Meet the new principals of Franklin High School and Macon Middle


Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

Franklin High School’s New Principal

Michael Noe will be replacing Franklin High School (FHS) retiring Principal Barry Woody, on July 1, 2021.  Noe will be coming to FHS from Hayesville in Clay County, North Carolina. Noe held the position of Dean of Students at Edgewater high School in Orlando, Fla., from 1998 – 2002.  He and his wife Stacy purchased a cabin in Shooting Creek, and one day on their vacation in Hayesville, they decided it was time to leave the city and move to North Carolina. That was in 2002.

”it was the best decision we ever made,” he said.  

He accepted a teaching position in 2002 at Hayesville Middle School and in 2003, he became principal of Hayesville Elementary School.  In 2007, Noe advanced to Hayesville Middle School as their principal and in 2014, he accepted a position as principal of Hayesville High School.  In 2018, he moved on to become principal of the Oaks Academy, an alternative school,  where he has been to the present. Although he says he has enjoyed each of his placements, he misses the action of high school life. Oaks Academy did not offer extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, chorus and clubs.  

“I miss walking into classrooms and having discussions about important topics, or watching a science experiment. I miss meeting with a large faculty and collaborating on items important to the school. Becoming principal of FHS is an honor and I am looking forward to working for such a great school system.” 

A few strengths that he will bring to FHS is his passion for student success. 

“I feel with my energy and compassion, together we can make FHS the best school it can be. So far the teachers and students I have met have been amazing.  We all have one common goal and that is to succeed in everything we do. I am looking forward to a prosperous year with a great school, exceptional student population and a community that supports FHS 100%. 

Noe looks forward to meeting the staff and students during lunch shifts, class changes, before school and after school.  He also looks forward to attending ballgames, chorus concerts, band concerts and more. 

“I enjoy watching our students participate in the things they love to do.”

Noe also has some ideas he would love to implement at FHS.  

“In order for new programs to be successful you must have buy in from students and staff.  I believe in transparency and I will include staff and students in the decision making process.  I am looking forward to these conversations and I look forward to the great decisions we make together as a team,” said Noe. 

Noe has been married to his wife, Stacy, for 20 years, and has two daughters. Haley just graduated from Union County High School and is off to  the University of Georgia. Saylor will be a junior next year and currently attends Union County High School.  In the past the family has had several pets. Everything from horses, mini horses, dogs, ducks, rabbits and chickens. Currently they have six dogs, most of which were rescued from the shelter.  Their newest dog is a six-month-old Great Pyrenees.

“She is awesome! When I first brought her home, I thought I would have to sleep outside for a period of time, but it didn’t take Laney long to win my wife’s heart. Now we both get to sleep inside.” 

Noe and his family enjoy traveling, going to the beach, ballgames and fishing.

“Stacy and I got married in a 13th century castle in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we have had the travel bug ever since. We spend a lot of time at travel ball tournaments with our daughters. We enjoy watching them be successful in the sports they love.” 

Noe wants the faculty at FHS to know that he shares their visions and compassion for the students.

“I am very transparent and I look forward to meeting with them and creating an atmosphere at FHS that is conductive to learning and having a little fun along the way. I would like the students at FHS to know that I bring charisma and positive energy for the students.  I want them to know they will be included in the decision-making process and together with faculty and staff we will continue  to make FHS the best school it can be. I am looking forward to building a relationship with each of you. I hope you guys have a terrific summer and I will see you soon.” 

Noe said he is looking forward to a great year and he can’t wait to begin meeting people in the community.  

“I think we know how important the school system is to Macon County and I am ready to work hard to insure FHS is a place of pride, commitment and is dedicated to our shared vision of making FHS the best high school in the state of North Carolina. I would also like to thank Dr. Baldwin and the School Board members for blessing me with this amazing opportunity to be the principal of Franklin High School.”

Macon Middle School’s new principal

Dr. Kevin Bailey

Dr. Kevin Bailey has been chosen to assume the position of principal of Macon Middle School (MMS) on July 1, 2021. The former principal, Scot Maslin is retiring, leaving the helm to a qualified replacement.  Dr. Bailey has spent seven years in the classroom, teaching various subjects, including eighth grade science, earth science, animal science, horticulture and agricultural mechanics.  He spent five years as assistant principal at Rutherford-Spindale Middle School in Rutherfordton, N.C. 

“It was this experience that made me fall in love with middle school-aged students.”

In 2017 Dr. Bailey was hired by Jackson County Public Schools as their Human Resource Director. In 2019, he was promoted to Executive Director of Human Resources. 

“I applied to Macon County because my personal and professional values are the same values found in Macon County.  Macon County Schools (MCS) has a great reputation and I wanted the opportunity to be a part of such a great school system and community.” 

Dr. Bailey has two daughters ages 11 and 13. He enjoys trout fishing, maintaining his landscape and home improvement projects.  For now, Dr. Bailey plans to commute from Jackson County; however, he is open to relocating to Macon County if the right opportunity presents itself.

A strength that he feels he will bring with him to MMS is his ability to effectively communicate with faculty and staff, parents, and students. He stresses, “communication is key to having a successful school.” He also feels it is important to lead in and amongst everyone as opposed to leading up on high.  He explains. 

“I think everyone will see that I’m a servant leader and that I won’t ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.” 

As far as making any changes at the middle school Dr. Bailey plans to listen to students, parents and staff to get their take on what works well and what needs attention.  

“I am 100% invested in Macon Middle School and the community.  I am eager to build relationships with students, parents, staff and community members.” 

Dr, Bailey has a favorite quote, “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,” by Babe Ruth.

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