Letters to The Editor for November 12, 2020


A letter to me from a gleeful foe

“We have been trying to get rid of Trump for four years, because he doesn’t represent the sheep, or represent us, your Compassionate Helpers. So, this time around:

“1. We scared the sheep about a cold virus, so badly that they became hysterical and would do anything we told them to do, like wearing face masks and not touching each other and (the best) locking themselves down in their homes.

“2. We changed the emphasis on deaths from the cold virus to “cases,” since there weren’t enough actual deaths to keep the scam going; also, we exaggerated the number of deaths and cases by about 1,000 percent.

“3. Then we told the sheep that they would be killing others if they physically came out to vote, so they should vote by mail. We had our friends at the postal “service” send mail-in ballots to everyone. Then millions of mail-in ballots were harvested from the sheep; sometimes a few bucks were passed along.

“4. At the same time we had our friends in the national media maintain that the Democrat presidential contender was a shoo-in to win, no problem (thus, why bother to vote, non-sheep?); they also did a great job of keeping the virus hysteria at a high level. People were clamoring for an untested vaccine (more $ billions for our friends).

“5. Then, when it was time to count the votes, our election friends (heroes) did what they had to do to keep Trump from winning (even though he probably did.) We made sure that if a state was too close to call, it was taken care of, by hook or crook, so to speak.

“6. As a bonus, we rid the country of thousands of probably millions of those nasty non-essential small businesses, and made ourselves hundreds of millions of dollars at the same time (thank you, taxpayers and the printing press). We also trimmed the old people population along with other useless eaters.

“7. We found our how incredibly ease it is to get the sheep to do whatever we want. (Fear works.)

“And, there you have. Democracy in action.”  


Stephen Crosby – Franklin, N.C.

What should Christians pray for the most?

Your heart may be heavy and sometimes filled with fear these days. That seems to be true for most of us these days. When we fear though, we’re not fully trusting God like we should. Believe me, me and my family know. Our daughter Rosea makes a trip with us in her car every three weeks to Newnan, Ga., below Atlanta. We both are cancer patients. I’ve finished treatments for a while, maybe a long while. My wife Darlene will be getting one every three weeks until next July, God willing. With all this stress in life, how do we cope? The answer is very simple. Prayer is the answer to all our problems We’ve gone backwards in America for too long. It’s time to pray like the old days. We need to pray for each other. We need to pray for the leaders of our country. The Bible tells us, I think, if I’m not mistaken, to pray for “all those in authority.”  

I’ve never read and studied the Bible like I should have, I guess. I’ve listened to some great man and women of God, though. They’ve read and studied it most of their life. The Holy Spirit lets me know when they are right or wrong. Every Christian has that helper inside.

Yes, we need to pray more these days. Most of all though, we need to pray for a Great Revival in America. Hopefully, I will pray more for this.


Jerry R. Holden – Franklin, N.C.