Letters to the Editor for March 18, 2021


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If we don’t stand up we will lose the war

This is a letter for us.

The left, the right, the independents and especially you woke people, the Black Lives Matter programs.

I will digress for a moment now.

I was born in 1933, will be 88 in March. Seventy percent of all of you, the people, will not even know what I’m talking about. 

I was 12 years old when the troop trains rolled through our neighborhood in Iowa, me and so many other kids would line up as the train came and slowed down just for us. Why? They were all soldiers on board and they would throw change, nickels, quarters, dimes and pennies, out the windows to us as they passed. We scrambled to get even two coins, so many kids.

I would take mine to my mother of 11 and she would save every day until she could buy flour and sugar with her war stamps she received, called rationing stamps to me. There was no money, little food, we were at war with Hitler, World War II. She got us all to school then off to her job as a riveter for the government welding factory to make planes to fight the war; everyone suffered poverty together.

Now to get to the heart of the story.

Hitler, the monster that 90 percent of our youth even know who he is and what he was to grab more power and control of everyone decided to burn all the books in Germany and if you don’t know what I am talking about, go to your history books and learn what you need to know today.

The people – all the people – did not stand up against this grab for power. We nearly lost that war. God was on our side, we didn’t. But, here we go again. It all started a long time ago attempting to cancel We the People and did. We didn’t stand up and they are winning.

Hitler used a need for power for his awful history. The woke group, Black Lives Matter and all other groups that hate America are using race to cancel We the People. The most recent is takeover of our books, our history, our rights, our freedom of speech. Hello? We are doing it again. We did not and are not standing up. Neither did Germany.

For God’s sake, you Republicans, my family, just keep failing us, We the People. When the history is gone for all of us and children, then we go to artifacts, everything. I feel if we don’t for once stand up we will lose this one. That means you, too, on the left, you, too, with your cut woke, you, too, with those pushing race to have power. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it all, so good luck. I lost my husband but he was fighting for the Standup. 

Ellen Young – Franklin, N.C.

HR1 mandates creates avenues for fraud

Here, I believe,  is the “rest of the story” on HR1, the so called “For the People Act.” The title makes it sounds really good doesn’t it? But a closer look will give you pause. According to the Conservative Caucus, this bill about “voting reform” includes:

1. Banning photo ID’s or ID’s of any kind.

2. Mass mailing of unsolicited Mail-In Voting Ballots with prepaid postage

3. Automatic Voter Registration

4. Voting rights for illegal aliens and felons

5. Election Day registration

6. Online Voter Registration

I, for one, am mystified by objections to photo ID’s being required at the voting booth. You cannot board a plane without one. Anyone can get one for free at any DMV licensing site. It assures that the person who is voting is that person. Seems very simple and secure to me.

Not only would mass mailing put undue financial burdens on States (printing and postage), but it would leave the field wide open for abuse and fraud. It makes no practical sense. If someone wants to vote by mail, they can request an absentee ballot as has been the case for decades. Voter registration should be an easy process, yes, but it should also be a careful and regulated process to avoid fraud.

And why on earth would we want to allow illegals to vote? By legal definition they shouldn’t even be here, so why should they be having a say in our elections?

According to the Conservative Action Project, this bill also gives the federal government a lot more power over the states, which is always a dangerous move; it changes the Federal Election Commission, now a neutral body, into a 3-2 make-up, thus giving it partisan control; it “mandates” voter registration instead of allowing free participation by citizens; it starts registering minors at 16 years of age which again, can lead to fraudulent votes being cast ahead of time; it prohibits election observers from cooperating with election officials to file formal challenges to suspicious voter registration activity; it even limits the ability of states to cooperate to see who may be registered in more than one state.

These would be “mandates” not electives!

While we need to take a closer look at our electoral process with the goal of improving it, these provisions  are not only suspect and illogical but dangerous. They could only make the process much more open to fraud and give the federal government more control over the states.

Taking a closer look at HR1, I would certainly discourage anyone from supporting it.  Tell your Senators “NO” to HR1.  

Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.

Please keep pets at home for their safety

Free roaming pets. I’m asking please keep your pets safe by using a leash, tethering or fencing. Yesterday my wife and I were returning from grocery shopping. We were on Patton Road near the intersection of Belden Road. As we drove I noticed a young man and lady cleaning debris from the side. We drove past and all of a sudden a dog crossed in front of me. I hit the brakes but couldn’t stop in time. As I looked in my rear view mirror I could see the dog laying in the road and the young boy running up the road. I went and turned around asap. The boy had the dog in his arms carrying it. We stopped and ask if we could help. He said no she’s dead. We apologized and told me she just ran out and I couldn’t stop in time. He said it’s ok. Mom then came and we apologized also to her. She said it’s ok. I am so sorry to that family for causing you grief. It has had a toll on us. We have two dogs now and urns of four others. 

I’m asking please restrict your pets. We live in Patton Valley and we can’t walk our dogs because of strays. Macon County has a leash ordinance but very difficult to enforce. They say call animal control. I beg you please keep your pets at home for their safety and your peace of mind. We’re very sorry for the loss.  


Richard Duane Kinninson – Franklin, N.C.