*IMG_8528Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

Law enforcement officers in Macon County started their Tuesday morning off being treated to coffee, muffins and donuts courtesy of Main Street Coffee and Yogurt. The move was a small gesture by the Main Street business to show appreciation for what law enforcement in Macon County do on a daily basis.

“We are so fortunate to live in a community that not only supports us, but go out of their way to make sure we know that they have our backs,” said Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland. “You can’t turn on the news without hearing of an attack on law enforcement somewhere in our country, but I am proud to serve in Macon County where we are supported each day.”

The breakfast treats weren’t the only “thank you” law enforcement officers got on Tuesday. By the time lunch rolled around, the Cindy Rodgers State Farm agency was ready with hotdogs, chips and home baked sweets for every member of law enforcement in Macon County.

“Highway patrol, Franklin Police Department, Highlands Police Department, WIldlife officers, it doesn’t matter, if you wear a badge, we wanted to do something small to show our support, said Cindy Rodgers. “These men and women may not hear ‘thank you’ enough these days so we wanted to do something to thank them and their families for serving our community.”

Last week, Rodgers and her staff got the idea to hold a hotdog lunch for law enforcement and being located in a shopping plaza on the Highlands Road, Rodgers visited neighboring businesses to let them know the parking lot may be a little fuller than normal.

“What is so great about this is when I went to let other shop owners know that it may *IMG_8518be a little busier in the parking lot today, without hesitation they all started offering ways to help,” said Rodgers. “From raffle items and giveaways to the officers to helping donate the supplies for the lunch, everyone here just got on board and wanted to do a little something special for our men and women in uniform. I think that speaks volumes about our community and about what our law enforcement truly means to us.”

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. members of local agencies stopped into the State Farm office, some while on duty, others with their families and were just as appreciative for the lunch as the community is for the service.

IMG_8531“We so appreciate events like this and reminders of what this community means to us but what is even better than a lunch like this, is knowing that these same businesses and this community do things like this for us year round,” said Franklin Police Chief David Adams. “They support us all year and help make sure our agencies are able to operate and serve as they should and we are so grateful for that.”