IMG_6331The Macon County Public Library, a member of the Fontana Regional Library, and the Friends of the Library have installed their third Little Free Library at the Holly Springs Community Building.  An unveiling was held Tuesday morning, officially opening the Little Free Library to the public.

The first Little Free Library was installed at the Franklin Town Hall in October 2014, and has been a source for people of all ages to find good things to read.  The second Little Free Library was installed at Iotla Methodist Church in May 2015. Its convenient location near the Iotla Valley Elementary School makes this a great site for families.

Little Free Library, a weather-protected, wooden box on a post where neighbors can donate and borrow books are simple structures that have sprouted across the country and are becoming more common in Macon County neighborhoods. The first little free library was erected in 2009. The model little, red schoolhouse built by Todd Bol of Hudson, Wis., was a tribute to his mother, a teacher who loved reading. He attached it to a post in his front yard, filled it with books and added a sign: “Free books.” The concept took off.

The Holly Springs Community’s Little Library was built by dedicated volunteers in memory of IMG_6333Pearl Steinman. The design of the library was inspired by the architecture of the larger library.  The Little Library will be stocked with books collected by members of the Holly Springs Community, books donated to the Friends of the Library, and children’s books donated to Read2Me.

Everyone is encouraged to use the Little Library to find something to read, where they can “take a book and return a book.” The Holly Springs Community Building is located at 2720 Cat Creek Road in Franklin.

The Macon County Public Library plans to continue developing Little Free Libraries throughout the county in different communities and neighborhoods.