Letters to the Editor for January 7, 2021


Wearing a mask ‘a Christian gesture’

While President Trump plays golf, millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefits this weekend, damaging the economy and forcing some families into eviction and food shortage. The result of the eclipse of the federal relief will be foreclosures, hunger, homelessness, and  suicides. Even when federal relief funds are finally approved it will still take states weeks, maybe months, to get any federal relief money into state unemployment systems and budgets. 

Keep in mind the House of Representatives passed a relief package in May 2020 and the Senate would not even enter the bill into debate.

This disaster would be behind now, if, for just six weeks in the March April time frame, 90% of Americans wore a mask in public, tried to avoid contact with strangers anything closer than six feet, and washed their hands frequently.  We could have avoided seven months of closed retail business and restaurants, curtailed travel, and most important, the strain this virus has put on our healthcare systems. 

Wearing a mask and avoiding contact with strangers by staying home whenever possible is not cowardice or an offense to our Constitutional rights. It is a Christian gesture of our love for our neighbors and a patriotic duty to keep as many Americans healthy as possible. Studies conducted by the most respected medical researchers in every country has shown that masks are 40 to 80 percent effective in preventing the spread of the virus.

The U.S. Armed forces have reported for 10 years that the greatest threat to the safety of our nation is a viral epidemic. They have told us multiple times that we are not adequately prepared to defend against this greatest of threats. 

The vaccines now being distributed will not stem the spread of the virus for another three months at minimum. Please, take care of our family, friends, work colleagues, and neighbors by simply wearing a mask in public places. 

This is not only a Christian thing to do, it is an act of patriotism.

 John Barry – Franklin, N.C.

Another con job from the District of Criminals

The public Fool System (sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “school system” has for many years told our children that there are 50 states in this country.

The District of Columbia was defined by a Proclamation of the President Dec. 23, 1788.

First, we need to understand the true historical background of that 10-mile square piece of land on the Potomac River carved out of the State of Maryland and the State of Virginia in 1800 and called the “District of Columbia”(1 Stst. L. 130 and 2 Stst 102).

There were many chameleon-like changes in the laws in the District over the years as well as land exchanges with Virginia and Maryland

One truly remarkable thing was that in the years between 1861 and 1874,  in 1862, “a new Supreme Court was established.” See D.C. Code Volume 1, Page 9. What happened to the original Supreme Court?

The Act of 1871, Feb. 21, 1871, 16 Stst 419, ch 62 named that area called District of Columbia a corporation.

So, the so-called “government” is really just another big business corporation, a municipal entity.

If you were to read through the Supreme Court decision in The Metropolitan Railraod Company v. The District of Columbia, 122 U.S> 221, 1889, it becomes evident that whatever is happening up there, it has a split personality acting in two different capacities.

That decision at Page 234 clearly says “That the District of Columbia is a separate State (capital S)”  also quoting Justice Marshall in Hepburn v. Ellzey, 6 U.S. 2, 445.

Whoa!!?? Doesn’t that make the count 51 States?

Perhaps, but if we look further and see all of the many “Reorganizations” (what happens to corporations when they go into bankruptcy) and other transmutations of the District of Criminals until we get to 1982, we can look at Page 375 of the District of Columbia Code, Volume 1, The Michie Company, 1991, we can read through “The Constitution of The State of New Columbia.” Ratified in 1982.

Why is this interesting at this point in time?

Because of all of the mealy mouthed politicians and Lame Scream media talking heads who are bleating the concerns that the Comrades in the Socialist Communist Democratic Party will make D.C. and Puerto Rico two more States and pack the Court.

Hey, folks, this was done in 1982 so what nefarious plan are they trying to foist off on us now?

As with most politicians, we have to ask ourselves if they intentionally lie or are just plainly uneducated regardless of what expensive Ivy League school they go to…. Or more likely, both.

Why don’t you try asking the Congressmen and Senators to explain this one away? How about asking the history teachers in the Fool System where we send out children and grandchildren?

Wake up all you Woke Folks who worship at the feet of the Democratic Socialists driving this skewed agenda and learn from Venezuela, Cuba, China, Laos, Vietnam and North Korea and what they have done to their people. Either that, or if you really desire to live under such a regime, simply pack your bags and go there and stop trying to facilitate that onerous system in this country.

Yea therefore and verily I say unto you, the Truth shall set you free, but first it will make you very angry.

Peter K. Stern, USAF Retired – Franklin, N.C.

All Trump thinks about is money

Seems that reading some of the letters, if a man shows respect to his fellow workers, and doesn’t call everyone nasty names, and full of hatred and a bully he’s considered “weak.”  It takes intelegence which Trump don’t have. All he thinks about is money. Thats why he calls our Military losers, as he said. They should have stayed out and make more money. I would hate to think what this country would do with out them. He has shown what a coward he really is. He lies all the time telling the American people how he is so well liked around the world. Yet other countries were shocked to think that 80 million people could vote for him. Guess they all took a sigh of releif when they found out Bidon won. Especially Germany, France, and the U.K. Our Military wasn’t guaranteed any more any place. We were always the powerfull country. Trump has showan what a coward he is, by not being able to take any responceability guess thats why he gets mean and nasty, trying to cover it. He blames everything on every one else. Like all the disorderly conduct, killings and burning a persons business, even to say it was OK for a 15 yr old to carry a miliatry assult weapon. Doesn’t beleive in any kind of gun control, and is trying to blame it all on the Democrates. This has been Trumps country for the past 4 yrs. That makes him responsible. Its easier to blame some one else. A cowards way out. As far as the rest of the world, he will go down in history as the worst president the U.S. has ever had. Sorry! 

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.

Sedition can not be allowed to go unchallenged

“Incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government, or any action (especially in speech or writing) promoting such discontent or rebellion.”  That is Webster’s least complicated definition of sedition and what, in my modest opinion, the president of the United States, 18 states attorney generals, at least 126 congressmen and women, and a multitude of enablers who eagerly signed on to Trump’s ill-advised, short-sighted, half-baked and very, very dangerous endeavor to overtune a free and fair election, are guilty of.

Armed only with consistently debunked conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations of wide-spread voter fraud and the shock of having to accept the short end of the voters’ choice, these men and women enthusiastically sold out their country and intentionally violated their oaths of office in exchange for power and personal gain.

This cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.  These men and women must be charged and held accountable for their misguided adventures that have damaged our country immeasurably and left many Americans permanently distrustful of the essential institutions that have held our nation together and reinforced our democratic form of government for over 200 years.

Zeynep Tufekci stated recently in TheAtlantic.com, Trump’s attempted coup may have seemed “buffoonish” but he’s “writing the playbook for stealing elections.”  It seems to me we cannot just simply dismiss (like it was an aberration) the reality that Trump has wide support in a political party desperately obsessed with retaining power no matter the cost, however grave the loss, even if that sacrifice is democracy itself.

Trump’s presidency has revealed chinks in the armor of our Constitution, severe vulnerabilities in our system of checks and balances and critical, deep-rooted flaws in our approach to law and order.  Most importantly, this president has inadvertently (and most certainly unwittingly) uncovered a harsh truth about the United States of America.   Our institutions (at least in their present form) cannot stand up to such an onslaught that unprincipled and disreputable men like Trump can create.

We may have escaped a disaster ­– this time. This time we elected a totally incompetent, mentally unstable conman unencombered by rational sensibilties.  However, a smarter, more capable authoritarian of sound mind (one less unhinged) and supported by a more dedicated and determined political party hell-bent on destroying democracy – a closer election coupled with the same apathetic and divided electorate – and we’ll have the elements comprising the perfect storm forming a fully realized dictatorship.  Next time we will not be so lucky.  

David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

‘We the people’ philosophy lost in modern world

 I’m so in awe of our founding fathers, men and women with unbiased hearts, writing and setting in place a foundation for America’s direction. Unlike today, they seemed to have had a very unselfish mindset.  They themselves came out of very oppressive governments or kingdoms, with restrictions on speech, religion and personal livelihoods. The government was the end all of everything and people trying to free themselves of this oppression were met with scorn, severe punishment or were made outcasts. I’m thankful that these men and women were neither Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal nor any other label we like to attach ourselves to. They were a unified “we the people,” who sought freedom to live and worship without the heavy hand of a chosen few who would control their lives and their families. 

I truly don’t believe in this modern era, that it would be possible for the men and women to be able to write such a document. If it were written today it would show bias in all forms, from Progressive, Conservative, white, black, and a cause for freedoms of whatever the mind can invent. Which now, it’s no longer “we the people,” it’s the selfishness of “my rights,” my way. We feel the need to rid any of our past history unless it fits our personal gain. Values of the past are changing fast, for the new values of today which have no foundation, for it’s based on what seems good for self and not, “we the people.” Ask most people where their values come from.  See their uneasiness in giving an answer, then ask yourself is this worthy to follow, does it have a foundation, or is it the whim of man?

It’s a harsh statement but political and government system’s seem to run more like a political mafia than a civil government for the people.  It seems people, whether in or out of government, humanity just wants more, but can never say what this “more” is. It’s obvious we are looking for something! Americans are blessed with more freedoms and possessions than ever, and within this, the pains of life seem more evident. We seem to forget, that all we chase comes to an end. All your freedoms and possessions will someday stay for others to pick up and chase where you left off. And this is what we leave our children? In thinking if evolution is true, it seems evolution has played us all for fools. I believe we need to take a hard look within ourselves and why we’ve become what we are. For us and our children, all mankind, for we all want meaning in life, one that makes sense, one that satisfies that longing of heart, mind and soul. I honestly don’t believe confusion of this life is what we were intended for, I believe life to be much better than this. 

Within the  book of old (the Bible),  it tells and answers all that I have written and in greater detail. It speaks of how life was to be but is not. How humanity has struggled with humanity and the forces that beg for allegiance within the soul of mankind. It tells of one who came out of love for humanity to restore  the heart, mind and soul, for each and everyone of us, and He (Christ), is the one who can lead our personal lives out of this internal confusing maze we all are part of, for our internal being manifest itself externally of who we are.  Re-thinking life,  

Deni Shepard  – nds13@frontier.com

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