Letters to the editor for November 20, 2018


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The major danger to our democracy

We are witnessing two challenges to the U. S. system. Federal congress members are supposed to represent their constituents. The last 40-plus years have seen the Democrat party organize to vote as a block. The Republican Party has finally learned how to respond by becoming nearly a block voting party, also. Socialism is causing the doom of the U. S. The erosion of property rights, individual rights, and the regulation of market competition cause a faster decline and failure.  Some socialist societies seem to be succeeding. But that is an illusion. They can survive only by using Other Peoples Money (OPM) to pay for some of the nations needs. For example, the U. S. is helping defend the EU in NATO. We should withdraw from NATO. Even then some are not paying their full weight. The U.N. uses U. S. money for little benefit to the U. S. The U. S. should quit the dictates of others unless they also pay their own way. Global warming funds are another way for nations to obtain money from the U. S. International trade with friendly nations that support themselves is our best way forward.  All socialist societies fail. The only question is how fast? Remember the socialist in the U. S. praising Argentina just a decade ago? What do they think now? Many socialist countries claim success. But their source of OPM is often hidden such as depending on others (the U. S.) to pay part of their nations burdens such as defense. Their success is in convincing others (the sucker U. S.) to pay their costs. That socialist societies fail is not the issue. The issue is how fast? The U. S. has been becoming a socialist society since Teddy Roosevelt. Then came FDR and the “new deal”. Then JFK and LBJ and the “Great Society.” The OPM part of the trend is provided by the long-term debt the U. S. is incurring. Businesses use long term debt to pay for long-term investments and short-term debt that is repaid within a year to pay current costs such as labor. The U. S. is using long-term debt to pay current costs. This is a signal of a troubled business and a troubled country. Another sign is the worsening income inequality. Socialism causes greater income inequality. Argentina and other nations have demonstrated socialism is the cause of income inequality not the cure.  The national debt is at such a level that repayment is unlikely. The burden is on our children and grandchildren. The only way out of the past socialism is repudiation of the debt. The repudiation may be controlled by our action of stepping back from the brink of failure or be uncontrolled with severe damage to the U. S.  Trump is attempting to bring us back from the edge of collapse. Of course, the socialists would rather have us disintegrate. If we voters fail to support him, we all fail as Argentina is doing.

 John Hodge – Franklin, N.C.

All have a right to be and to be heard

To Ms. Duvall: Your attack letter in the Macon County News of November 8 (it cannot be named a considered opinion) was a lamentable and unfair smear of political and social conservatives of our country. You have urged us to seek medical attention to correct our deplorable values and to desist forever from voicing any opinion differing from your own. That’s not how things work in the democracy in which both of us live. At least it will be so unless the growing mob violence that you and yours espouse in today’s cultural climate eventually overwhelms us. Most citizens of the United States are moderates – you’ll find us somewhere along the middle of the political and social spectrum. There are unreasoned right-wing fundamentalists, of course, and there are vicious extremists on the left where you reside. Nevertheless, all are to be recognized as people with the essential right to be and to be heard. But your attitude of unrelenting hostility eviscerates any move to civility and reason. It’s a classic case of seeing a sliver in another’s eye but not perceiving the 4×4 in your own. How can any orderly civilization endure amid such hot hatred? Most moderates (I among them) strive to be tolerant but we are not necessarily accepting. Your long list of dreadful name-calling and baseless accusations are hereby refused. I will continue to speak and vote according to conscience and with all the wisdom I can muster irrespective of your character assaults and mean-spirited denunciations indiscriminately thrown upon us. Donald Trump won the last presidential election, Roxanna, because most of America wanted him. Get over yourself. By the way, don’t follow your own advice and check into a hospital. Those compassionate professionals there do wonders for cardiac disease but can do nothing for vitriol of the heart.

Bernie Calaway – Franklin, N.C.

Narcissistic egomaniac easily recognizable

There’s narcissism – a trait in some who derive immense gratification from being appreciated and revered. There’s egotism – the practice of constantly talking and thinking about oneself due to an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Combine the two and you have a narcissistic egomaniac. This person is intolerably self-centered and has a sense of entitlement. They have a deep need for excessive attention and admiration. They have troubled relationships and lack empathy and compassion for others. They can be manipulative and demanding. They are adept at blame-shifting and rarely apologize for anything. They have a low level of maturity. People who have this affliction lack the ability to handle criticism and the ego takes a real hit when it happens. But they do have a strong defense mechanism to deal with it. If you go against them, if you question their motives, if you criticize their looks, their body image or their reputation, they will retaliate against you by making your life a living hell. They obtain great satisfaction from your pain or unhappiness. They build themselves up by tearing others down. When a person with this abnormality ascends to a position of power and authority, the ego grows and the symptoms intensify. The person becomes overt, showing themselves openly and without reserve, believing that they can say and do anything without repercussions. Maybe these words remind you of someone. If they do, you may feel alarmed and concerned. If they don’t remind you of someone or if the words mean nothing to you, then that may be the most alarming thing of all.

Annette Bell – Otto, N.C.

America needs a political Reformation

The Democrats have done tremendous damage to America in their effort to overthrow President Trump. North Korea and China, and to some degree, Europe and South America, will no longer negotiate with him in their belief that he will soon be overthrown. Tens of thousands will die from drugs from Mexican cartels and the Democrats feel that getting Trump out of office is more important than people’s lives. One would have to be asleep or unconscious to not realize we are in the middle of a civil war with one side attempting to replace our Democracy with Socialism. There is nothing wrong with President Trump although he fights back like a street fighter when he is accused of some awful thing. The Left knows that but the entrenched “swamp” want to take him out at any cost. Had Hilary Clinton won the 2016 election, you would have had nothing but mooning from snarky media like CNN and the New York Times. If there was collusion with the Russians, you could easily refer to Bill Clinton accepting $500,000 for a 45 minute speech in Russia while Hillary was Secretary of State. Was his speech worth $500,000 or was it a form of bribery? What favor did Hillary bestow on Russia? Yeah, sure, candidate Trump paid 10 million Russians to come over and vote for him. Humbug! So, now we have the Socialists using any method to bring down a president the people elected and will stoop to any method they can dream up to stop him. Socialism, where the politicians get rich and the poor get poorer. Truth be known, America needs a political Reformation much as the Church went through centuries ago. It appears that we will have to make changes that the political elite will fight tooth and nail but it must come. For example, all money used for political campaigns must come from taxpayers and not from donations which at the very least are bribes with people expecting something in return. The amount of money taxpayers would ante up would depend on how important the political job someone was running for. Money from other than taxpayers would be classed as what it is, a bribe and considered a felony. And, no more bribes from foreigners. Just look for example, at the millions Amazon spends on lobbyists in order to influence our politicians while Amazon puts millions of people out of work. Obviously, politicians prefer the money over protecting well paid and dignified jobs. Secondly, all media, print and television, would be required to donate equal time for each candidate free of charge, or perhaps some taxpayer money subsidy. Third, all laws that apply to us Deplorable working class must be applied to politicians. No more “insider trading” along with requiring them to buy the same medical insurance we must live with. Oh well, wishful thing on my part I guess. Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Moraless humanity sets its roots in higher education

It’s been said that if you instill or possess cruelty, over a short time it manifests itself into hatred, then it incites more cruelty, and becomes viciously circular and never ending. It only is stopped by hitting a brick wall of sorts, of ethics or a moral sense of reason. Higher education used to be this brick wall, but instead it’s become a non-sense in your face, offensiveness done by both the educator and student alike. Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy of a moraless humanity found fertile ground and set its roots in higher education, and continues to show itself quite well in our progressive era. He stated, “All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a foundation of power and (not truth.”) His darkness in thinking also stated, “All superior men who were irresistibly drawn to throw off the yoke of any kind of (morality) and to frame new laws had … no alternative but to make … or pretend to be mad.” This has become our madness, and many embrace this thinking without realizing where this leads. If looked upon, this thinking seriously, you can see how a destruction or devaluing of humanity can come quite easily. Hitler was a follower of Nietzsche and his thinking. He instilled Germany’s society with cruelty towards the Jews and other minorities and the cruelty grew into hate, then hatred grew into the most warped experimentation and killing of which if looked upon brings tears and anguish to any reasonable human being. Sadly, Germany’s society and even the church bought into this and once it was realized, it was too late to halt the evil, hatred and cruelty. Many a nation’s young men’s blood was spilled for what could have been halted by the German people if they weren’t swayed by the cruelty and hatred of a few. I see and fear this in the progressive movement of today. We seem to have lost our civility and unity as a people. As it is with any power hungry ambitions, cruelty and hatred to incite confusion and instability is the easy road to power. It’s been repeated too many times and is evident in history and to us all. Political systems seem to evolve to what we as a people allow or desire them to be even to our own regret, but we want them anyway, because we ourselves have replaced a God-given moral compass for a self driven, selfish desire, and answer to no one. If we say we want to help those in need, but others we hate and are cruel towards, we are most despised because love is not in us. I’m not sure how you make sense of this world to your children and families, but all this and so much more is written in history; the Bible is like the morning paper or modern media, it sheds light of who we are, where we are going, and mostly the remedy for all this madness. What is it… that makes man civil? For we know what make’s him uncivil.

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com