Letters to the Editor for July 28, 2022


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A primer on how government is supposed to work

One of the most revealing, declarative statements ever uttered by a politician in the last 50 years was that voiced by Senator Mitch McConnell (R/Ky.) shortly after Barack Obama’s election to the presidency in 2008 when he expressed, in no uncertain terms, “My aim in life is to make Barack Obama a one-term president.”  Please allow those words to sink in.

Those 12 words speak volumes about Mitch McConnell’s (and the Republican Party’s) view on governing.  Someone might remind the seven-term senator; you can pull strings, you can lay down the law, you can exercise authority and you can control – but in a democracy – that’s not governing.

Yes, Mitch McConnell failed in his attempt to make Obama a one-term president, but he did manage to demonstrate (many times over) that obstructionism works.  In addition, he established among the GOP rank and file that not governing, but simply hindering the other side from doing so, is acceptable.

I believe the course heading the 21st Century GOP has adopted is wrong and, in fact, dangerous and severely imperils our longevity as a free nation.  I would remind the Republican Party how we arrived at this point in our history.

Three major concepts define American government and in order to survive we must insure they continue to function as intended.  First, we enjoy a representative democratic type of government, which is framed in and enforced by the Constitution of the United States so that it serves the will of the people and gives them direct access to their government through the political process.  I’m doubtful that a majority of Americans trust even this first component of American government is working as it should.  I certainly don’t.

Second, our government is federal, with powers divided between a central government in Washington, DC and several local governments; states, cities, towns and other authorities and governing bodies.

Third (and this may be the most difficult feature to accomplish), our government is limited in nature, in that the government does not have ultimate authority over the people, each of us has certain rights which (in theory at least) can not be taken away.  Associated with that limited make up (what many refer to as “power distribution”), we commonly know as the three branches of government: Executive, Judicial and Legislative and kept in place (ostensibly) by a system of checks and balances.  Together, these concepts are designed to ensure that the American government lies in the hands of the people (us).

The United States Constitution wasn’t composed haphazardly, willy-nilly, or with thoughtless unconcern. It was crafted by men who labored long and hard to design a document that would stand the test of time and persevere into a future world the framers could not possibly have envisioned.

We’re witnessing how the best laid plans can unravel and go terribly awry.  We have a political party that banishes members who stand up for what is right, who endeavor to tell the truth.  We’re a divided country, those who accept as inviolate the peaceful transfer of power and those who justify violence when they lose.  We live in a country where men and women who do not believe in representative democracy would eagerly overturn the outcome of an election based on fake and fraudulent claims.

Those of us who believe in democracy, who took an oath to defend it, are obligated to push back against those who would destroy it.  Former president Trump incited an armed attack on our nation’s Capitol which cost several defenders their lives.  He must be indicted for sedition for attempting to overthrow the government of the United States.  To do otherwise will have unimaginable and incomprehensible consequences creating an incalculable danger to our Republic.  

 David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

New best friend saved his life

You saved my life! Over five years ago I had a heart attack. My heart stopped beating for 25 minutes. After three days, the doctor woke me up from a coma and told me that I had died, but he brought me back to life. Later, the doctor advised me, because I weighed over 500 pounds, I must eat less, lose weight and exercise or I would not live a good life. I listened to him and a month later I went back to work 20 pounds lighter. 

I was happy to be living and working again, but I felt there was something missing. I prayed five or six times a day. Then one day, I woke up and God told me “I am sending you someone that will change your life for the better! You’re going to feel happy and feel better about yourself.” I said a prayer of thanks and went to work that day. The next day at work was when I heard the name of my best friend. She was just hired and when I met her, that’s what saved my life. She helped me start exercising and losing a lot of weight, and before you knew it, I had more energy, I was feeling better and looking better. 

To this day I am still working out and keeping my weight in check. I thank God she came into my life and is always there, good times or bad. I am very proud of my hero – she is graduating college and is in the military – and I am so grateful to her. I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you to the one and only Caitlyn Goembel.  

David Scott – Franklin, N.C.

It will take a miracle to fix healthcare in WNC

It appeared to be a ray of hope that the NC Attorney General answered my humble letter regarding our loss of medical care and services here in Macon County. I penned another short letter to him again concerning the fear we had of losing our cardiologist. His letter of response came a day or two later.

Then I knew that my efforts were all in vain. He sent the same letter as the first time, word for word! Just a “rubber chicken” form letter just like another RN in Asheville had received, exactly the same! Well, at least he admitted that he had negotiated the dirty deal.

Then there is the ex-elected official that told me if I would write a letter to the editor about our experience he would come along side and write about the situation because he had confidential information concerning the sale. So much for that! He hasn’t written a word yet! Am I to surmise from this that politicians will lie?

Then there’s the old Bob Dylan phrase – “You got a lot of gall and all,” which applies to the Attorney General attending a fund raiser (grabbing money) in Asheville a few days ago for his re-election. Really?

Didn’t hear anything about him going to Mission Hospital to see the “trash runneth over” entrance to the emergency room, or the dead bodies in the hallways or the man who laid waiting for 10 hours in emergency with a blood clot and no one to care for him, or the water outage on an entire floor with no commodes flushed, no water to wash hands with or drink and the staff cut way back. They immediately made a 10% increase in everything on every bill but cut the pay for all those wonderful nurses and staff. Got to make that bottom line multimillion dollar revenue for the stock holders and maintain that $20,000,000 per year salary for the CEO.

Don’t take my word for all this. Just go to Mountain Maladies on Facebook and read all the “heartbreak” you could ever imagine.

I’m really sorry for all the folks here in Franklin and over in Asheville and all the new patients to come with accidents and acute emergency situations. To change this “monopoly seizure” and subsequent corporate greed we’re going to need a miracle and an exorcist. Anybody got ties to the Pope?

Obviously our politicians are worthless as teats on a boar hog! God bless all y’all,

In the Spirit,  


G.M. Newton – msgreta@gmail.com