Letters to the Editor for September 1, 2022


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Parents can make back to school a memorable time

I am old enough to have the blessing of a great granddaughter attending a Franklin school. Sometimes I get to drive her to school. Now, she is not a morning person. So, the first thing I do is say somethinig silly to get her to laugh. Then we play a little game of “Guess what it is.” Like, what is edible and begins with the letter C? Now I know she loves carrots so that will be her first choice. But the right answer is cabbage which she knows is one of my favorite foods. Before we get to the school, we pray for her day at school.

Parents, did you know that when they grow up to be adults and asked what they remember most about growing up? A high percentage of them will say that the time spent doing things with Mom or Dad. Not toys or gadgets. So my prayer is that you will make time to love on them, be their best friend and enjoy their adventure in this crazy hurry-up time. 

Robbie Robison – Franklin, N.C.

Congress refuses to legislate for American people

The broken parties continue with their billion dollar packages in a blindness that is ongoing throughout the decades. Let us examine the difference between the “top down” approach using an economic solution, and the “bottom up” approach using a policy solution.

The billions in the health care portion of the bill is more about the relationship the government has with big Pharma than the relationship we have with big Pharma and aristocrats in Washington DC.

Otherwise, the $140 billion in health care debt carried on the books for as many as 25 percent of the 112 million households would have been addressed with the banks. 

Furthermore, the price of insulin (going for $700 a vial) as well as all life critical drugs, would have been regulated without a single billion of taxes spent.

Never mind the billions, just pass a “Critical Life Medication Bill” for simple starters.

Let us also address the billions for “Climate Change,” again, a top down rather than bottom up approach.

“We” (as in elected politicians) like to engage with all of the businesses in the nation who want to jump into the “green deal” markets rather than addressing the utility bills of the American homeowner.

Making solar panels dirt cheap, as well as getting as many startups for the market in business for themselves, seems out of the question?

Utility bills will never come down with any kind of climate change here.

Never mind the billions, just provide some economic vision for the average home and business owner.

Every one of the 535 of you pat yourselves on the back for a “job well done” when, in fact, all of it is two broken parties, passing gigantic money packages, for aristocrats to feel good about themselves. Add the fact that you will be pandering for our votes and thinking that this package will purchase the votes for one or the other party, no less broken and more out of touch than decades before.  

Mark Ahearn – via fax

Franklin Area folk Festival deemed a success

On behalf of the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County and Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center, we would like to express appreciation to the businesses, sponsors and individuals who gave generously to assure that the 16th annual Franklin Area Folk Festival held on Aug. 20, 2022 was successful.    There were heritage happenings all day long like dancing by J Creek Cloggers, Border Collies herding sheep, tug o war, heritage demonstrators galore and delicious barbeque and more!

We have received so many compliments and comments regarding activities enjoyed by all ages throughout the day.  We estimate over 3,500 persons came out to enjoy the event!  

We want to express a special thank you to our financial sponsors starting with Franklin / Nantahala Tourism Development Committee (TDC) and the Franklin Tourism Development Authority (TDA).  In addition, we appreciate the continued support from the Macon County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and in-kind donations from Bent Willow. 

Private donations from individuals, businesses and vendor booth fees also provided much needed funds.  Collaborating with groups such as the Arts Council of Macon County, the NC Arts Council, Macon County Transit, LBJ Job Corps, Snowhill United Methodist Church, Cowee Baptist Church, 1st Presbyterian Church-Franklin, New Century Scholars, Macon County 4-H, Franklin High School FFA, Cowee Community Development Organization, Cowee Fire Department, Macon County EMS, Macon County Sheriff’s Office, Junaluskee Masonic Lodge & Smoky Mountain Shrine Club, and many others enabled us to truly have a unique and memorable heritage weekend event!

A huge thank you is extended to all who attended the festival and to all of those not listed above who took part and volunteered. As Chairs of this year’s festival, we want to say that the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County and Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center Board members who worked hard all year to put on the Franklin Folk Festival, are to be commended for giving so much of their time and resources with no personal gain – just satisfaction in knowing we are making a difference in the goal to preserve our heritage! Please visit www.franklinfolkfestival.com for more information on this year’s festival and the festivals of the past.

 Anne Hyder

Theresa Ramsey

Claire Suminski

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