Letters to the Editor for January 19, 2023


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We are now living in two Americas

The two Americas that I’m referring to are not as in North or South America. It’s the divided America in which we live. America’s beginning was born out of the dictatorships of Europe and Britain, which gave no rights to the common man, and common man had no say with life’s destiny. Freedom was in such desperate need and want that many left their land of birth to find a re-birth within an unknown land we now call America. 

Seeing the results of decades of the elite dictating to the less fortunate was painful and tiresome to say the least. So this new freedom was sought and birthed not under man, which forever was in failure, but under a Divine direction and understanding that ultimately would give credit to and follow a different manner of living. A different way than what the powerful dictate, it would be the will of the people dictating to governing systems. We would follow and respect a just way to rule, and not the unjust ways of selfishness and pride. A rule which respected all humanity and life, with worth and value. Justice would fall outside the realm of man, because man had proven he could never be just and fair. Much of this was the foundation of the new America in seeking freedom,  for the weak and the strong.  People who sought this new ray of hope and freedom which the world had never seen was likened to the phrase,” A city upon a hill,” which humanity has always sought the world over, which reflects the good and Divine values of God Himself.

We now desire an evolving America, or a, “Woke” america, (small a) which its desire is to cancel anything of the past and what the past has taught us. Education has become the foundation of change,  just as any who want to rule, you first change the hearts and minds of the young, whose minds are tender for what’s put before them.  So man once again starts his journey of replacing himself as god within his own sense of justice, which shows itself in his selfishness and pride.  There’s now the view that there is nothing outside of man, and anything Divine is a figment of the imagination. So much of modern america is pushing in this direction of justifying the will of man, this is also being found within many churches. Just as in the current concerns of teaching young children their possible need or desire to be LGBTQ, (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer), which I believe they have no right to do, this should be soulfully the right and responsibility of parents. Forces within education already seek and assist children with abortions and gender surgery without parental consent. All this is done knowing that the development of children’s minds are not completely developed until their early 20s. And within true science which bears truth of life tell us every individual is made up of either the X or Y  chromosome, which is either male or female. Thus we are created male or female from the point of conception until death and cannot be changed whether by surgery or otherwise. 

Many of us are uncomfortable with who and what we are. It took years for me to find myself within a world which seemed confused and off balance. Man and his view of his goodness seemed much in conflict with God’s goodness. Which God himself claims the source of all things good, true and just. Within man’s goodness anything that opposes man he considers as evil. So man becomes his own standard bearer of what is good and evil. So the goodness of God is always in conflict with man’s thinking of good, which has no foundation because man wants nothing he must answer to. This resolves much of my confusion. I see things as they truly are and why they are what they are and have always been. God’s book of history explains all this in such detail. Which exposes the conflict within man and choices given him in choosing his destiny. This is our freedom to choose this day whom we will serve.                                                                                                                                                                   

What is your thinking on such things? Discussing life openly brings a unity which we all desire.

  Re-thinking life,    

 Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

Established ‘framework’ allows liberty without chaos

Handling any emergency requires repeated training, endless practice, extreme focus, and incredible courage. (Just ask our valiant law enforcement and medical personnel.)

I applaud the multiple roles that teachers must embrace. But it is naive and irresponsible to suggest that teachers assume the role of law enforcement, maintain proper training, and protect dozens of students caught in the crossfire between teachers and assailants.

The designers of The Constitution gave us a “framework.” I’m proud of the educated among us who have added to and solidified that framework allowing us liberty without chaos plus checks and balances on those who live without any concept of reality.  


Beaupré Preston – Franklin, N.C.