Letters to the editor for October 28, 2021


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Open letter to the person who gave me Covid

I have no idea who you are, but we undoubtedly crossed paths when you were contagious.  I do not blame you for living life and being out and about.  The existence of the virus has merely made our lives a fraction of 1 percent more dangerous than before. Naturally, if you had known you were sick, you should have stayed home, but I will not accuse you of being selfish.  I see no reason to assume bad will on your part unlike so many of the mental crazies who self-righteously accuse others of wanting to kill someone because they do not wear a stupid mask or do not get an experimental jab.  Every time we leave our house, we are taking a genuine risk with our lives, but that is nothing new.

So, whoever you are that gave me your germs, do not feel sorry for me and do not feel guilty for living life.  Even though being sick was miserable, I am glad you were out there enjoying life.  Just merely preserving our biological existence is unworthy of a human being since God’s blessings of life are to be celebrated without fear.  This is especially so when we’ve been given no indication of precisely what would constitute an all clear by the corrupt authoritarians.  It’s all arbitrariness piled upon more anti-scientific arbitrariness.

Fortunately, truth has leaked out despite the best efforts of the censor police to prevent truthful information.  Those of us who are contracting Covid have been able to receive treatment by using our own wits and Ivermectin with no thanks to many health care providers who follow the groupthink narrative.  Yeah, that’s right…I gladly used the completely harmless horse de-wormer in the correct dose that has been proven across the world to lessen Covid symptoms and help our immune system fight the infection.  I did not get an Rx and simply ordered it online in the paste form.  I can speak from first-hand experience that Ivermectin does work and encourage others to have this medication on hand if they should become sick with Covid.

It has become almost impossible to have a rational conversation about any of this.  For one thing, most people are shockingly misinformed because they do not know where to look in order to find truth.  Ask the average person what the likelihood is of someone his age needing to be hospitalized for Covid, and his answer will be off by 10, if not 100.  Guaranteed.  This is because of the fear factor that mainstream has promoted and simpletons have repeated lies to other simpletons.  I still cannot believe how many people actually believe masks are accomplishing anything other than depriving themselves of oxygen while creating a petri dish around their mouth for harmful bacteria to thrive in.  The laughable “studies” confine themselves to obvious arbitrary terms so that they “prove” whatever they want them to prove while the real charts be damned.  Dozens of countries have seen their case charts go vertical AFTER introducing large scale masking which is what charts would look like if masking accomplished nothing.  The data is then manipulated by the gatekeepers of information and everyone is ginned up to believe the sky is falling.  No one wants to talk about the huge success India, Africa, Central America, and countless other Third world countries have seen by using real treatment such as Ivermectin, HCQ, and vitamins.  Nor does anyone want to become informed of the massive success Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are seeing by lifting all restrictions, not requiring vaccines, and stopping the mask charade.  The Amerika news media act as if these countries do not exist.  As usual with the hysterical monkeys, these stories are of no interest because there is no one they can demonize – and demonizing people is their favorite game.  Unfortunately, in Amerika we are we still doing crazy things like vaccinating little kids that are truly harmful to the public because we are going against science in favor of groupthink and whatever the Fauci minions spoon feed us.  What we laughingly call our “public health” establishment has made utter fools of themselves during this entire fiasco.  Even local public health care providers and esp. the local health department in Macon County has gotten caught up in the nonsense as uninformed fear mongers who cannot see past the smoke screens at the state and federal levels.  Covid comes and goes seasonally just like any other virus and blows its way past our silly masks and ridiculous 6-foot stickers.

Again, thank you person who gave me Covid.  I am now part of the 99.98% of the population who has lived to tell about it and realized the total farce that this hysteria has become.  Thank you for giving me a much superior natural immunity for future strains of the virus because our immune system is to be preferred over the experimental jabs that are absolutely no guarantee that a person will not get sick again.  The so-called vaccines are not as beneficial as they are being sold as, and it is telling that Congress is exempt from getting them while the ruling elite attempts to require them for the public. I join the countless worldwide viral experts and medical professionals with PhDs who are refusing the vaccine and refusing to trust Big Pharma.  I also encourage others to trust their natural immunity rather than the fear propaganda and groupthink lies.  Wake up Democrats and Republicans.  It’s past time to band together and choose freedom by resisting the authoritarians.  Your government is destroying our country right before our eyes.          

Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

Washington’s ‘funny’ math just doesn’t add up

We see and hear daily that President Biden’s proposed social infrastructure bill will be “fully paid for” and supposedly that is good. However, Washington political math calculating how something is fully paid for is not like the rest of us understand that term. First, they only look at a 10-year period. The taxes to be raised are calculated for that time period. Then the costs of the various new programs are only included for the number of years in the proposed legislation. For example, some programs will only be included for a few years to keep the total costs down and equal to the tax increase so the bill is “fully paid for.” So, tax increases are included for the full 10 years but the costs of all the programs proposed are not. This assumes a future Congress will either allow these programs to expire at the time specified in this bill or will increase income taxes enough to cover the costs in the future.  Since many of the president’s programs are giving something to people (free college, expanded child credits, free preK, etc.) I honestly do not see a future Congress being willing to end free stuff or raise income taxes to cover the costs.

Using this Washington political math, theoretically they could raise taxes for 10 years enough to give everyone several thousand dollars a month for one year. Since the 10-year tax increase and cost of the program for one year are equal, it would be “fully paid for.” Do you believe a future Congress would agree to stop the giveaway after the one year? To me, something is fully paid for only when all the new coast and taxes are for the same period. To do other wise is “funny” math and is misleading. 

Ken Stonebraker – Franklin, N.C.

Choice of speaker at FOP memorial ‘a bit ironic’

The Macon County Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police had Rep. Madison Cawthorn as the guest speaker Oct. 15, for the Law Enforcement Memorial Service on Franklin’s Town Square.  It was a bit ironic.

With all the remarkable officers  – active and retired in and around Macon County and Western North Carolina, – why Madison?

Madison was introduced Friday by Macon County Sheriff Robbie Holland, word for word from the CPAC web site. (CPAC is the Republican led Political Action Conference)

The strangeness of Madison speaking at a law enforcement memorial was that he praised officers who would refuse to enforce laws he does not agree with.   He alleged that in Washington he works with federal agencies such as the CIA, ATF, FBI.  He derided them saying they enforce unconstitutional laws. He said he believes local law enforcement officers would refuse to enforce any law that would shut down a church, infringe on freedom of speech or confiscate a firearm.  All of which he said were unconstitutional. He called officers who would not enforce such laws “great Americans.”

Let’s not forget Madison joined the insurrectionists at the Jan 6 assault on our Democracy in the same manner as did former President Trump. Hundreds of law enforcement officers were wounded and assaulted.  Cawthorne told N.C. Republicans on Sept. 1 “bloodshed” would follow Jan 6.  (That was in Macon County at the Republican headquarters located in a flea market)

Madison admires militias.  He flouts the law while calling himself a believer of “constitutional” democracy. All the while trying to circumvent the Constitution.

He has boasted publicly about busting out the “political prisoners” arrested for the “stop the steal” fiasco.  He has backed DJT’s lie that the election was stolen.

Cawthorn has been called out for carrying a knife at school board meetings, sometimes at boards not in his district. He has been at these meetings ranting against masking and promoting home schooling.  He has railed against public education. He was home schooled.

Cawthorn was caught with a gun in a carry-on bag at the Asheville Airport. He claimed he was armed inside the capitol building during the Trump blessed rampage at the capitol where dozens of police officers were injured.  Some very seriously.

Cawthorn appears to believe his political office allows him to flout the law.

He dropped out of Patrick Henry College after one semester of “Ds.” Many of his fellow students there accused him of sexual predatory behavior.

Cawthorn tried to convince the public that he was headed for a career in the military before his accident.  He was never accepted at the United States Naval Academy as he wanted the public to believe.  Being nominated and being accepted are not the same.  Politicians hand out nominations like candy on Halloween.  Getting in and graduating are another matter.  I also question the “full ride ROTC scholarship” to NC State the CPAC claims.

Cawthorn had never held a public office until he was elected a member of Congress – on a fluke, riddled with controversy.

Although he was not accepted to a military academy, nor could he  join the military, I would suggest to him to abide by the honor code many military academies employ.  “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.” This is honor and integrity.  This code would be applicable to anyone in public office.  Including Congress.  

 Bob Scott – Franklin, N.C.