Macon County School Board approves chicken coop for Macon Middle School

Macon Middle School Students will be able to learn how to build a chicken coop and also learn about the "egg" business!  The Coop will be housed on campus

Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

The Macon County School Board met at Highlands School on Monday September 26,

Highlands School Soccer Field is in need of repair. A school board approved proposal has been sent to an established and proven company to get the field ready for this year’s Soccer season.

2022, for its regularly scheduled meeting.  The agenda was light, but did include a demonstration of “Virtual Goggles” which board members were able to try out. They will be used at Highlands School for various assignments. 

The goggles can help enhance students understand of the way a “cell” works by viewing it in 3D. The human heart can also be viewed in 3D for a more complete understanding of how it functions.  The goggles are used in mostly Science and Social Studies but can be useful in language arts class alike.  Students can also take virtual trips to the Pyramids or anywhere in the world they want to study. Highlands School, middle school students, use the goggles right now in science class. The goggles were purchased with a grant from the Highlands-Cashiers Health Foundation. 

MMS going into the egg selling business

Macon Middle School (MMS) students will be able to take part in a collective project involving the building of a chicken coop.  Students will literally be taught the “egg” business. They will design, build, maintain and manage a chicken coop which will be housed on campus. The lessons that will be taught from this endeavor will touch on carpentry, environmental health, art, career and STEM standards.

Highlands School Soccer Field in Need of Repair

The Highlands School Soccer Field was built in 2008 for the girl’s varsity inaugural season.  The field is in a low lying area which is often “swampy” after a rainfall.  During the fall, the boys soccer games had to be postponed or cancelled due to flooding on the field, making conditions too dangerous for students to play. Boys soccer typically ends toward the end of October and girls soccer picks up in February. There is not enough time in between the two seasons to effectively repair the field.  There have been injuries and two weeks ago the game was called at halftime due to a Highlands students getting injured.  Highlands lost that game 0-1. Jeff Weller, Highlands Soccer Coach, has submitted a proposal to the board to contract with a very reputable Turf Company that does significant work for Major Colleges and Professional Teams across the US. He explained that they have done work in and around this area and are familiar with the area and its challenges. 

The next meeting of the School Board will be a combined November/December meeting, which will be held in conjunction with the swearing in ceremony for the new board members. It will be held at Nantahala School on December 5, 2022. The swearing in and training ceremony will be held at noon and the board meeting will begin at 6pm.