Letters to the Editor for February 3, 2022


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Constitution ensures will of people is protected

Democracy is plutocracy’s favorite form of government. Plutocrats can, much of the time, manipulate the democrats into voting how the plutocrats want.  Large landowners are the only ones with motive and means to resist the political will of the plutocrats.  Democracy submerges the votes of large landowners in the votes of the masses; or just eliminates them—war, public lands, regulation of agriculture, tax burden.

Plutocrats rule by myths that unify society and facilitate the acquisition of habits that keep the ruled in desirable modes of behavior: the people rule; the people are the supreme authority, or sovereign; the Constitution of the United States ensures that the will of the people is protected.

In times of stress when the ruled see through the myths and become restive (as by electing a president who is not one of the plutocrats’ stooges), the rulers fall back on fraud to retain their power:  He was elected by Russian manipulation; he is a racist; he incited insurrection.  Subject everyone who dares to support him to governmental harrassment. Appeal to democratic representatives’ self-interested desires for wealth and power.

If the fraud is no longer accepted and resistance begins, the rulers resort to naked force: civil war, Waco, Summer of 2021.  Rumors will be set loose in the land that the war is over slavery or child abuse or social justice, but it will be over retention of power.

No matter.  Always there is a ruling elite.  Such is the way of the world.  Nothing else is possible.  

 George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

In the garden, caught in the devil’s bargain

A friend of mine reminded me of a song that lies deep within a time past, yet speaks of the present. Our younger generation has probably never heard of it. And in older generations it’s just a memory long forgotten.  

Back in the ’60s, I wasn’t totally aware of all the cultural shifts that our nation was facing. We  wanted nothing of our past values, and we were looking towards a new hope with unbound freedoms. There was an event which was to usher this hope into the future, this event was known as, “Woodstock.” Thousands of young people gathered in a unified effort towards hope and peace. Not just a peace from our troubled world, but a peace within the soul of mankind. There was a young singer named, Joni Mitchell who wrote a theme song named “Woodstock.” In her lyrics is the story of life’s unending search for the peace that seems so evasive, yet it’s one for which all mankind has hungered, since time’s beginning. These are the words that have been the cry we all can relate to; the song, “Woodstock”: 

“I came upon a child of God, he was walking along the road, And I asked him. ‘Where are you going?’ And this he told me, ‘I’m going down to Yasgur’s farm, I’m gonna to join a rock ‘n’ roll band, I’m gonna camp out on the land, I’m gonna try an’ get my soul free.’ …  And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. Then can I walk beside you? I’ve come here to lose the smog, And I feel to be a clog in something turning, Well, maybe it’s just the time of year, Or, maybe it’s the time of man, I don’t know who I am But you know, life is for learning….And I dreamed I saw the bombers, Riding shotgun in the sky, And they were turning into butterflies … We are dust…We are golden … Caught in the Devil’s bargain, And we’ve got to get ourselves, Back to the garden.”

This garden is in reference to the Biblical Genesis. It’s amazing in that all humanity seems in want of a newness that our hearts and souls yearn for. Even the atheist is forever in a quest of finding what will quiet our searching hearts for that elusive something. But yet, they mock any Divine faith outside of man, because he becomes his own faith, and he answers to no one. This garden is where there was once harmony within creation, man, woman and their Divine creator. This harmony is what mankind is missing and is so obvious in our present day. The heart and soul aches for all the attributes that are found in our creator, “God.” Humanity has both the imprint of good and evil (God & Satan). Our hearts seek justice, truth, equality, kindness and mostly a love which surpasses any human understanding, yet we never get there. We seek a love so rich and trustworthy that is only found in the Divine God which all mankind wants, but seeks it in his own ways. This goodness and love is His peace for us. Giving our ways or ourselves over to God’s ways, is what fulfills all that we seek in all that is good, for any goodness is of God. So why wouldn’t any of us want what we all seek? Our hearts and souls desires are for an ever lasting harmony and peace, or if you will, “Back to the garden, yet we are … caught in the devil’s bargain.”

Re-thinking life,  

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

WNC team exceeded OCC goal for 2021

I am writing to thank Macon County residents for spreading joy to children around the world this Christmas. Through the generosity of the Macon County community, the Western North Carolina Area Team was able to exceed our goal by collecting over 18,500 shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child, the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind.

Across the U.S., the project collected more than 9.1 million such gifts in 2021. Combined with those collected from partnering countries in 2021, the ministry is now sending more than 10.5 million shoebox gifts to children worldwide.

Through shoeboxes – packed with fun toys, school supplies, and hygiene items – Macon County volunteers brought joy to children in need around the world. Each gift-filled shoebox is a tangible expression of God’s love, and it is often the first gift these children have ever received. Through the continued generosity of donors since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 198 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 170 countries and territories.

Although local drop-off locations for gifts are closed until Nov. 14-21, 2022, anyone can still be a part of this life-changing project by conveniently packing a shoebox gift online in just a few simple clicks at samaritanspurse.org/buildonline.

These simple gifts, packed with love, send a message to children worldwide that they are loved and not forgotten.

Best wishes,

 Brenda Hackett, Media Support Operation Christmas Child of Western North Carolina

It’s important to know the truth

I feel compelled to share some facts that I hope people will consider. There is too much misinformation out there and, unfortunately, even downright lies, so it is important to focus on knowing the truth.

Regarding the January 6th Riots: (1) President Trump repeatedly asked his supporters to demonstrate peacefully. “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” And tweets later: “Please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement … stay peaceful.” And, “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence. Remember, we are the party of law and order. Respect the law and our great men and women in blue. Thank you.” Those who rioted did so on their own, not by order or approval of President Trump. That is a fact. It is also a fact that President Trump suggested that 10,000 National Guard troops be place around the Capitol area to keep in control an anticipated crowd for the rally. If he wanted violence to reign he wouldn’t have suggested this precaution. Nancy Pelosi elected not to do so.

Regarding the Election of 2020: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, donated at least $430 million to send out special operators door to door to “help” process mail in votes, collect them and bring them to voting centers. That this is open to flagrant fraud is pretty obvious and should be illegal. (No one is allowed access to voters when they are at polling places ready to vote.) The money was funneled into left leaning organizations. This is one reason many Americans believe, with President Trump, that the election was compromised.

Regarding the Biden Presidency: Everything in our country has been negatively affected by the Biden Administration’s policies: We all feel it – the worst inflation in decades, manpower shortages due to Covid and people being paid to stay home, supply chain interruptions, gas prices rising substantially, the unprecedented chaos at the border, bringing in Covid, drugs, criminals, and non-citizens, costing millions of taxpayer dollars, etc. What about the unprecedented violence in our nation’s cities because of the  lack of  prosecution of crimes?  Can anyone name one good thing this president has accomplished?

Regarding the Supreme Court: You would hope that the information these justices make decisions on is accurate. Yet here was Justice Sotomayer saying that, “100,000 children have been hospitalized” due to Covid. Not so (though any number is too many). According to the CDC Director, Dr. Walensky, less than 3,500 is the number. This is really disturbing. She based her vote on information such as this as the court considered the vaccine mandate case.

Regarding the push towards Socialism: Another alert: California is getting ready to vote on Cal Care. It says that the state of California will take over the health care system. Your taxes will go directly to Sacramento in return for free health care for all, including illegals. But you see it isn’t “free.” When they can’t pay for it they will resort to “seizing private property” by taxing homes above the local taxes, and the value of any stocks you have even if you didn’t sell them (which is when they would ordinarily be taxed). This is Socialism! Senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation puts it this way: “The truth of the matter is, and it’s not debatable, that Californians will actually end up paying more for health care with this system. … All of these programs over promise, they under deliver, and the consequence of that is that people have lower quality health care at higher cost.” You’ve heard the saying that “As California goes, so goes the rest of the country?” We should all be on high alert and very concerned.

Regarding President Trump’s Veracity: Let’s consider two definitions here: lying and exaggeration. Lying is when you give false information with an intent to deceive; exaggeration is to overstate a truth, to enlarge it. President Trump has so often been accused of lying (intentionally trying to deceive) when in fact he was exaggerating. He seems to often do this to emphasize a point. We need to be diligent to check facts, of course, (as the Justice should have above) but let’s be fair and not call exaggeration lies.

Regarding Voter IDs to Vote: The big question here is “Why is requiring a voter ID “racist” as liberals insist? IDs are available for free so there is no cost involved. IDs are required for many everyday situations like going to the hospital, getting on a plane, volunteering at your local school for example. This is an indisputable fact. It is more than reasonable to require one for voting in order to keep our elections legitimate and the very reason conservatives insist on one. What is “racist” about that?

I get my information from a private news source (billoreilly.com) that has one agenda in mind, and that is to inform us of the facts of what is happening in our world,  what the media doesn’t tell us, and what they misinform us about in order to promote their liberal agenda. I hope sharing this information will help round out your views. I love my country and it breaks my heart to see her destroyed by people who want to change us into the very thing that others risk their lives  to flee from.  Keep praying for our country and be diligent to know the real truth.  

 Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.