Letters to the Editor for February 13, 2020


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DC swamp still running the show

It should come as no surprise to most of us we have our share of Communists and Socialists in our midst, all committed to destroying history’s most successful system of government. They’ve been around for more than 80 years lurking in the shadows. As Pompeo recently said, the Chinese Communist are very busy in America.
In the meantime we have our share of Trump haters who display an IQ close to the level of a four-year-old kid with nothing more intelligent to offer than Trump filed for bankruptcy along with one million other Americans. At least Trump learned from his mistakes unlike politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who’s only contribution is to copy disastrous Communist and Socialist policies such as collapsed Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela. China, with twice as many billionaires as we have in America is rapidly moving to a capitalist free market system. (Although retaining a dictatorship.)
And yes, I’ve listened to Democrats who believe what we need is a good old fashioned dictatorship to run this country. Of course what they don’t admit to is we already have the DC swamp running things and a political elite class who believe they know what’s best for us. To be honest, our government does not work for us anyway, so what’s new? That became very obvious when we witnessed the Russian hoax and other baloney when the Socialist Dems tried to overthrow our President.
There are those who become absolutely giddy over the idea of supporting a revolution in America and it appeals to their immature, titillating ideas. They are not at all concerned with the potential for millions of lives to be lost.
Many can’t even explain the difference between Socialism and Communism, much less democracy with freedom to live your live as you choose.
Just for the record under Communist rule you own nothing, not even your home or car. All farms are operated by the government.
Your pay comes from the government.
Socialism varies only in the fact you can own private property such as your car or home but in both Communism and Socialism the government owns all business including manufacturing and farming.
Tough luck if you own a coffee shop because it will now be deeded over to your loving government who decides how much to pay you.
Socialist Dems don’t like to talk about the fact that illegal aliens are costing us over $110 billion a year and none want to admit the illegals get free medical care simply because hospital emergency rooms are required to treat anyone with or without insurance.
Ever wonder why hospitals are so expensive now days? Yeah, you pay for the free medical treatment one way or the other.
One could go on and on but it would take 100 pages and too much time.
Is this all our Socialist Trump haters have to offer? Lord help us if it is.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Trump appointed for ‘such a time as this’

The editors of the newspapers here in Franklin are to be commended for printing the misinformation and vitriol in some of the letters sent in. These letters make me wonder if we have a county, state, and nation filled with people who have totally lost any shred of moral integrity. It is frightening to think that our nation, founded on Christian beliefs and high moral standards, has disintegrated into a country of people who have no national patriotism, fidelity, core of character, or slightest interest in the original concept of being a Godly country.
The amount of misrepresentation in these letters is astounding. In one recently, it was emphatically stated that President Trump was responsible for Russia meddling in our 2016 election. In actual fact, it was the political machine of Hilary Clinton and ex-President Obama, colluding with the Russians, which produced the fallacious reporting and dossier incorrectly blaming the collusion on President Trump.
The majority of the rants against President Trump are personal accusations, most of which are wildly false. Reporting rumored and inaccurate stories and baseless fiction is called false testimony, or lies in short! The Bible says that no one is without sin, and no one in this town or any other could claim to live a perfect life. However, these writers, who certainly give the impression of being ultra-liberal, seem to think they qualify to pick up and hurl stones, even when they are baseless, fabricated, and erroneous.
Our President is a businessman who has brought our country back from the brink of a precipice. Through intelligent decisions and statesmanlike behavior, he has accomplished more than most presidents of the previous century, and definitely of this century. I seriously doubt that any of these critics have refused to accept an increase in their paycheck, or 401k, or retirement savings/benefits! He promised in his campaign to “drain the swamp” and work for the American people, and even with unending resistance from the other party, he has succeeded astronomically! He has not been indebted to the career politicians, who are self-absorbed and totally disinterested in serving the needs of the American people, even though they are our “employees.”
I believe that President Trump has been appointed by God Himself, “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Joyce Roberts – Franklin, N.C.

Healthcare situation is only going to get worse

After the politicians of North Carolina were sold a bill of goods by the morally bankrupt corporation called HCA (formerly Columbia Healthcare which was fined in excess of $1 billion for bilking the United States and its CEO Rick Scott invoked his Fifth Amendment rights more than 50 times during hearings), it’s probably a good time to remind everyone that HCA’s responsibility as a for-profit entity is to its shareholders and delivery of quality healthcare is secondary. It’s going to get worse for Western North Carolina.

Brian Cantamessa – Franklin, N.C.

Senators chose to disregard the Constitution

 The president of the United States (no longer to be confused, or considered synonymous with, “Leader of the Free World”) confessed on an almost daily basis to having used foreign aid as a lure to coerce the head of a foreign government (an ally under attack by a common foe) to make a public announcement that it’s investigating his political opponent in the upcoming election.  He’s even bragged about being untouchable because he’s sitting on the evidence while refusing to cooperate or allow certain officials to testify.
Trump was successfully impeached because Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives did their job.   But his trial in the Senate stalled when the Majority Leader – who had already demonstrated his contempt for procedure by arbitrarily strong-arming the previous president out of a Supreme Court nomination – took a similarly bold approach to trivial details, such as hearing testimony from witnesses.
That Senate Republicans would buy into Alan Dershowitz’ cockamamie, inane rhetorical hogwash was extreme even for them. Dershowitz, in defending the president, asserted that since “every public official… believes that his election is in the public interest,” therefore, “if a president does something that he believes will help him get elected is in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid promo that results in impeachment.” And to think, Harvard University actually pays this looney-toon to teach law.
So what are we left with?   We seem to be cursed with an assemblage of elected officials to whom the Constitution of the United States means nothing, to whom taking an oath (in God’s name) means nothing, to whom representative government, checks and balances, democracy, and the rule of law, mean nothing. The United States Senate, by acquitting Donald Trump, has chosen to reject evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the president whose abuse of power the Founders specifically created the Senate to counteract.
Americans have no choice but to conclude that self-centered fear of intervention by Trump into their reelection campaigns has made Republican senators not just supporters of this incorrigible, unmanageable and unchangeable president, but eager accomplices in his aggressive and egregious misuse of executive privilege and (perhaps unwittingly) decisively weakening their own power.
It’s almost as if these senators thought themselves unworthy (with the exception of Mitt Romney (R-UT) of removing this unfit president from office despite their constitutional and moral responsibility to do so if the evidence warranted it and (despite new evidence having been barred from the trial by Mitch McConnell and Republican senators) from what we knew already, this president clearly met the criteria justifying impeachment and removal from office.
No one described the Senate trial better than Ross K. Baker, distinguished professor of political science at Rutgers University, when he said:  “What we are witnessing is a Senate in the act of institutional suicide.”
It has been stated and written in one way or another by so many writers…  the Founders tried to lay what they perceived would be a permanent foundation for a new nation striving toward its ideals and future greatness. They clearly anticipated and feared someone like Donald Trump, and tried their level best to give us the remedies and protections we’d need to shield and preserve our people and our nation.   Unfortunately, because senators chose to violate their oaths and to disregard the Constitution, the safeguards were unable to protect us from the president’s wrongful acts.  Let us hope the Republic the Framers envisioned doesn’t fail as well.

David Snell – Franklin, N.C.


  1. Just a comment on David Snell’s letter. Exactly what did President Trump do “wrong”? He was falsely accused by Adam Schiff, who lied to the American people about what Trump said in his phone conversation with the Ukrainian president. Several people were on the call with him. He released the transcript. Read it!!!!!