MCSO works with US Marshal’s office to apprehend sex offender in Franklin 

Robert Marvin Bishop
Robert Marvin Bishop

Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

On May 25, Macon County Sheriff’s Deputy Amber Wright assisted the United States Marshal’s office in locating Robert Marvin Bishop in Macon County after he absconded from probation in Georgia. Bishop, who is registered as a sex offender in the state of Georgia for crimes against a minor, has reportedly been in Macon County for more than a month.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by Federal Marshal Robert Spangler on May 24 regarding Bishop absconding from probation in Effington, County, Georgia, and for failing to register as a sex offender. Spangler informed Deputy Wright that Bishop’s cell phone was tracked to 130 Hays Circle, in Franklin, where he has been calling for more than a month. Spangler informed Wright that  Bishop had called the owner of the residence more than 100 times up until mid-April, and then the calls started to average two or three calls a day thereafter.

On May 25, Spangler informed Wright that Bishop’s phone was in use near 130 Hays Circle. With that information, Deputy Wright, Detective Don Willis, Detective Will Rhoden and Detective Tim Holland went to the Hays Circle residence to locate Bishop.

Once on scene, officials spoke to a man named Lester Rosman who identified a photo of Bishop as being a man staying at the residence, which operates as a hostel, going by the name Pippin. Rosman informed officials that Bishop and the owner of the hostel has just left the residence to get supplies for a renovation project on the basement of the residence.

MCSO detectives waited on scene for 30 minutes for Bishop to arrive before taking him into custody. After being taken into custody, Bishop informed law enforcement that his name was Marty Mayers. However, they were able to identify him as Robert Marvin Bishop due to a scar on his head and a tattoo of Marvin the Martian on his left upper arm.

While being patted down to be taken into custody, Bishop stated that he had marijuana in his front pants pocket. While in custody, Bishop waived his right to an attorney and willingly participated in an interview with Deputy Wright. During the interview, Bishop informed Wright that he knew he was supposed to report his whereabouts to his probation officer in Georgia and he knew that he was supposed to report to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office as a registered sex offender.

Bishop was booked into the Macon County Detention Center on a $32,000 secured bond and charged with felony failure to register as a sex offender, felony sex offender residence violation, misdemeanor resisting a public officer, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and misdemeanor extradition/fugitive.  As of Wednesday at noon, Bishop remained in custody.

*The original article incorrectly stated that Bishop was charged with Crime Against a Minor under the age of 10. The victim’s age was 14. At the time of Bishop’s arrest on the charge, Bishop was 20.