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Now is not the time to take on more debt

It’s not that a new school is a bad idea, it’s just that now is not the time and here is the reason why.  The country and the world is about to go into a major recession, or even worst: War. You don’t hear a lot about this in the main stream media but just get on YouTube or other similar sites and they are loaded with videos, from the major economists (Buffet for one), banking institutions, world news organizations and the list goes on and on, letting you know just how bad it is.  Countries are starting to collapse, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Pakistan and yes, China.  The United States is also greatly in debt and ready to default.  Printing more money and extending the debt limit is not the answer, it only extends the collapse and makes it even worst.  

In the USA, massive job layoffs are happening in the banking industry, auto sales, Google, Twitter, Amazon and the housing market, as the result of massive inflation. Major banks are closing branch offices and increasing their requirements for loans.

Now is not the time for any government to take on more debt, especially smaller governments like Franklin and Macon County.

Now is the time to reduce spending to the minimum.  To the minimum!  In essence, to freeze spending.  As inflation takes hold, people will lose their jobs, start defaulting on their car loans, house payments and  max out their credit cards just to put food on their tables. The tax revenue will collapse.  One outcome of this collapse, is that there will be no money to pay government employees.  Some will be fired and others will become part time.

Let me relate the story of one city in Europe.  This took place just prior to the minor recession in 2008.  I remember the basics of what took place but not the name of the city.  The residents were up in arms.  Wanted the mayor to resign over how he was running the city.  They called him a despot and totally incompetent.  He refused to resign.  Then something happened and he became a hero for all Europe to emulate.  Two years prior to 2008, he refused to increase the budget.  In fact he reduced the budget across the board.  Any requests, like building a new park, expanding libraries, everything that was not absolutely necessary, he vetoed. He became a total miser.  Then when the recession hit, the city had the money in reserve to cover the lost tax revenues.  The money was there to keep all government employees, employed.  But most important, the money was there to help the people.  To keep them fed, clothed and sheltered.  He endured years of ridicule because he knew what was going to happen and he put his people first.  A True Hero.

That which is about to take place now, is expected to start  around summertime and just get worse.  So, taking on millions of dollars of debt to build a new school or any debt, is not a good thing to do at this time.  If the people do not have the money to feed themselves, they certainly don’t have the money to pay taxes.  Now is the time to hold on to all the money you can and not take the chance of defaulting on a massive school project.

Jeff Pritz – Franklin, N.C.

They are only seeing what they can get away with

The Cardinal Sin when it comes to classified material: Do not misplace this document! 

If I heard that once I heard that a thousand times as a Marine. I would face a courts martial and then be incarcerated in Leavenworth, a high security military prison in Kansas. I would have never been able to work in banking or finance with that on my record. The FBI had to do a thorough background check of my youth and high school record just to have the secret clearance I had as a Marine. Before I got to Parris Island, I was told this by an intelligence officer at my first duty station.

What has changed over time that in 2023, leaders in America are committing egregious errors in judgment, removing classified material from government installations and bringing them out into public view? These men/woman are supposed to be apprehended along with the loose classified documents that they possess. Nobody reading this would get away with it and today you’d be seeking an attorney to get out of jail. Period. Why is Trump, Biden, Pence and Hillary Clinton above the law? The leaders of this country are urinating down our legs, daring us to question them or imprison them. They are only pushing the envelope to see what the hell they can get away with that we can’t. Throw in the clown Santos from New York for falsifying his work and educational record. Another one, who is in Congress now. Only HE can step down, we can’t take his job from him. You and I try lying about our education or prior work history and we could actually be arrested for fraud, depending upon the employer. We’d be terminated immediately at the least.

This corruption needs to stop and these so-called leaders arrested today. Period.

 Ken Bowden – Franklin, N.C.

January a month to celebrate ‘precious’ life

Over the holiday of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Day, I once again read Dr. King’s speech of “I have a Dream,” which all should reflect on his words and his love for this country and what it was intended to be, even though we stray from its meaning and intent. 

Written within the Emancipation Proclamation was a direction that asked from us all to value life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and justice for all, under a guarantee of unalienable rights, which can only come from Divine inspiration that desires this for all mankind.  King noted that all American citizens of all colors were to be included within this pursuit. He, himself, represented the plight of blacks that had been so mistreated. He pointed out that justice was not justice, as in a letter he wrote, that there are just laws and unjust laws. Which he was pleading for true justice for all citizens of all colors and race. Dr. King is one I truly admired. 

The value of life is a pivoting point for us all to consider. We cherish our freedoms to do as we please within our private lives, which is key to be an American. But it’s also to show a respect outside our private lives,  that our personal choices may not be viewed the same with others. [Sanctity of Human] Life, and Dr. King’s birthday are celebrated within the month of January. Both share a view that being human is valued and life is precious. Taking life should be a rare thing, even within our justice system. This is where I view abortion as a blight on what we value within a respect for life. I understand the thought of doing with your body as you choose and I support you doing so. But to impose your choice toward someone who has no voice, carries a different DNA, and possibly sex, is a non-choice against the innocent. And if it were possible to ask this young life, where its journey is just beginning, “would it be OK if we took your life ?” Do we question what the answer would be? This choice of abortion first came from feminist groups but now has grown into education and governing systems. I wonder, those that think abortion is justified, do they also realize that they may be killing a future feminist, gay or otherwise, which themselves say are valued? So choice is only our choice and no one else’s, freedom is compromise to self. When the Emancipation Proclamation was written, it was written for “all life”… to have liberty, and freedom for all races, from conception til death. So Dr. King and the cause for life share within the same month a common goal and ideals, and that they both share in… “I have a Dream.” A dream for all Americans, of all races who have life within them, sharing God- given unalienable rights of life and liberty for all to enjoy a freedom which man has always been in hope for.  

America has forgone the truest meaning of what we were founded on, the Emancipation Proclamation seems null and void of all it once stood for. Unalienable rights given by a Divine God, are now the selfish demanding rights of  individuals and not a unified people. There seems little, check or balance. For modern man’s enemy seems to be the Divine, for God gives worth to all life and races. Truth, justice and love are shown in His nature and total being. It’s only the Divine God which demands our goodness towards each other, through His example of His goodness, for he Himself is “Good.” He is the check and balance of living life. Everything else draws itself from the pride of man, which has been evident throughout history and history seems destined to repeat itself. But yet for myself –“I Have a Dream.”  

What’s your thoughts? Would you like to discuss this over coffee?  Exchanging thoughts can bring a unity that brings us closer.                                                                    

Re-thinking life,  

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

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