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We the People deserve equal treatment

The only thing constant in life is change, and change can be scary.  I get that.  But change has been coming, and it is here.  

For centuries, racism has been the law of the land, starting with genocide and slavery.  The victors wrote the history, and who were the victors?  Rich white men.  

Who owned the presses, enslaved other people, wrote the Constitution, wrote the laws, and forced on everyone what they thought was right?  Rich and middle-class white men.  White women, and even white men who didn’t own land weren’t allowed to vote under the original Constitution, yet how many renters today are all about the “original” Constitution?

I am a white middle class man, but I know that at every turn, I have benefited from white supremacy: the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, the schools I attended, the mortgages and insurance policies of my ancestors that have led to wealth over generations, and even the jobs I have gotten, as other people weren’t able to compete given the strikes against them that they did not earn.

To listen to too many entitled white folks across this country today, you would think that white folks are the victims of racism.  Where is this idea coming from?  Fox “News” and other right-wing media outlets are filling the heads of tens of millions of Americans with this lie.  

“With liberty and justice for all” has been a farce, as has been the ideal of equal opportunity.  Native, Black, Hispanic, Asian, and others have had their property and land stolen from them, often their very freedom, lives and children at various times throughout U.S. history, and now conservative rich white men want to convince the rest of us that somehow white folks are the victims.  

Now that more and more folks on the losing end of the brutality are insisting on equal rights, Fox etc claim that they are using race to cancel We the People.  The fact is just the opposite: oppressed folks are saying that all of us, not just white, are part of We the People and deserve equal treatment and opportunity.

The prediction is that whites won’t be the majority in the U.S. by 2050, but whites will still make up the largest group.  Apparently, that scares the bejesus out of a lot of white folks, especially the Fox viewers.  Maybe they are afraid that folks will treat white folks as badly as white folks have treated everyone else over the years.

So what are scared white folks to do?  Cancel democracy: restrict voting, more gerrymandering, more fear, more hatred, more scapegoating, more discrimination, more brutality.  And that is exactly what we saw Jan. 6 in Washington DC. 

While most of these scared white folks claim to be Christian, they don’t seem to trust God to keep them safe, and they are turning to what Jesus was against: violence and corruption.  

True Christians love their brothers and sisters, neighbors near and far, similar and different.  That is what He has called us to do.  

As Dr. King said, “We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.”  

Dan Kowal – Franklin, N.C.

Documentary could reveal plight of interracial families

Calling Ken Burns! Calling Ken Burns! We need you to get busy on a new documentary. It should cover two current movements in America. One: What is the prevalence of interracial families in America today? We dwell on events as though they are clearly black or white. But, the faces and skin we see on TV are seldom predominantly black. Most are light brown, tan or almost white. Show us what happens inside the families where one parent is black and one is white. Or other mixes. What do relatives feel? What do they say? Is there some chance that racial tolerance is progressing in spite of daily stories of prejudice and hatred? What effect are contemporary interracial commercials having on people’s attitudes toward race?

Two: What is happening to wealth in America as a function of interracial children? Please show us that love trumps racial prejudice when people die and leave money to their mixed-race descendants!

Your documentary, Ken, will help people see that America is rapidly becoming a country unlike any other in history.

Most Americans will understand. Most will embrace our new destiny.

In John Steinbeck’s 1952 classic novel “East of Eden” we are reminded of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. As told, Cain may have felt rejected by God and in anger killed his brother Abel. In the novel Adam Trask’s Cantonese servant Lee said this to him:” The greatest terror a child can have is that he is not loved, and rejection is the hell he fears.”

Is Lee’s statement not just as true for those who are born in America and yet must bear the weight of knowing that some people believe they are superior to them simply because they have a different set of genes (over which they had no control)? Is prejudice not actually a form of rejection like that which Cain felt?

For those who profess to be Christians are you sure you want to take part in the rejection of some of the people your God created? Get on it, Ken!  

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding pet projects

My family has lived in the Cowee area for over seven years and enjoy the old school’s facility from time to time.  My daughter (and many other kids) esp. likes the playground, and the picnic area is useful for get-togethers, so this letter is not against spending money on recreation in general. However, I object to the recent approval of $10k of taxpayer funds to upgrade the basketball court. When it comes to operating the Cowee School property which is owned by Macon County, the tax payers have continually supported its functioning despite it being a nonprofit.  (This fact that we taxpayers own the playground, etc. also reveals that the public should NOT have been prohibited from using those facilities at our own risk during the 2020 COVID hysteria promoted by federal government fearmongering and pure lies. Roping off the playground for a period of time was inappropriate and completely wrong).

Commissioner Paul Higdon should be commended for his vote against spending the county’s funds on an unnecessary project that will likely require more taxpayer money in the future to upkeep.  Macon County already has too many expenses of upkeep and maintenance brought about by good intentions. The Cowee basketball court’s usage (even during COVID craziness) does not warrant a $20k makeover.  A simple chain net on the goal would have been a nice and inexpensive upgrade for the amount of use it receives.  While it is noble and generous of a private couple offering matching funds towards this project, the commissioners’ jobs are to go about spending other people’s money in the proper way.  In this case, the Cowee School Arts and Heritage Center should have applied for funding through the county’s nonprofit funding pool rather than request money from the county’s contingency fund.  Now, what’s to keep any 501(c)3 organization in Macon County from appealing to the taxpayers for any pet project whatsoever if someone is offering matching funds? In this current day and age of reckless spending and fiscal chaos across the state and federal levels, Macon County taxpayers expect the commissioners to apply impartial consistency in our local government’s project appropriations and carefully study the concept of ROI (Return On Investment).  No one wants to have taxes raised later in the future because there were too many “bright ideas” that require later maintenance and upkeep.  Many small things always add up.

In this case, IF the proper channels were gone through by applying for money through the county’s nonprofit funding pool and $10k was then approved, that would be fine even though the ROI would be debated.  But, the fact that citizens’ money was spent in the name of compassion, does not make it right to abandon proper channels.  Taxpayers desire that consistency be maintained so that our entire community benefits and there are no needless conflicts.  Thank you to Commissioner Paul Higdon for pointing this out with his dissenting vote on this specific project and for his continual commitment to fiscal responsibility and common sense in government.       

Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

HR-1 bill an abhorrent legislative act

Big money “For the people” or just another government scam?

What have comrades Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Harris and the other similarly inclined anti-American Democrats done for you with the HR-1 Bill that they jammed through Congress without Republican support?

Oh, wow! They are giving everyone $1,400! Aren’t they generous and benevolent? How wonderful!  Do you have a warm and fuzzy feeling about that?

These totalitarian government advocates are also giving that money to illegal aliens who are criminals by virtue of violating Federal immigration law and are inviting millions more to criminally breach our borders and be supported by lawful Americans.

Do the simple high school math. They are spending 1.9 trillion dollars we don’t have (just speed up the printing presses and print more fiat “money”) to spend and must “borrow,” probably from China.

Divide that by the approximately 250 million adults  and you will quickly see that what they are doing in this one abhorrent legislative act will cost every adult American $7,600.

This is a net bookkeeping loss to you out of your pocket and that of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. What kind of a deal is that?

The over 22 million illegal criminal aliens (and thousands more arriving every week) won’t be having to pay a penny for this largess. They are off the tax rolls and being supported by your work product.

At the same time HR-1 strips away protections against voter fraud, funds campaigns with taxpayer money at $7,200,000 per candidate, allows for everyone, American citizen or not, to vote in federal elections, forbids voter ID, imposes Federal control over elections in the states in violation of the Constitutional reservation of the Power to State Legislators in Section 4 of Article 1, and a number of other equally onerous things.

Through it all, if you listen carefully to what the Democrats and their Lame Scream media propagandists are incessantly telling you, you will hear “Sit down, shut up, and toe the party line or we will punish you!”

How do you who voted for these lying Democrats like this abhorrent Socialist/Communist rip-off you have helped foment and empowered them perpetrate on our land?  

 Peter K. Stern

USAF Retired – Franklin, N.C.

Seasons change on earth and in life

We all have some amazement of the changing of seasons. We go from spring to summer, then fall into winter, each has its own differences and distinctions as they touch our hearts with their specialty of awe and wonder.  There are other changes of seasons as well. Within the lives we live there are, life’s seasons. The season of childhood in discoveries of the world around us, in displays of endless colors and shapes. The season of youth coming into adulthood and learning just how to think and fit as they enter into the uncertainties of a vast and changing world. Then there’s early mid-adulthood which builds and tries balancing the demands of family, career, and the pleasures of what is to be, the good life. Last is the season of older adulthood, supposedly the golden years, when we look back at the journey we have taken and either are saddened or are satisfied of just where life has taken us. Everyone of us has this journey or seasons of life, just as nature has its seasons, we either walk or are forced into each season. 

It becomes evident that as we enter each season of life we’re in need of being informed or making wise choices for each season we are to enter, for if we don’t, we suffer or have difficulties which otherwise could have been avoided in making the journey of life more satisfying and rewarding. As for many, I myself wish I could have done some things differently, but overall the seasons of life have been rewarding even within the hardships of life. 

We are each given “time” here on earth, and for some, time or the season is cut shorter than for others, all the more reason that each season follows a guidance that is true and trustworthy which has reason and purpose. Everyone feels that there is something more which lies beyond this time which we are given. All governing systems, from times beginning hasn’t satisfied man’s quest for that elusive something we seem to be in search of,  yet feel someday we will. There seems to be something beyond us that calls out to be found, something that connects the depths of heart and soul of each of us. Something beyond human systems which are forever failing and in deep disappointment for each of us, something outside of time. 

There is no me, in a human materialistic way, we can be sliced and diced, if you will, but once the body is gone and decays we are just minerals and elements that revert to dust of where we came from. The me, is nowhere to be found. This is where eternity begins and time is no more. Time had a beginning and will also have an end, for us as well as creation itself. We sense we are made for this something beyond, or a spirit type existence. Scripture tells of all we are and what we all feel. Man’s search, wants, and failures for all seasons of life are shown in detail and there is always shown within the mix, God’s love asking for us to believe in Him and all he desires of life making sense for all time and all seasons, and for all eternity with Him, this he wants for each of us.  We each have a destiny that is real and we each will live in an eternity of our own choosing.

 (Ecclesiastes 3:11) He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Re-thinking life,   

 Deni Shepard –  nds13@frontier.com

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