Because what is more magical than the change in seasons?

From the first day I blossomed and made earth my home, you loved me.

You admired the day I bloomed and were excited of my creation.

I appreciate that even as the tiniest glimmer of new life, you adored me.
You braved the winter by holding on to the excitement of the Spring day that I would finally come.
You waited anxiously, and patiently alongside the sun to give me life and love.

And as I grew, you grew with me.
As the days got longer and the heat a little harder to bear,
you came to me for comfort.

I am proud that you took solace in my shadow,
that you rested your aching body up against my limbs.
I am thankful that I was there for you throughout Summer’s most grueling days.

As I aged slightly quicker than you, you still respected my being.
We shared days of grace in the passing breeze,
and we shared days of doubt and wonder in the blistering sun.
But we endured them together.

When the air turned crisp and cool, I knew it was my time to go.
So did you, but in my last days, that is when you loved me the most.
As I grew weak, and my color began to fade,
you boasted a love and admiration for me like never before.

In my darkest days, in my final days,
you came to me time and time again with childlike wander.
Although I was wilting away, you loved me as much as you did the day we first met.

For that loyalty, and for a love that has withstood all seasons, thank you.
The absence of winter will only grow us closer, and build a love that is deeper and true.
I’ll ache for you while blanketed with snow crystals, and I will wait for the very moment,
when the days align for us to meet again.