Letters to the editor for July 21, 2022


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Letter gets quick response from AG Stein

Thank you for the “honor” of being published last week in your newspaper (7/7/22). Hope inflation does not hit our ink and paper costs.

I sent the same letter to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein. He answered me quickly, also by letter. I feel compelled to share his letter with the folks of Macon County since it is my humble opinion that “We the People” are going to have to insist that this sale be rectified, modified or let the lawsuits line up at the courthouse.

I have also included my heartfelt response letter to him.

Folks it’s time to pray and stand and cowboy up!  

 Dear G. M.:

Thank you for taking the time to write to my office.

I appreciate you sharing these concerns so our office can look into them. We will review the information you shared, and as appropriate, refer your letter to the relevant party or take action directly.

I am committed to ensuring that HCA Healthcare complies with the agreement I negotiated during the Mission/HCA transaction. I am also working to ensure that Mission fully discloses its charges to patients and explains its charity care and uninsured patient policies. In April 2020, HCA updated me about modifications it made to its billing practices as a result of the consumer complaints filed with my office.

Finally, whenever we receive complaints about substandard quality of care, we are sharing those complaints with our colleagues at the Department of Health and Human Services.

I remain in continued contact with HCA to learn more from them about their response to the concerns I raised with them last year, as well as the concerns and experiences that you and other North Carolinians have shared with my office since.  As we continue to learn more, we will share this information with the people of western North Carolina.

Again, thank you for your letter. Hearing from people across our state helps me better do my job as your Attorney General. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me in the future.


Josh Stein

Attorney General of North Carolina



July 6, 2022

North Carolina Attorney General

Josh Stein

9001 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Re: Mission Health/HCA Sale

Dear Sir;

I am in receipt of your letter referencing my “Heart Attack” letter. Thank you for your time and attention to this very serious matter.

Being the sixth generation born and raised on the historical Newton Plantation and now having the responsibility of the administration thereof, it was an emotional and financial burden for me to move my life and voter registration to Franklin/Macon County, N.C.

I felt I had no choice but to do so because of my husband’s medical condition, and hence our acquisition of property here. Therefore I shall stand and do everything possible to garner the attention of those in office who will help to correct this “monopoly seizure” of our medical services by way of corporate raiders. I have seen the carnage of these practices before. Franklin folks are my neighbors now. This is my home!

I am aware that there are two lawsuits pending judicial review challenging your negotiated sale contract between non-profit Mission Health and for-profit HCA Healthcare. I pray that you will stop and consider all the information concerning the sale to HCA, follow the money and broken promises.

We must not allow more people to suffer life and death issues when we can correct this. I am ever mindful of Hebrews 12:1 “Where we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.” You and I and the “folks” have the obligation to right this wrong. I hope you will stand steadfast with “We the People” of Western North Carolina.

G.M. Newton – Franklin, N.C.

Express thanks for libraries and staff

Thank you to each staff member of our libraries for your cheerful welcome, your commitment to helping us find information in myriad forms, your patience in dealing with our limited skills with computers, your shared joy as we look forward to a new book.

It saddens me to read the rantings of ignorance among our elected officials and others in the community. Perhaps these folks need to actually visit a library, initiate some research, and open their minds to scientific data and valid accepted truths.

Meanwhile, next time you visit one of our libraries, thank the staff or volunteers who work there. Put at least a dollar in the donation box so we can insure ourselves access to knowledge going forward.

 Beaupré Preston – Franklin, N.C.

Pressure of culture, not science, influencing society

 Not all that long ago, science, culture, and society in general were in total agreement that the two basic make ups of humanity was that of a man and a woman which made up the beginnings of a family. Marriage was between a man and a woman and in the reflection of their love would often come children. This would show itself in science as the parents having separate DNA and their offspring sharing about 50% DNA from both parents, yet the offspring have their own specific DNA which makes up either male or female. This is the “biological” make up. Gender identity is what one feels one wants to be and is mostly carried by outside forces that help further the pursuit in the question of what one wants to be. As far as we know there is no DNA that makes any more distinction besides male or female and a reflection of parents. So it’s the pressure of culture that’s in pursuit of change, not science.

 I’m total appalled and dismayed that school unions and even our libraries promote and display life styles towards children within the earliest grades, I would even take this a step further in asking, why do they do this at all? Something to this extent should only involve the parent or guardian of the child, not “any government agent.” If trying to make any sense of this, those who agree with this type of promotion needs to ask of themselves, is there “any point,” where culture goes too far? This becomes more pop culture, otherwise this would have been a normal cycle centuries ago, and we all would be in agreement. Modern culture says it’s part of our DNA just as in Critical Race Theory (CRT) saying racism is inherent within the white races’ DNA, if this were the case how did President Obama get elected twice? Obviously, the majority of whites voted for him. If we have opened the flood gates of what is not true or scientific at what point do you say enough? Is promoting sex with animals accepted? If things such as this meets gratification, shouldn’t one have a right to pursue it? Sex education now includes pornography in demonstrations of various sexual acts  It’s getting to the point where sex trafficking is tolerated, we hear this daily at our border yet turn a blind eye to what we and government allows, and  innocent lives are destroyed. Yet pop culture says we have a right to do so and no one has the right to say stop, because we have no foundation and everything is clothed in, “I have a right.” G. K. Chesterton once stated, “before you remove a fence you better find out why it was there to begin with,” or else you may be sorry and may never get back what has been lost. We have no fence,  many want to remove our history, government wants the right to do to your children as they please, and they will try silencing the parent, for the parent is the enemy against their agenda. Much of America’s voice has been silenced through our corrupt governing systems, along with the media which carries their message. They no longer speak for “We the people,” and pop culture will gladly take us down the broad path that leads to destruction if allowed. The evidence is overwhelming in our culture and innocent children becoming more confused and not sure just where they belong or who they are, because the culture “stands for everything” and in doing so, “we stand for nothing.”   People seem more depressed, and there seems little hope, and most is the result of the devaluing of human life and its binding structures. The LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) can do as they please , but to bring this to our children for me is unacceptable. If having to borrow from the rest of society, at least allow a grown adult to make their own choice and not sway the innocent minds of children! I, myself, have a cousin with this type of background, I love them deeply, even while not agreeing with the life they live.  The truth of peace, love, justice, is what all mankind wants, but its very foundation comes from the Divine God which this image is upon us all. It’s our choice to pursue or reject the foundation that brings truth in “Life.” For your children, where else do you point where truth for living comes from?  


Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

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