Macon’s Prosecutorial District has now changed


    Brittney Lofthouse – Staff Writer

    Voters across North Carolina will encounter a minor change during the primary election in May. Prosecutorial maps in North Carolina are in the process of being changed after a lengthy back and forth with state leaders. As a result, prosecutorial districts in North Carolina have been changed.

    For Macon County, voters who are used to selecting a candidate for North Carolina Judicial District 30  — which is the district that District Attorney Ashely Welch represents — will now see the district referred to as Judicial District 43. While the maps across North Carolina changed some districts, like removing district 9A which was comprised of Person and Caswell County entirely, and combining those counties with other districts, for Western North Carolina, the only change is to District Number 43.

    Judicial District 43 will include the same seven counties, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Swain, and Macon as District 30 did prior to the change.

    Staff at the Macon County Board of Elections said they received information on the change last week, and District Attorney Ashley Welch said that when she filed for re-election with the state last week, she was prompted with the district number change.

    The Prosecutorial Districts were changed as a result of legislation passed in 2017, but will not take effect until 2019. The 2018 election ballots will feature the districts that will become law in 2019.

    Prior to the most recent reordering, North Carolina was split into 44 districts that were numbered 1-30 and included several districts named as A or B. The districts with A and B names were changed to only numbers, with District 1 starting in the East and moving west, as a result, District 30 is now District 43.