise of eternal life for all who place their trust in Him. But you must accept the gift! The best way to celebrate His birthday, is to receive His gift to you! The only requirement is that you must repent (turn 180 degrees) from your sin and ask Him for forgiveness. Then He will give you eternal life in the place He has gone to prepare for His people. Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.