Letters to the Editor for September 10, 2020


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– Betsey Gooder, Publisher

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Now it’s about ‘rich privilege’ of any race

Do black lives matter?  Absolutely.  And so do red, yellow, white, purple, or any other color, or creed or nationality. I saw a YouTube video where a young white woman approached a white police officer sitting with another officer in a patrol car.  She asked him the question, “Do you think black lives matter?”  He replied “Yes, I do.  All lives matter.”  She said she was offended by his answer because saying “all lives matter” was hurtful.  She kept asking him the same question over and over and getting the same response, and then asked for his badge number and name which he very politely gave her.  At no time was he even slightly rude or brusque with her.  Obviously she could not figure out the truth, that “all lives matter includes black lives.” For a group to insist their lives are the only ones that matter is racist, not the other way around. Are they even able to think for themselves?  Unfortunately there have been police officers that are corrupt, violent and go beyond their bounds.  Most of the rest are kind, courteous and care about serving people, which should be their primary objective: To keep all people safe.  Yes, there does need to be reform and more screening when officers are hired.  Franklin has some of the best police force I’ve seen anywhere and they dutifully and professionally do their jobs.  They need to know how proud we are of them and how much we value them being here.

The current Black Lives Matter organization is a disgrace and embarrassment to the real law abiding African American citizens of this country.  They’ve killed black lives and ruined or burned black businesses as well as others.  They have aligned with radical, hate mongering extremists.  This does not engender compassion toward anyone and does nothing good for their cause.

In a nation strongly divided along partisan party lines, religious bigotry and turmoil, it is important to remember that we really are all one.  Until we learn to respect and treat all others gently and with respect, the anger will not go away.  No amount of reparation or any kind of monetary payment thrown at it that will solve the problem.  Give everyone jobs, and pay them fair wages.  It isn’t about “white privilege,” That rhetoric might have worked a generation ago, but now it is all about “rich privilege,” and that can be any race.  Some Asians, now rich and powerful, carry more clout and privilege than other groups.  And what about the Kardashians or other black, rich performers who shower their kids with insanely expensive and decadent lifestyles.  Native Africans were not the only slaves. At one time there were more Caucasian slaves in the world than any other nationality.  Black people at one time, were part of the slave trade and owned other slaves. I did not own slaves and those African Americans living today were not slaves so stop the blame game! So much anger!  The only way to truly heal and release yourself and be totally free is to forgive.  Forgive anyone you think has wronged you and also forgive yourself for having anger toward them.  Let it go.  This can still be a beautiful world, but not if it is full of prejudice and hatred.  Be color blind.  Let’s all learn to live in peace and with malice toward none.    


Melba Streiff – Franklin, N.C.

Solutions offered for roadside debris

Mr. Puckett’s opinion in The Macon County News this past week regarding trash on the highway. He asserts that  someone needs to be picking up trash strewn along the roadways of Macon County. I do agree with keeping our roadways free of unsightly debris.

Mr. Puckett was rather harsh in calling DOT workers idiots and for that he needs to apologize to these fine workers and most likely better educated than he. Sorry that you do not like what you see and maybe you need to volunteer to clean a designated area if you are able to do so or maybe Macon County, North Carolina is not the place to live. Much of this debris and I have seen examples of people throwing trash from their vehicles and most of them bear out-of-state tags such as Florida, Georgia and various other states. Perhaps you need to go to the Macon County Commission meeting in Franklin and present your concerns to them. You are very wrong to condemn our residents and workers here in North Carolina. But I bet you feel proud about your comments but I am willing to bet you are not the most perfect person in the world to form critical opinions on our fine working men and women. You need to fact check your information and present it to the correct authority or our elected commission before degrading our work force.


James O. Wright – Franklin, N.C.

Is it science or censorship?

Last week, a doctor and nurse presented the case for wearing masks. I have some questions. Why are we talking about this when there is a cure – actually several of them? And why are doctors who are curing people with COVID-19 being persecuted and censored? One example includes the great video of America’s front-line doctors, experts in various fields related to COVID, which can be seen here at https://x22report.com/. The original video has been censored from youtube.

Another example was Dr. Dan Erickson’s great presentation, which received over 5 million views before it was censored. Science does not censor.

Why are we working so hard to try to prevent the spread of a disease with a death rate of .02% and falling? Have there been any studies on the effects of long-term breathing of spray disinfectants? What about studies on the unintended consequences of the continued draconian measures imposed by our political leaders? I’d like to see double-blind, placebo-controlled studies showing that mask wearing confers some benefit to either the wearer, or to others. There is one type of mask that has been tested. Its label warns the user that the mask is not designed to protect either the wearer or others from any viral disease.

Dr. Mercola interviewed a former professor of physics at University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, on this topic. They concluded that masks do not protect you or anyone else from aerosol particles. That is because the particles, including viruses, follow the flow of air. Most inhaled/exhaled air flows around the mask edges, but even if it went through the mask, the aerosol which carries virus particles is microscopic, like humidity in the air. There is no scientific evidence that masks do anything to stop or slow the spread of viral diseases. If there was, we would have been advised to wear masks during every prior flu season.

Dr. Judy Mikovitch warns that not only do masks not help, but there is actual scientific evidence that they can cause harm to the wearer within two or three breaths. This is because some of the exhaled CO2 is trapped by the mask and re-breathed by the wearer. The result is that the ratio of oxygen to CO2 is altered by the mask in a way that is harmful to the wearer. The optimal oxygen concentration in the air is about 21%. That level can be reduced by several percentage points when a mask is worn. Worse, the CO2 concentration can be increased from optimal .04% to over 4%. That much CO2 is good for plants, but people are not trees. Even a slight reduction in oxygen can reduce your body’s resistance to infectious disease.

Why did Dr. Fauci recommend the public not wear masks when the pandemic was at its peak?

Critics of hydroxychloroquine-as-a-cure-for-COVID-19 demand a large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. These critics refuse to accept the mounting clinical evidence showing how safe and effective HCQ has been.

The same standard should be applied for a large-scale, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of mask-wearing. Let’s see the study.  


Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.

Mail-in ballots too susceptible for fraud

Most of the population of the United States know truly little about the Postal Service.  

Prior to 1971, it was The United States Post Office Department.  Then in 1971, it was re-organized as the United States Postal Service.  They delivered mail with Postal jeeps and later LLV Postal vehicles, the ones you see in town and other big cities.  Rural carriers’ vehicles are a different story.  I am not going to discuss that here.  

The Postal Service does not have its own airplanes, unlike UPS/Fed-ex/Emory (back years ago).  If any mail was to be sent by air, the Postal Service had to rent space from a commercial airline because of not having their own planes. Not having their own planes also extends delivery time.  In the ’70s, Congress wanted to make it easier for businesses to be able to send out flyers advertising their business/sales.  The cost was an extremely low bulk rate price.  Following is an example (not actual figures because it varies on how many pieces are sent out).  If the bulk rate were 1.8 cents per piece, the Postal Service would get that plus the amount that would be equal to the First-Class letter rate at the time.  This process was called “Revenue Fore Gone.” Later years Congress decided to do-away with “The Revenue Fore Gone” and all the Postal Service received for delivering those tons of bulk rate mail was the bulk rate price!  Probably the only Congressmen/women that know about this are the ones that have been in office for the past 30 – 35 years.

Also, I think that it was in the ’80s of all the government agencies, only three were in the GREEN (The Postal Service and two others (I don’t remember which ones) so Congress mandated that each pay millions of dollars toward the national debt!  The other agencies were all in the RED!

As for requesting Mail-In ballots, it is too easy to have voting fraud, (Requesting a Mail-In ballot for a deceased, wife, husband, dog, cat, canary, etc.).  By the time those requesting mail-in ballots are checked out for validity, the election will have long been over.  Those requesting ballots from large cities will place undo stress on people trying to validate their request causing many to be sent out before being thoroughly validated!  And another delay in getting the mail out is caused by the removal of 671 sorting machines (which sorts mail at a high rate of speed) from USPS facilities. The removal of these high-speed mail-sorting machines was by order from the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.  


Tom Kleschka – Otto, N.C.

Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes?

I want to thank Macon County News, Mrs. Gooder and staff for the kindness and willingness in allowing my thoughts to be shared  for over 15 years. Some papers have ask me to no longer send these thoughts for they think it too faith-based or has a religious bent in them. So much for diverse discussions of thought and thinking. 

They shouldn’t fear this openness or difference. I guess I should change my faith to either Republican or Democrat, which both ask and seek unity and diversity but there are some who only seek a united effort of disruption and dissension. It pains me to see people degrading others whether from the media or from ourselves, but this seems today’s norm. This vileness seems so much a part of what we’ve become, and I believe the media and we ourselves feed on this, because if unity were realized there would be only the good efforts, direction and open discussion of humanity working together for a common goal. 

This common goal use to be a norm, it was just a difference in how we get there. There seems to be an underlying effort for in-citing chaos and confusion, for this causes a division where the power players are the only winners. So it seems the powerful themselves can be both the cause and seemingly the cure of man’s problems; both are controlling with selfish motives. I view this not only within America but the world over. We seek like-minded powers to give us what we want as this evolves. The same system degrades those who are deemed the enemy of their freedom. It’s like the ocean tide that sweeps to shore then recedes, only to repeat itself time and time again. It never ceases to amaze me how we seem to deceive ourselves and keep hitting the repeat button. Every generation seems to believe that now they have arrived, things will be different.  

The book of old tells of this unending effort of man, but reveals the root cause of where this lies and how this blight on mankind has been forever with us throughout history. Our Divine creator has given us this beautiful world in which we live, He, Himself said, “it is good.” I sometimes wish He never would have given us a freedom of choice. But if there were no choice there would be no love, either towards Him, from Him or for any of us, all would be meaningless. 

A renewed approach is needed to re-think outside the box of humanity and why we seem to repeat life’s history with the same hurts and pains of the past. Each of us need to examine life and where our choices will lead us. To examine where the good is evident and see evil for what it is and to discern the difference. Choices of where we place our hearts and minds and what we value have a profound effect now, but more so for the future. God has given this freedom of choice, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is we who are making our burdens heavy but we also can make them light, the choice is ours.  Choice is freedom or a willingness to direct one’s own life, but choice doesn’t come free for it always comes with sacrifice, pain and suffering towards the one who is loved, and this was His loving choice towards us.

Re-thinking life,

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com