MOuntain View INtermediatBrittney Burns – Staff Writer

Transitioning from elementary school to Mountain View Intermediate School can be difficult for rising fifth graders, and the change sometimes is reflected in their grades. As a way to help students with their new situation, the Macon County School system is proposing a summer camp to not only offer remedial education over the summer months for math and reading, but to also allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the new school.

“Transitioning from the fourth grade to the fifth grade is always difficult,” said Macon County Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin. “Macon County is unique in that this transition also includes moving to a larger school.  It is understandable that students would need additional support with this transition.”

The details of the camp are still being worked out, but according to Dr. Baldwin, the extra instruction will be for math and reading.

“We are proposing a 4th grade summer camp for students who might benefit from extra instruction academically and simply with the transition to the larger Mountain View Intermediate,” he said. “The 4th grade camp would provide remediation in both math and language arts.”

Students for the summer camp will be identified based on teacher recommendation as well as test scores. Students who might benefit the most from the camp, will be invited to attend.

“We will be identifying students who have the greatest potential to benefit,” said Dr. Baldwin. “We will consider benchmarks, class grades and EOG scores.  Maturity and behavior will also play a factor in the invitations.”

Based on End of Grade Scores, in 2015 only 50 percent of fifth grade students in Macon County tested proficient or higher in reading as well as math. The summer camp will hopefully address some of the stresses that may be reflected in test scores.

“We are confident that this additional support will help students to be more successful at Mountain View Intermediate,” said Dr. Baldwin. “We are hopeful that we can then build on this success to improve the students’ academic progress at both the middle and high school level.”