Letters to the Editor for July 23, 2020


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Local law officers strive to help those in crises

Over the past decade, I have had many opportunities to interact with the officers of the Macon County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Franklin Police Department through our local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). It occurs to me that many people may be unaware of the efforts made by our local law enforcement, in addition to their regular responsibilities, to help offenders and those in crisis lead better, safer lives.

I would note:

• A weekly Peer Support Group held for inmates in the Detention Center by trained NAMI volunteers to address mental illness (including addiction) and share information about many community resources available to support recovery when released.

• “Prime for Life” is a 40-hour training offered monthly to inmates by a trained facilitator.

• A Peer Support Specialist sponsored by “No Wrong Door for Support and Recovery” is in the Detention Center regularly and available for individual or group support.

• An experienced therapist is available one day a week to meet with inmates on request on a one-on-one basis.

• NAMI has sponsored a number of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trainings. This is a 40-hour intense training designed for law enforcement officers when dealing with a situation involving an individual with a mental illness (including Autism and Dementia). These trainings demand commitment from both the officers and the administration. These have been well attended.

In all these situations, I have found the officers to be courteous, kind, helpful, and well disciplined. I commend them for the difficult job they do, day after day, with dignity.

 Ann Nandrea ­– Co-founder and Director Emeritus

NAMI Appalachian South, N.C.

Taking down monuments doesn’t solve anything

Seems like there are some who don’t know their history to well. Abe Lincoln is the one that gave the slaves their freedom. Not Martin Luther King. If you destroy Lincoln monument, then destroy Kings monument. No matter what you take down or burn, it just won’t change history. A lot of men died for that rebel flag including an  all black unit from Fla and South Carolina.

The Civil War is long over, better think more about the wars of today. There are many successful black people. Its how you apply yourself, like the many black doctors and nurses. Many hold an office in the White House many lawyers, weather men and women, news reporters, TV commericals, mayor of a town, in movies. Its what you make up in your mind what your goal is. There are many under privilage white people. As far as the treatment from law enforcement has nothing to do with the Civil War or monuments. They need to do more screening before putting a cop on the force. They can train and retrain, but if one is mentally disturbed an unbalanced they got a problem. They should not be put on the force, which I had read in a paper. The man that killed George Floyd, they found did have a mental problem when he was hired. This is for the law enforcement to handel. You don’t solve any thing by burning a place of business or takeing down monuments. Police have also saved a lot of lives. Your house is broken into, everything stolen, who do you call. Any kind of emergency who do you call. Domestic violances. Who’s life is on the line in a drug raid. Its up to law enforcement to make sure they have a dedicated person on their force. They have also been known to deliver babies. There you go.

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.

Argument for officer raises based on misinformation

It was disheartening to read Sheriff Holland state that “an entire group of demonstrators chanted ACAB” during the peace walk for Black Lives Matter on June 12 as if this was the main message of those participating in the march. We were among the demonstrators that walked that day and during the time we were in attendance we did not hear this chant though there was an account of inappropriate chanting after the event.

The majority of those who marched that day included local clergy, educators, medical professionals and families who were there to show support for those in our country who have not had an equal voice or a fair share of those things which have made our country great. We appreciated those local law enforcement officers that were there to assure that we were able to peacefully gather and express our concerns, and I know that I was not the only person there who thanked those I had an opportunity to walk past for their efforts.

Law enforcement personnel should be fairly compensated but the argument to accomplish this goal should not be based on misinformation.  As we have heard so many times this week since the passing of John Lewis: 

“When you see something that is not right, not fair, that is not just, you have to speak up.  You have to say something, you have to do something.”

Kim Leister & Linda Tyler – Franklin, N.C.

Get ready for the New World

Sounds like we’re heading for some interesting times ahead of us.

If you’re white, you are a racist.  Fact is folks are going to have to get their white cars painted a different color or be called a racist.  Not sure what we’ll do about the color of people’s skin if you are Asian, Greek, Latino or whatever.

Even white toilet paper will have to be changed to some other color. Get caught using white toilet paper and you are in for some real trouble.

No more vanilla ice cream, only chocolate allowed.

Next on the list of things to be changed by our new Antifa, anarchists leaders is to get rid of cops.  Who needs cops when we can do away with civilization entirely.

In the meantime, with no police to enforce our laws we will return to the wild west. Religion, based on Judeo/Christian laws will have been outlawed and priests and preachers will be shot as they did in Russia, Cuba and China.

There are several Democrats that I know who will tell you that cops are crooked and always lie about things.

Most of the rioting and looting takes place in Democrat run areas and it seems they are encouraging all this mess in order to collapse our wonderful successful free system and replace it with Communism or Socialism.  

But boy look out, cause you ain’t seen it coming when the military takes over to restore order in our country.

It always happened and the ensuing dictatorship is waiting in the sideline to bring in their horror show.

Women just need to get used to being raped and it won’t be against the law to rape.  Even now we see this situation in NYC where criminals are being released for such crimes as rape and child molestation.

Maybe we need to organize some of our neighborhoods and set up armed defense barriers.  I can get one of Matt Dillion’s pistols and belt buckles, buy some bazookas, .50 Cal. machine guns and maybe even a tank, all to defend ourselves from looters and rioters.


Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

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