Local advisor to launch free financial workshop series for the community


Russell Hawkins, a local financial advisor with Edwards Jones is launching a series of free workshops to help members of the community build a strong financial foundation.

“Educating people about investing is my favorite part of being a financial advisor and by offering these workshops, I can help people gain a better understanding of investing in an effort to improve the likelihood that they will meet their financial goals,” said Hawkins.

The four-part series is scheduled to begin on Feb. 23 with a “Foundations of Investing” workshops. The first course is an educational program for people who are either new to investing or need a refresher. Participants will learn the importance of developing a strategy; the impact of asset allocation; and the influence of inflation on your long-term goals.

“Investing can be scary especially if you do not have the foundational knowledge of how investments work and how they are used to meet your goals,” said Hawkins. “This session will help in establishing that foundation.”

The second class, scheduled for March 3 will focus on investing in stocks. Stocks may play a major role as investors try to reach their long-term financial goals. The course, “Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts,” shares basic information to help investors evaluate how this type of investment may fit into an overall strategy. In this seminar, participants will look at common versus preferred stock, dividends, investment strategy and different ways to own stock.


On March 10, Hawkins will teach “Focus on Fixed Income,” which is designed to educate attendees on how fixed income investments such as bonds can help them to reach their financial goals. Participants will learn bond characteristics and features; relationship between interest rates and bond prices; tax advantages of municipal bonds; and how bonds may help investors weather fluctuating markets.

The final class will be held on March 17 and place a focus on mutual funds. “An Investors Tour of Mutual Funds,”  is a seminar designed to provide a detailed look at the features, benefits and risks associated with mutual funds.

All classes are one hour long and will begin at 5:30 p.m. Classes will be held at Angel Medical Center in the Video Conference Room, 120 Riverview Street Franklin.

No cost is involved, and you do not have to be a client to attend. It is open to the public, but you must reserve a spot. Notebooks and supplies will be provided free of charge.

For more information on the workshops, or to reserve your spot, contact Lori at (828)349-5184.