Letters to the Editor for May 5, 2022


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Inflation hurts consumers, but not corporations

Is your family’s budget being stretched at the pump and the grocery store? When you have to pay higher prices at the checkout, remember that much of these higher costs are the result of huge corporations controlling the market and raking in larger and larger profits. 

Sure, there are other factors affecting the economy such as supply chain issues and restrictions due to the war in Ukraine. But when markets are competitive, corporations have to keep their prices as low as possible to attract customers. And when manufacturing costs rise, corporations can absorb them instead of gouging their customers with higher prices. 

It’s no big news that the price of chicken, beef and pork has soared. Did you know that four giant meat- processing companies (Cargill, Tyson, JBS SA, National Beef Packing Co) control 55-85% of the meat market? And when these corporations control that much of the market, they can control the price. Consumer prices go up and corporations record profits. In this case, these four corporations reported a 120% collective jump in their gross profits since the pandemic. 

What about toilet paper? Three corporations (Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Clark and Georgia-Pacific) produce 80% of toilet paper. These corporations reap record profits and workers who do not receive wage increases or retirees on fixed incomes are hit the hardest. 

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, then prepare to pay 16% more this year. Amazon says it’s because of increased costs and inflation. In 2021, Amazon reported gross profit of $197.48 billion. That is $197,480,000,000 in profit – in just one year. And it’s a 29.3% increase over profits reported for 2020. 

When is enough profit enough? 

Huge corporations are raising prices because they can, because they have no competition; they use “Inflation!” scares to raise prices and gouge consumers. These same huge corporations are reporting higher and higher profit margins than ever before.   


Jean Wright – Franklin, N.C.

 A sickness in ourselves and in our land

 Most of us become aware of just how sickness affects what was once a healthy active body. It becomes apparent that we who even in the best of youthful health, over time have to deal with the aging process that in our youth thought was impossible, but then becomes more realized than ever imagined. Sickness, pain and that of aging seems no one escapes. We see its evidence viewed daily as we share life’s journey. 

But the question of why does a lingering disease or the pains of life have to be there in the first place? Many come to despair and lose faith in what faith they had, seeing humanity has forever been asking this daunting question of pain and suffering since time’s beginning. Science and medicine have made great strides in lessening pain and suffering, to what seems many will face. Many question if there is a God, why does he allow such things? Why, if the simple need of rain is withheld for the survival of innocent children, why would God ignore such a need as this? 

Whether the pain of death comes quickly or seems a long enduring process, it is one we all must face. I myself understand, yet do not fully understand why this is. God deals with our brokenness, and makes Himself known even in the midst of brokenness. But a question that seems ignored but must be asked is why man places suffering and pain on his own mankind? Why does he go to such great lengths with corrupt manipulation and evil desires to get what he wants, why does this come with such ease when doing good towards others is the better, rewarding road? If through our DNA and the evolutionary process we are to better ourselves through millions of years, we seem no better than mans earliest recorded beginnings. So DNA nor evolution has given us a better human being, if man has evolved any it would seem in today’s world he has regressed to yet a even more corrupt nature. 

We struggle mentally and physically when we see loved ones suffer pain and sickness through no fault of their own. But it’s the pain and suffering imposed by man himself that I struggle with the most. Especially as here in America, as in no other nation before, sought out a direction for all its people to  strive and seek justice, freedom, equality and a peace that all humanity has hungered for. This was a far reaching goal with many setbacks, but if never strived for it would also never be realized. This goal is what all mankind wants, but at the same time is more often corrupted by man himself in the evil pursuit of selfishness and pride. This seems most evident today than ever before, and we feel the tention and uneasiness throughout the world over. 

We have no answers for our children nor for generations to come, except in hope man will become something better than he is now. I know many reject God and their reasons are many, but within one of the oldest books in history, the Bible, has fortold all of history in the pain and suffering of both the physical and the internal, past, present and future. So really all of what we live, is no surprise, we just wish it was different. And this difference is what the Divine God wants for each of us. It basically falls under: do we want to empower ourselves and self pride and get more of what we currently have or do we want to give ourselves to God and find His peace, justice, equality and a love that yet can not be fully explained, but yet realized? This would be a renewed beginning of healing of the “Sickness in Ourselves and in Our Land,” where else do I turn?

Re-thinking life,  

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

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